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Eng: SOTT Links study is a collection of search results on the English version of SOTT. See also: SOTT links study part 1: A-L

"Made up"
Title: 41 articles
Summary: 1036 articles
Text: 3426 articles
Comment: 180 articles
Title and summary: 17 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
New FBI report definitively proves 'Russiagate,' which dogged Trump's US presidency, was made up from the start
Stone Age myths we've made up
Self-perceived experts are more likely to believe made-up information and false facts

Some authors use make belive, some make-believe, a search on "make believe", and selecting "Match exact phrase" gave:
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 41 articles
Text: 166 articles
Comment: 17 articles
Can we stop playing make believe? Where are the adults when it comes to Ukraine?
Biden & AOC are leading Democrats to the magical land where facts don't matter and truth is make-believe
Employment and financial make-believe in America
Hysteria! Make-believe gets 5-year old boy suspended from school for 'terrorist threats'
Parasocial relationships: The make-believe bonds with celebrities

Title: 353 articles
Summary: 2425 articles
Text: 9001 articles
Comment: 1266 articles
Title and summary: 172 articles
Title, summary and text: 109 articles
Google caught manipulating search, buries GOP campaign sites in 83% of top Senate races
The psychology of manipulation: 6 lessons from the master of propaganda
6 years of being manipulated by manufactured waves of outrage with no end in sight
Wolf Scare Story: Canada's military ran a secret psyops campaign to manipulate public's views on Covid
Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger: Website has morphed into playground for rich and powerful manipulators, and that's called 'propaganda

"Mask of sanity"
Title: 12 articles
Summary: 16 articles
Text: 143 articles
Comment: 82 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
MindMatters: Wokeism: From Ideology to Mask of Sanity
MindMatters: The Emperor Has New Clothes: Wokism Is a Mask of Sanity
Ponerology 101: The Psychopath's Mask of Sanity
Media and their "mask of sanity": Mainstream media propaganda fuels and fans the flames of war

"Mass formation"
The concept became a much discussed subject in 2022, and illustrates that the frequency of use for many words and topics change over time:
Title: 12 articles Enter: intitle: "mass formation"
Summary: 24 articles
Text: 46 articles
Comment: 28 articles
Title and summary: 10 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Examples with their authors or publishers:
Sharon Rondeau: What is "mass formation psychosis?" NewsReal: New Year, Same 'New Normal': Mass Formation Psychosis & Crowd Psychology
Robert Malone: Mass Formation Psychosis - Dr. Robert Malone / Dr. Mattias Desmet
Sundance: You know the global elites are triggered when the propaganda institutions collaborate to refute 'mass formation psychosis' Objective:Health - Mass Formation Psychosis
Robert Malone: Mass Formation Psychosis: Deployed on You by Elites After Over 200 Years of Study
Libby Emmons: AP source who 'fact checked' Mass Formation Psychosis theory encouraged 'behavioral nudging' people into Covid compliance, quoted Goebbels
Steve Watson: Mass Formation Psychosis: Poll finds close to half of Democratic voters want COVID internment camps for the unvaccinated
Roberto Wakerell-Cruz: Eric Clapton says he sees mass formation psychosis 'everywhere'
James Corbett: Breaking free from Mass Formation Psychosis, with Mattias Desmet
Harrison Koehli: Ponerologist's Log, supplemental: Rounding Out the Picture of Mass Formation
Mattias Desmet: Am I an expert in mass formation or a Trojan Horse?

"Mass hypnosis"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 9 articles
Text: 27 articles
Comment: 2 articles
Inside the dream state: Why the CIA loves mass hypnosis and mind control so much
9/11, Mass Hypnosis par Excellence
The Politically Driven Cult of Mass Hypnosis Has Just Accelerated
Text: "collective hypnosis" as in this 2006 SOTT Focus article: Connecting the Dots: Psychopaths Push Forward With Engineered Chaos, Conquest, War, Famine, and Death

"Mass hysteria"
Title: 25 articles
Summary: 77 articles
Text: 220 articles
Comment: 58 articles
Title and summary: 12 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
MindMatters: Woke Revolution, Mass Hysteria, and the Fourth Turning
How to know you're in a mass hysteria bubble
Mass hysteria over sightings of 'black figure' in Malaysian school
Afghan schoolgirls mystery sickness: Poison or mass hysteria?

Mendacious, mendacity
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 82 articles
Text: 316 articles
Comment: 31 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
'Mendacity & lies': After 19 years US admits to itself that it never could have won war in Afghanistan
A fresh mendacious assault on Brett Kavanaugh's character
Killary's record is a monument to mendacity
Obama reveals his idiocy and mendacity to NPR: Oil price strategy to destabilize Russia

Mentality, (includes herd mentality, flock mentality, group mentality, cold war mentality, russophocbic metality, sheep mentality etc)
Title: 38 articles
Summary: 214 articles
Text: 1424 articles
Comment: 161 articles
Title and summary: 11 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
US should abandon 'outdated Cold War mentality' - China
'Russophobic mentality': Putin points out hypocrisy of world's reaction to Skripal poisoning and Khashoggi killing
The '24' mentality: The CIA, torture and the 'ticking bomb'
Online 'Likes' can create sheep mentality

"Mind control"
Title: 89 articles
Summary: 162 articles
Text: 553 articles
Comment: 176 articles
Title and summary: 46 articles
Title, summary and text: 46 articles
NewsReal: COVID And Mind Control - Do People Fear The Virus, Or Their Government?
Mind control is NOT a conspiracy theory
The secret history of Fort Detrick, the CIA's base for mind control experiments and biological warfare
'The goal was to destroy the human mind': Chris Hedges interviews author Stephen Kinzer on the CIA's search for mind control
US government accidentally releases documents on 'Psycho-Electric' Mind Control weapons

Below is a more detailed list which shows when articles were published and who the authors were:
Mind control
SOTT,net: SOTT Podcast: Mind Control, HAARP, and the Coming Catastrophe
Steven Rose: We are moving ever closer to the era of mind control
Henry See and a SOTT Reader: Mind Control and HAARP
R. Douglas Field: Dumbing and Numbing Down: Mind Control by Cell Phone
Roger Highfield: Using mind control to make flies sing
Deborah Dupre: MIT grad shows CDC mind-behavior control duping doctors and public to buy vaccine
Nicholas West: 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control
Zen Gardner: 9/11 - Occult Trauma-Based Mind Control
Stephanie Pappas: Mind-Control Parasite Makes Fear Sexy
Ethan A. Huff: Scientists warn that drugs of the future will be designed specifically to control the human mind
Zen Gardner: The Disturbing Reality of Trauma-Based Mind Control
Jack Brewer: 'Abductee' Leah Haley: Alien abduction 'doesn't happen' - it's mind control, Joe Quinn: Charlie Sheen, Mind Control, 9/11 and The Sixth Extinction
Dr. Mark Hyman: Mind Control: How Your Body Can Automatically Improve Depression
Michael Mosley: The Uncomfortable Truth About Mind Control: Is Free Will Simply a Myth?
Stephanie Pappas: Mind-control parasites hijack immune system, too
Saman Mohammadi: Inside the dream state: Why the CIA loves mass hypnosis and mind control so much
2013: Soviet Union spent $1 billion on mind-control programs in futile attempt to keep pace with U.S.
Maxwell Benwell: Boston Bombings investigation reveals murdered accused Tamerlan Tsarnaev suspected he had been mind-programmed by "majestic mind control"
RT: Tamerlan Tsarnaev believed he was being fed orders through 'majestic mind control'
Allan Jones: 42 days after "microwave mind control" complaint, Alexis (allegedly) kills 12. Coincidence? Behind the Headlines: Hank Albarelli Interview - CIA Mind Control, Frank Olson and JFK Behind the Headlines: Dr Colin Ross Interview - CIA Doctors and the Psychiatry Scam
Brasscheck TV: When false memories prove true: Dr. Colin Ross MD on CIA mind programming
Melissa Roddy: A Terrible Mistake: H.P. Albarelli's Investigation into CIA scientist's murder, at the crossroads of Mind Control and assassination
JG Vibes: Scientists claim 40% of population infected with "mind control parasite"
RT: Mind control: Pentagon's DARPA researchers learn to control rat's brain over internet
Lada Ray: Mind control, predictions and current developements in Ukraine Videolinks are down, but SOTT comment good.
Nicholas West: Ten mind control techniques used today to create non-thinking automatons
Jon Rappoport: The use of racial and religious slurs as forms of mind control
Lisa Zyga: Pentagon report: Laser beams used for mind control, non-lethal torture
Sarah C. P. Williams: Junk food mind control
Jon Rappoport: Mind control research and freedom
James Hall: TV propaganda and the mind control culture
Kevin Freking: Navy Yard shooter Alexis passed psychological assessment weeks before shooting despite glaringly obvious signs he was subject to Mind Control
H.P. Albarelli Jr.: CIA mind control experiments and Lee Harvey Oswald
Bruce E. Levine: From torture to mind control, the ten worst abuses of psychiatric and psychological professionals
Aaron Dykes: Social engineering, mind control and the military industrial music industry Andrés Perezalonso: US-sponsored human experimentation and mind control increasingly in mainstream media
SciTechDaily: Wireless mind control?: New technique allows direct stimulation of neurons
Jon Rappoport: Television news and mind control through cognitive dissonance
Bernie Suarez: The Superbowl: Six examples of mass mind control
Jon Rappoport: Mind control: Dr. Ewen Cameron and 'psychic driving'
Russ Winter: Mind Control Is Being Used to Carry Out Psychopathic Agendas
Nicholas West: Now that the genie is out of the bottle, it is too late to consider the ethics of mind control technology?
Greg White: Mass mind control: Human trials set to begin for brain implantation of DARPA microchips
Will Hartfield: The brain-gut axis: Mind control, antibiotics & beneficial bacteria
Jon Rappoport: Mind control achieved through TV news narratives
Ryan O'Hare: Mind control: Cutting edge microscope changes behavior of mice in an instant
Steven Macmillan: Edward Bernays: Developer of modern mind control & propagandist for the ruling elite
Robert Epstein: Google, the US presidential elections and the new mind control
RT: Mind control victim? Moscow police arrest woman holding a child's severed head and shouting terrorist threats near subway station
Nicholas West: On the road to mind control: DARPA's new program will use a chip to connect brains to computers
Felix Allen: Mind control and time travel experiments taking place at real-life 'Stranger Things' base, claims investigator
Jay Syrmopoulos: Declassified: CIA poisoned entire town with LSD in massive mind-control experiment
Matt Agorist: JFK files revelations: CIA mind control, assassinations, mafia, terrorism, and more
Nick Redfern: UFOs? mind control? abduction? "No Return" the Gerry Irwin story
Sputnik: July 20, 1977 - The day CIA's mind control project MKULTRA became public knowledge
RT: Mind control lasers turn mice into killer rodents with the flip of a switch
Curtis Waltman: US government accidentally releases documents on 'Psycho-Electric' Mind Control weapons
Matt Agorist: 50-year USDA experiment exposed: Thousands of kittens killed to research parasite linked to mind control
Alex Roberts: Cults, brainwashing, and mind control in America
John Vibes: Families of MK Ultra victims file class-action lawsuit over government mind control experiments
KB: The real mind control: All mass media corporations are "extremely dangerous to our democracy" (VIDEOS)
Matt Agorist: Mind control? Stephen Paddock allegedly told prostitute that his brain was 'hacked' and he was under gov't control
Stephen Kinzer: The secret history of Fort Detrick, the CIA's base for mind control experiments and biological warfare
Edward Curtain: The Art of Doublespeak: Bellingcat And Mind Control
RT: Poll shows America's troops love Russia; Pentagon blames it on Kremlin mind control
Chris Hedges 'The goal was to destroy the human mind': Chris Hedges interviews author Stephen Kinzer on the CIA's search for mind control
John Vibes: Reporter uncovers history-changing Manson family connections to CIA, mind control and Hollywood
Terry Gross: The CIA's secret mind control quest: Torture, LSD and a 'poisoner in chief'
Stephen Kinzer: How the murder of a top scientist exposed the CIA's barbaric mind control experiments
Paul Joseph Watson: Philosopher Slavoj Zizek warns linking human brains to computers could lead to 'totalitarian mind control'
Jim Hoft: Tucker Carlson: 'Those who control your words control your mind'
John Helmer: Biden advance team recommends British approach to fighting Russia - spread disinfo before fact, doubt is Russian mind control
2021: NewsReal: COVID And Mind Control - Do People Fear The Virus, Or Their Government?
James Corbett: Mind control is NOT a conspiracy theory
Cynthia Chung: How to take back control of your mind
Cynthia Chung: As above but posted a year later with other illustration and a different SOTT comment: Dark Forces: How to take back control of your mind

This word does not occur often, but can be related to other words which cover the intent of one side to influence, manipulate or control the mind of another.
Title: 1 article
Summary: 3 articles
Text: 4 articles
Comment: 1 article
From PSYOP to MindWar

The prefix mis-, is according to the Cambridge Dictionary:
"added to the beginning of a verb or word formed from a verb, to show that the action referred to by the verb has been done wrongly or badly:"
There are many words in this list that use this prefix.
Title: 11 articles
Summary: 103 articles
Text: 550 articles
Comment: 52 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
'Hyping a threat for selfish political gain': Beijing slams Australia's Defense Minister's foreign policy 'delusional miscalculation'
The worst 'miscalculation' in human history?
Washington and Beijing set up direct military communication channel to reduce 'risk of miscalculations'
Israeli miscalculations and hubris led to the rise of Hamas

Title: 12 articles
Summary: 169 articles
Text: 547 articles
Comment: 30 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Believing misconceptions and misinformation surrounding energy solutions could be rather costly
8 Misconceptions About Fiber
6 Incredibly common misconceptions about Psychopaths
Five misconceptions about North Korea clarified
Why you're wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism)
Lie Detection: Misconceptions, Pitfalls, and Opportunities for Improvement
Common Misconceptions about the Nutritional Value of Coconut Oil: Exposing Three Common Myths

Title: 123 articles
Summary: 715 articles
Text: 2023 articles
Comment: 279 articles
Title and summary: 101 articles
Title, summary and text: 74 articles
Judge to Biden DHS: Release files on agents who allegedly helped censor election 'misinformation'
A Dem-linked dark money network is quietly funding the 'misinformation' research industry
PayPal stock 'fined' 6% after flood of users cancel over $2,500 'misinformation' debacle
Gavin Newsom signs bill to punish doctors who spread 'Covid misinformation'
CDC admits post-vaccine myocarditis concerns that were labeled Covid misinformation are legit
World Economic Forum calls for merging of human and AI intel to censor 'hate speech' & 'misinformation'
Biden administration creates 'Disinformation Governance Board' under DHS to fight 'misinformation'
Most in US fear Ukraine war misinformation, mistakenly believe Russian gov't is to blame - poll

Title: 9 articles
Summary: 113 articles
Text: 638 articles
Comment: 25 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Disney+ debuts cringey trailer for Fauci documentary as doctor accuses media of 'misinterpreting' his Christmas-gathering comments
'Will & Grace' actor says his idea of Hollywood Trump donors blacklist was 'misinterpreted'
Enough fake news! Venezuela shuts down CNN for 'misinterpreting & distorting truth'
Russia denies 'blocking' UNSC statement on N. Korea missile test, condemns leak and misinterpretation

Title: 7 articles
Summary: 42 articles
Text: 188 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
How The West Misjudged Asia
British Dunning-Kruger means former empire consistently misjudges place in the world
Understatement: Economist admits BoE's Brexit financial collapse warnings were 'a misjudgement'
How our regulatory system misjudges pesticides and risks our health
EPA vastly misjudges methane leaks, new study confirms

Mislead*, misled
Title: 152 articles
Summary: 1222 articles
Text: 4411 articles
Comment: 333 articles
Title and summary: 79 articles
Title, summary and text: 42 articles
Pfizer was judged to have misled the public over the Covid vaccine but faces a derisory fine. The system is broken
Minister 'misled parliament' on foreign office role in secret Assange operation
Pfizer lied, and people died: Pfizer's CEO rapped by regulator for making 'misleading' statements about children's vaccines
NY Times latest to mislead public on new ivermectin study
Bizarre 'fact check' says it is "misleading" to report the fact that arctic summer sea ice has increased since 2012

Title: 1 article
Summary: 27 articles
Text: 131 articles
Comment: 3 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Learned misperception: Scientists are able to plant false experiences in people's mindsThe psychology of denial and how to make it through a disaster
No end in sight for Ukraine war

Title: 9 articles
Summary: 24 articles
Text: 162 articles
Comment: 12 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
'Fairly hefty clanger': Bojo misquoted as saying he wanted control over migration of 'people of color'
Ron Paul Community demand apology from MSNBC over Slanderous article misquoting Ron Paul
BBC tweet misquotes Trump: 'War will follow', didn't bother deleting it
Sunday Times 'propaganda' probe goes after RT advertisers, misquotes MP
Media manipulation: Reuters misquotes Russian PM Medvedev's words on "unleashing a new world war"
Truth "eliminated": Reuters, Ahmadinejad and the anatomy of a dangerous misquote

Title: 6 articles
Summary: 49 articles
Text: 219 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
'CNN badly misreported this': Edward Snowden debunks news story reporting he 'agreed' to give money from his book to US government
Psychedelic brain, or mind? Misreporting and confirmation bias in psychedelic research
New Zealand publication gets it right: Jordan Peterson is the 'most misreported person of modern era'

Title: 33 articles
Summary: 335 articles
Text: 1382 articles
Comment: 95 articles
Title and summary: 14 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Putin now regards Minsk agreements as 'mistake', suggests Ukraine war could last for years
Transgender books aimed at children put them at risk by 'misrepresenting' medical knowledge - academic
Case study in how the health risks of GMOs have been systematically misrepresented
Misrepresenting Russia - the western media's norm since the 1990s
The entire vaccine industry is being exposed for unproven assumptions and misrepresentations of data
Systematic Misrepresentation of the Science of Disasters and Climate Change

Title: 416 articles
Summary: 2654 articles
Text: 10613 articles
Comment: 2654 articles
Title and summary: 223 articles
Title, summary and text: 89 articles
A little late: Twitter ex-safety chief Yoel Roth finally admits mistake of censoring Post's Hunter Biden scoop
Putin now regards Minsk agreements as 'mistake', suggests Ukraine war could last for years
The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic and order lockdowns
Ya think? Bill Gates opens up about divorce, says it was a 'mistake' to meet Epstein
NYC election officials admit 135K test ballots in mayoral race were mistakenly counted as real ones
Vaccine researcher admits 'big mistake,' says spike protein is dangerous 'toxin'

Title: 8 articles
Summary:168 articles
Text: 819 articles
Comment: 29 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
West misunderstanding Russia's perspective of Ukraine
Masterful new history exposes America's dangerous misunderstanding of Iran, partly due to Israel lobby pressure
Apple apologizes to customers for 'misunderstanding' over slowing down older iPhones
Misunderstanding Trump's America: Why neoliberals are fighting so strongly against what Trump represents

MK Ultra
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 17 articles
Text: 129 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
Families of MK Ultra victims file class-action lawsuit over government mind control experiments
House of horrors: The CIA, Dr. Gottlieb and MK-Ultra
MK ULTRA 2012? American Police Caught Mass Drugging Teens And Dropping Them Off At Occupy Minnesota
What the History Channel didn't say about the MK Ultra program

"Moral compass"
Title: 11 articles
Summary: 35 articles
Text: 195 articles
Comment: 40 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
CNN's defunct moral compass
Strengthening your moral compass in the midst of a disintegrating society
The Health & Wellness Show: Psychiatric drugs and the Moral Compass

Title: 6 articles
Summary: 52 articles
Text: 325 articles
Comment: 14 articles
U.S. strategic aim: Break and dismember Russia; or maintain U.S. dollar hegemony? Or a muddled 'both'?
Biden's 'absolute' defense of Hunter leaves media and Justice Department in a muddle
Trump's muddled Middle East tactics pushing Assad and Erdogan into an alliance
Denmark's government muddled the waters over Iraq invasion to fulfill US wishes
'Muddling and meddling'? US, EU politicians plunge deeper into Kiev protest

Title: 365 articles
Summary: 2830 articles
Text: 9731 articles
Comment: 1469 articles
Title and summary: 164 articles
Title, summary and text: 120 articles
Yet another Covid 'variant': Omicron XBB and the self-driving narrative
US intelligence agencies pushed Twitter to censor 'anti-Ukraine narratives'
A cold winter undercuts the warming narrative

"News blackout"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 14 articles
Text: 40 articles
Comment: 2 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
The CDC stockpiles Ebola equipment while mainstream press has an Ebola news blackout
Western news blackout: The U.S. media ignores Putin's peace plan
'US imposes news blackout on lawmakers' junkets to Israel'

No evidence
Title: 198 articles
Summary: 1257 articles
Text: 5893 articles
Comment: 506 articles
Title and summary: 82 articles
Title, summary and text: 30 articles
Someone tell Kamala Harris: NYT says no evidence Trump owes Russia money, claims otherwise are conspiracy theories
'No evidence of meddling': Boris Johnson defends decision not to publish Russian influence report before election
European Court of Human Rights says Russians were right to arrest Magnitsky for tax evasion, but make claims with no evidence of violent death
Malaysian Prime Minister: "No Evidence" Russia Shot Down MH17

"Nudge Unit"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 8 articles
Text: 25 articles
Comment: 12 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
UK's 'Nudge Unit' recommends various online psychological manipulations when people shop and travel to push a "net zero society"
Government nudge unit 'used grossly unethical tactics to scare public into Covid compliance'
UK psychologists slam government's 'nudge unit' use of 'grossly unethical' scare tactics during Covid
Downing Street's controversial 'Nudge Unit' accused of exploiting scare tactics during Covid crisis
Medical tyranny: UK 'nudge unit' proposes wristbands for those who test Covid negative

Title: 6 articles
Summary: 165 articles
Text: 727 articles
Comment: 52 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
The corporate media obfuscates war crimes (especially now that everyone's distracted)
"No land or ocean areas had record-cold temperatures in July [2019]," NOAA - Brilliant obfuscations or downright dirty lies?
ShamPoo: US intel report is a Series of Hysterical Assertions, Manipulative Propaganda, and Official Obfuscation, but does answer why Russia is so big
Eva Bartlett: Western media break their silence on Aleppo with flagrant lies, obfuscations and omissions

"Objective reality"
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 25 articles
Text: 197 articles
Comment: 34 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Objective reality: Poll shows massive gap between what Americans care about and what media care about
Objective reality: U.S. media considers ISIL terror in Europe 1,200 percent more newsworthy than similar attacks in Middle East
Study suggests objective reality doesn't exist

Objectivity, objectively
Title: 15 articles
Summary: 289 articles
Text: 1441 articles
Comment: 101 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
"Objectivity has got to go": News leaders call for the end of objective journalism
News outlets announce they're abandoning "objectivity" because it's racist
Traits like 'objectivity' and 'perfectionism' signs of RACISM and white supremacy, elementary school kids taught
New university course states that 'objectivity' is a 'white mythology'

Omission*, omit*
Title: 43 articles
Summary: 410 articles
Text: 1942 articles
Comment: 107 articles
Title and summary: 10 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Lies by omission - How to read the news
Effects of Fukushima radiation are ongoing while media omits the news
The Disappeared: and Google's conspicuous omissions
Russia, Israel and Media Omissions

Title: 19 articles
Summary: 100 articles
Text: 610 articles
Comment: 35 articles
Title and summary: 6 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
'Distorted': British public hugely overestimates the size of minority groups, including trans, gay, and vegans - study
Your brain on mass media: Poll shows liberals and moderates vastly overestimate number of unarmed black men killed by police
Tracking site suggests White House model is overestimating coronavirus hospitalization

Title: 34 articles
Summary: 789 articles
Text: 2475 articles
Comment: 134 articles
Title and summary: 6 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Overlooked: 'War on terror' has left millions dead in Middle East
Recombinetics: Flaws overlooked in Gene-edited hornless cattle
Gamma linolenic acid: Most overlooked fat to reduce inflammation

"Overton Window"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 9 articles
Text: 57 articles
Omicron has cracked open the Overton window - welcome to the new paradigm shift
Why the Overton Window has suddenly shifted on Israel-Palestine
Moving the Overton Window: 'NYT' runs an op-ed justifying violent resistance, and some Zionists abandon their PR duties

Title: 1 article
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 24 articles
Comment: 8 articles
Paramoralism: Is tolerance of dishonesty our culture's fundamental problem?
Forget that the planet is on the brink of a new Ice Age, instead let's blame humans for washing their hands in hot water!

Title: 64 articles
Summary: 284 articles
Text: 1170 articles
Comment: 149 articles
Title and summary: 18 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
Caitlin Johnstone: WaPo publishes paranoid screed cautioning readers not to let Russia make them paranoid
Researchers find that conspiracy theorists are not necessarily paranoid
The Health & Wellness Show: Nanny State, Paranoid Parents and the Fragile Generation
Our addiction to busyness: The paranoid survive, but they burn out

"Peer pressure"; "Group pressure"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 15 articles; 2 articles
Text: 134 articles; 11 articles
Comment: 16 articles
Sophomoric peer pressure: Lawmakers call for G8 suspension of Russia
Peer Pressure? It's Hardwired Into Our Brains, Study Finds
Peer Pressure Causes People to Literally Alter Their Memories of Recent Events
Resisting peer pressure: new findings shed light on adolescent decision-making

"Peer review ring"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 1 article
Text: 2 articles
Comment: 4 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
'Peer review ring' smashed: Scholarly journal retracts 60 articles

"Perception management"
Title: 19 articles
Summary: 24 articles
Text: 123 articles
Comment: 36 articles
Title and summary: 1 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Fake news starts in Washington: Perception management and influence operations manipulate public opinion
Perception management: How the Clintons "disappeared" a film that exposed their role in US terror attacks
Perception Management: Someone pretending to be Ryan Lanza gives Facebook interview to the New York Post
Perception management: UK police arrest 660 suspected low-level pedophiles
Perception Management: U.S.acknowledges drone strikes, says civilian deaths rare
Perception Management: How 'acceptable levels' of radiation are adjusted to make us think everything is A-OK
Perception Management and the Economic Spider's Web
UFOs and Perception Management: You Are the Target

Title: 721 articles
Summary: 2379 articles
Text: 6388 articles
Comment: 999 articles
Title and summary: 406 articles
Title, summary and text: 222 articles
Grayzone Exposé: Before Ukraine blew up Kerch Bridge, British spies plotted its destruction
CIA behind secret plots to kidnap, torture and assassinate Ukrainian dissidents for President Zelensky, says Ukraine defector
Amazon show plot featured virus, fake pandemic and global vaccine program to sterilize world population

Title: 38 articles
Summary: 30 articles
Text: 204 articles
Comment: 235 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Boarding schools a breeding ground for ponerization - or how psychopaths end up in government
Ponerized United States: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths
Saudi Arabia is Ponerizing and Destabilizing the Islamic World
Al Jazeera's stunning fall from grace: How a news outlet got ponerized and turned into a tool of Qatar's regional ambitions

Title: 47 articles
Summary: 164 articles
Text: 542 articles
Comment: 652 articles
Title and summary: 26 articles
Title, summary and text: 19 articles
Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics And Public Trauma
The road to pathocracy: Why ponerology is important to solve the world's problems
The Truth Perspective: Inside Ponerology: Why Individuals Are Essential for a Healthy Society

Title: 104 articles
Summary: 555 articles
Text: 1931 articles
Comment: 203 articles
Title and summary: 71 articles
Title, summary and text: 61 articles
How scared of November elections are the Democrats? They fear rational populist Tulsi Gabbard
Trump didn't form a populist coalition. He was the result of one
John Kerry says 'Great Reset' is needed to stop rise of populism
The real Zelensky: From celebrity populist to unpopular Pinochet-style neoliberal - Interview
President Putin's 2020 Valdai Club speech articulates his vision of populist statism
The War on Populism: The Final Act
Slovakia's center-right party ousts leftwing, a "victory of rightwing conservative populism" - analyst
The 'war on terror' has morphed into a globalist neo-liberal war on populism

Title: 7 articles
Summary: 35 articles
Text: 85 articles
Comment: 8 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
The 'post-truth' era and the value of truth
'Post-truth' & 'post-fake' crossroads: Sergey Lavrov Russia's FM top quotes at Munich Security Conference
Welcome to post-truth, where few people make sacrifices for truth
'Fake news' and 'post-truth' politics? What about those Iraqi WMDs?

Powers That Be
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 209 articles
Text: 789 articles
Comment: 152 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
The powers that be are ecstatic that the left believes the biggest problem right now are statues of dead white men
Powers That Be relieved at Assange eviction: Arrest of Julian Assange met with cheers from UK lawmakers in parliament
Powers That Be preparing for lockdown as Earth Changes increase? UN security council to consider 'climate change peacekeeping force'

PTB (short for Powers That Be)
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The Screens: How the PTB tell us what to believe
The Left's on-going 'violent temper tantrum' is exactly what the PTB want
Behavior prediction methods of the PTB
Scientists concerned about effects of global warming on infectious diseases. Perfect opportunity for PTB to make some population reduction.

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Predictive programming? Israeli publishers have been writing about a COVID-like pandemic for years
Nothing is Real: Reality TV programming masquerades as politics
Americans consume 10 hours of corporate media 'programming' a day
It's called programming for a reason: TV commercials and the dumbing down of the population
It's called TV programming for a reason: Children exposed to sex on screen go on to be promiscuous
Breaking the Spell: MindSpace, Trance Warfare, and Neuro Linguistic Programming
Social programming: Marvel shills for Pfizer with COVID vaccine Avengers PSA comic book
Programming is complete: More than half of Americans want government-imposed press restrictions & curbs on free speech
SOTT Podcast: Mind Programming for Dummies

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2005: SOTT Podcast: Mind Programming for Dummies

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2002: Laura Knight-Jadczyk Comments on the Pentagon Strike
FuturePundit: Twins Study Finds Genetic Cause For Psychopathy
Manuel Valenzuela: Keepers at the Gate: He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses
2006: Laura Knight Jadczyk: V is for Vendetta, COINTELPRO and the Alternative Media Joe Quinn: Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9-11 and Neither Did a Boeing 757
2007: Laura Knight-Jadczyk Al Gore and the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy Laura Knight-Jadczyk:Transmarginal Inhibition
2008: Connecting the Dots: The War of Terror and Zionism take the Lead
2009: Israeli Psychological Operation "Spread War to Iran" to Hit Airwaves During Inauguration
Nathan Janes: Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be televised
Charles Hugh Smith: The Normalization of Pathology in America
Jeff Wells: We Are The Monsters We've Been Waiting For Laura Knight-Jadczyk Mass Mind Control (Actually written in 2005.)
Vigilant Citizen: "They Live", the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message Timothy C. Trepanier: The Necessity of Disillusionment Bernhard Guenther: Love, Reality and the Time of Transition - Transcript Bernhard Guenther: UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact Bernhard Guenther: 2012 - Collective Awakening or End of the World? Bernhard Guenther: Voting, Cognitive Dissonance and Fear of the Unknown
Humberto Braga: What have we learned from December 21, 2012?
2013: Behind the Headlines: Cosmic Catastrophe, Drones and Social Hysteria Behind the Headlines: NSA's PRISM offers neither privacy nor security Behind the Headlines: Solar flare kill shots and theatrical wars of distraction
Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic, & Laurel Hulley: Is it possible to rewire your brain to change bad habits, thoughts & feelings?
Nick Parkins: Subconscious manipulators: Subliminal messages easily bypass conscious perception
2015: Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Knowledge and Freedom: Antidote to the rising fascism Behind the Headlines: The truth behind 'global warming' and the 'war on terror' hysteria
Bernie Suarez: Agenda 2030: Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg wants to help humanity with his version of the internet
Joachim Hagopian: Divide & Conquer: The ways and means of international tyranny and global domination (Part II)
Sigmund Fraud: Taken to the dark side: How we are coerced into accepting torture
Zen Gardner: The anesthetization of humanity
Brett & Kate McKay: The Complete Guide to Breaking Your Smartphone Habit
Partick Henningsen: How to free your mind from media brainwashing
Jana Winter and Elias Groll: Here's the 'deep state' memo that blew up the NSC
CJ Hopkins Hardcore Hitler on Hitler in Helsinki The Truth Perspective: Free Will Is Not An Illusion: Why Materialists Are Wrong To Deny Their Own Freedom
Greenmedinfo: Game-changing research reveals: Epigenetic memories are passed down 14 successive generations
Matthew Ehret: The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part II
Eric Rittenbery: The American life is killing you
Brandon Smith: Waves of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny and the Cashless Society
Raul Diego: Predictive programming? Israeli publishers have been writing about a COVID-like pandemic for years
2021 Objective:Health - Kids and Covid Shots
John Klyczek: From UNESCO Study 11 to UNESCO 2050: Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan to Reimagine Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Cynthia Chung: Gaslighting: The psychology of shaping another's reality
Dustin Broadbery: Revelation of the Method about predictive programming
Ian Miles Cheong: Liberal gender ideologies imposed on children could warp Western civilization for generations

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On Covid-19 and beyond, Western democracies are deploying military-grade propaganda to fight dissent
Meta claims US military link to pro-US online propaganda on Facebook
Neocon think tank being paid by Japan to spread anti-Chinese propaganda
Why do the British hate the Russians? A brief history of 500 years of anti-Russian propaganda
America's medical propaganda machine: Medical communications companies

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2010:, Joe Quinn: Subtle Propaganda And The War For Your Mind
Dr Allan Spreen: Vitamin D - Propaganda vs Prophylaxsis
Katin: Israeli Propaganda On YouTube: Is Seeing Believing?
Ncik Fielding and Ian Cobain: Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media by creating online sockpuppets to spread propaganda
Martin Iqbal: Libya 'rape' propaganda plunges to new depths of desperation
Dr. Cynthia Boaz: 14PropagandaTechniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans
Michael Hastings: Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban
Dough Bernard: "Infocrafting" or Propaganda Online? USA Today journalists targeted by Pentagon sockpuppets
Eric Draitser: Rape and Torture: Weapons in the Propaganda War
Glen Gerenwald: Media Propaganda: "Militants" really means anyone America kills for the fun of it
Brandon Smith: Disinformation: The "Magic" of the Lie, Propaganda, Governments, Elites and How It Works
Alex Newman: New York Times a "propaganda megaphone" for war
Al Abunimah: Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on social media
Jonathan Kaiman: Update: 'Propaganda video' attributed to North Korea used footage from American video game 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3'
John Pilger: The new propaganda is liberal, the new slavery is digital
Peter Finocchiaro: WikiLeaks: Vatican dismissed Pinochet massacre reports as 'communist propaganda'
Jonathan Paige: Hollywood helped Adolf Hitler with Nazi propaganda drive, academic claims
Kyle Orland: Whitewashing: Snowden leak examines gaming as a terrorist propaganda and training tool
Susanne Posel: How NDAA allows U.S. government to use propaganda against Americans
Sayer Ji: Gates Foundation/Council Foreign Relations propaganda against 'Anti-Vaccine' movement backfires
Brandon Turbeville: Big Pharma and corporate media team up for Pro-Vaccine propaganda
Marc Bennetts: West's 'Russians hate gays' propaganda is so blatant, even Russia's chief gay rights activist speaks out against it
RT: Venezuela revokes CNN journalists' press credentials for 'war propaganda'
Mike Whitney: The greatest propaganda coup of our time? Absolving the Fed of any accountability for what is likely the crime of the century
Margaret Kimberley: Freedom Rider: American style propaganda
Ulrich Rippert: Provoking confrontation with Russia: German media propaganda
PressTV: NATO chief telling lies, spewing propaganda, seeking to please Washington, trying to incite war in Europe with Russia
Christoph Germann: Side effects of propaganda: NATO's new Cold War runs into trouble in Germany
Ali Abunimah Whitewashing the Gaza massacre: Yet another online propaganda squad set up by Israeli students
Anthony Cucchiardi: US military caught manipulating social media, running mass propaganda accounts
Matthew Hall: Students take Israeli propaganda war to social media - Hasbara at it again, Joe Quinn: Who shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17? New Cold War, same old propaganda
Tony Cartalucci:Weathering the propaganda firestorm surrounding flight MH17
Lucia Graves: Wow, a rational politician! Ron Paul defends Putin, points out U.S. propaganda
Deepa Kumar: Social Media is neutralizing Israeli propaganda: Israel's crumbling media war
Paul Craig Roberts: The West's outrageous anti-Russian propaganda
Bernie Suarez: New levels of government propaganda leave humanity reeling, Harrison Koehli: Western propaganda exposed as Russian convoy 'invades' Ukraine with humanitarian aid
Dmitry Orlov: Washington's anti-Russian narrative is pure propaganda: Six big lies about Ukraine
James F.Tracey: ISIS is America's newest terror brand in endless propaganda that fuels "War on Terror"
Susan Page: U.S. propaganda works: More and more Americans support U.S. actions
Karel van Wolferen: Exploring the insidious power of propaganda
Agnia Grigas & Marcel Van Herpen: Ridiculous propaganda from Forbes Magazine: Making up excuses for why Putin is winning in Ukraine
Eric Draitser: Eric Draitser: ISIS, Turkey, and the propaganda of intervention
Dan Falcone: Watching the MSM propaganda machine run: News coverage of Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Steven MacMillan: The BBC: Washington's ministry of propaganda, UK branch
David William Pear: Ukraine: The Propaganda War
Christopher Black: NATO's war propaganda is a crime against humanity not freedom of speech
Washington's Block: Government propaganda, automated bots, and Internet trolls - The battle to control public opinion and manipulate social media
Julie Lévesque: U.S. propaganda 101 - You're either with US or you're a troll
Tony Cartalucci: The West's propaganda campaign on Thailand supplemented by Bangkok bombings
Sputnik News: A bad joke? EU's leaders meeting to discuss ways to combat 'Kremlin propaganda'
Daniele Pozzati: For the West, reality is 'Russian propaganda'
Andre Vitchek: 3 years of confronting the Western Empire and its propaganda machine
Sputnik News: EU to counter 'Russian propaganda' with its own Russian propaganda unit
Tony Cartalucci: Tragedy in Charleston: Mass shooting, mass hysteria, mass propaganda
Glenn Greenwald and Andy Fishman: UK spy unit engaged in online propaganda, psychological operations, and domestic law enforcement
Eric Zuesse: Wikipedia as propaganda not history — MH17 as an example
Tony Cartalucci: New wave of propaganda portends US invasion of Syria
Robert Parry: History repeats with MH17 - U.S. justification for war and anti-Russian propaganda
Eric Zuesse: The absurd and false propaganda coming from the U.S. shows the government holds the entire public in contempt, Amari Roos: SOTT Exclusive: MH17: Anti-Russian propaganda, secrecy, and Western crocodile tears
Sputnik News: The Art of Propaganda: Why is Russia called the main threat to world peace when exactly the reverse is true?
Pierre Vaudois: Exposing Western media's anti-Russian propaganda
Eric Draitser: Dissecting the propaganda: The reality behind 'Russian aggression' in Syria
Alliance for Natural Health: "Mommy" bloggers disseminate GMO propaganda for Monsanto
RT: Highlights from Assad's rare interview: Terrorism, the refugee crisis, and Western propaganda
RT: Revealed: The powerful neocon and military forces behind anti-Russia propaganda
Robert Parry: Deception, propaganda, and social control: The power of the false narrative psy-op
Vanessa Beeley: 'Humanitarian' propaganda war against Syria - Led by Avaaz and The White Helmets
Prof. Tim Anderson: Barrel bombs, partisan sources and war propaganda: Prosecuting the dirty war on Syria The Truth Perspective: Propaganda & cognitive bias - The battle for your mind
Yuav Litvin: The relationship between Israeli violence and propaganda - it's only getting worse
PressTV: Former US psychological warfare officer: Our propaganda led to the abuse of Afghans
James Petras: Western propaganda machine: Distortion, fabrication and falsification in the financial press
Joseph Waters: More Hollywood propaganda: "Bridge of Spies" film filled with lies
Gideon Levy: Israel's propaganda isn't fooling anyone - except Israelis
2016:, Joe Quinn: 'Liberal' British Newspaper The Guardian Exposes Itself (again) as Propaganda Wing of Fascist British Government
Finian Cunningham: The Western propaganda of a Russian Red Menace no longer works, Harrison Koehli: New Daesh propaganda video shows Paris attackers, continues to facilitate U.S. foreign policy
Stacy Malkan: Cornell University: Hosting a GMO propaganda campaign
Sputnik: 'We need more lies!' - Obama's new budget calls for massive increase in propaganda spending
Eric Zuesse: Waking up? Americans growing more resistant to elites' anti-Russian propaganda
Stacy Malkan: An honest conversation about genetic engineering? Bill Gates' GMO propaganda
Sputnik: Creation of US State Dept. propaganda agency will shred basic constitutional freedoms, affect alternative news sources
Raphael Ahren: Associated Press willingly cooperated with the Nazis, assisted creation of propaganda
Jay Syrmopoulos: German historian: Associated Press supplied American newspapers with Nazi propaganda
Tim Anderson: Terrorists as freedom fighters, militants as civilians: Catapulting the propaganda in the battle for Aleppo
Moon of Alabama: Syrian rebel propaganda refuted: An "airstrike" that did not happen
The Saker: Counter-propaganda, the Russian way
Eric Draitser: The battlefield in cyber-space: Syria, ISIS, and the US-UK propaganda war
RT: Lies: U.S. lawmakers want federal agency to counter Russian/Chinese 'propaganda' with 'flow of truth'
Joachim Hagopian: Armenia in the crosshairs: The propaganda road to WWIII
Mike Adams: California high school forces students to watch vaccine propaganda film and give 'correct' answers or be penalized
Steven MacMillan: Democracy in action: UK govt spends millions on pro-EU propaganda to subvert Brexit vote
Claire Bernish: Memorial Day: Honor those who have died by exposing the lies of U.S. pro-war propaganda
Moon of Alabama: Syria propaganda fail: Idlib airstrike wasn't hospital, wasn't Russian, wasn't civilian
Claire Bernish: Catapulting the propaganda: New US govt information agency to 'counter Russian and Chinese lies'
David Macilwain: Propaganda mouthpiece The Guardian turns Syria reforms upside down
Wayne Madsen: America's long support for 'moderate rebels' and their propaganda create a breeding ground of extremists, patsies, and useful idiots
Alex Christoforou: Sultan Erdogan arrests three Reporters Without Borders activists for disseminating terrorist propaganda Paul Craig Roberts: MH-17: Russia did it - Convicted by propaganda not by evidence
Robert Parry: MH-17 - the gift that keeps on giving: Two years and counting of anti-Russian propaganda
The Observers: Why Iran keeps making anti-American propaganda videos
The Duran: The Duran: A handy lexicon of neocon propaganda phrases
Brandon Turbeville: Open letter from 'Aleppo doctors' to Obama turns out to be blatant propaganda
Robert Bridge: Tragedy for US-Russian relations: Exposing Western hysterical anti-Putin propaganda
Jack Dresser: Propaganda by the ruling psychopaths must be exposed and debunked
Eric Draetser: Hillary Rotten Clinton - Propaganda politics at its worst
RT: UK gov't plans to oppose Russian media's truth signal by pumping more money into the BBC propaganda machine
Rick Sterling: US propaganda machine in action: Manipulating home front opinions about the Syrian war
Ray McGovern: The Empire's propaganda war: Russia-baiting and risks of nuclear war
Neil Godfrey: The usefulness of propaganda in modern democracies
Crofton Black and Abigail Fielding-Smith: Bombshell: Pentagon paid PR firm $540mln to film terrorist propaganda
James Petras: The war for your mind: Propaganda techniques of empire
RT: Making Al-Qaeda propaganda for Pentagon: Ex-PR worker describes secret campaign to RT
Vanessa Beeley: Vanessa Beeley travels to Aleppo to expose the truth buried under NATO propaganda
RT: ISIS propaganda crippled by military defeats, study finds
RT: EU Parliament propaganda promotes democratic values by lumping journalists in with terrorists
Ben White: Israel's latest propaganda video paints dark picture of the government's views - another offensive affront to Palestinians
Martin Jay: Dumbed down and sexed up Western media propaganda on the rise
Alex Christoforou: Killary-loving Vox Media discreetly spreading anti-Russian propaganda?
Danielle Ryan: Propaganda disguised as entertainment: Hollywood consumed by US government's anti-Russian campaign
Michel Chossudovsky: NATO Aggression: Anti-Russian propaganda goes into high gear, NATO deploys more troops on Russia's doorstep
Sputnik: German magazine caught using Daesh propaganda video to show all is well in Mosul
John Pilger: The Invisible Government: War, Propaganda, Clinton & Trump
RT: BBC denies that its World Service expansion is for propaganda purposes
Tyler Durden: Europe Brands RT, Sputnik 'Dangerous Propaganda' As Merkel Declares War On 'Fake News'
Danielle Ryan: Hypocritical EU resolution on Russian "propaganda" is attack on free speech and media freedoms
Colleen Flaherty: Thought Control: G roup creates 'Professor Watchlist' to expose professors who espouse "leftist propaganda" and "promote anti-American values"
RT: Washington Post blasted online for article accusing Russia of 'sophisticated' US election propaganda, claim on CNN that Russia funded Brexit
Michael Krieger: Liberty Blitzkrieg and included on Washington Post highlighted hit list of 'Russian propaganda' websites
Tony Cartalucci: The West's propaganda war on Thailand's next king
Steven Nelson: Publications on Russian propaganda list consider suing anonymous 'experts'
Kurt Nimmo: Dangerous precedent: Congress passes bill targeting Russian 'propaganda'
Washington's Blog: U.S. government has used propaganda against the American people for a very long time
Tyler Durden: US House of Representatives passes bill targeting "Russian propaganda" websites
Gary G. Kohls, MD: The father of American propaganda: Edward Bernays
Mark Ames: What is behind WaPo's 'fake news report'? Neo-Nazi fascism and eugenics-based Cold War propaganda
Rania Khalek: British Govt-Funded Media Outlet Offered Journalist $17,000 a Month to Produce and Disseminate Propaganda for Syrian Rebelsl
RT: Washington Post admits article on 'Russian propaganda' and 'fake news' based on sham research
Claire Bernish: #FakeNews mainstream media propaganda over the liberation of Aleppo
Zomblog: Trump's victory is a turning point of Americans rejecting establishment propaganda
Claire Bernish: Police and media propaganda isn't working- Kaepernick's jersey sales jump to no. 1
Makia Freeman: Modern day health propaganda revealed
RT: EU launches new 'single resource' website to counter 'pro-Russian propaganda'
Irrussianility: War propaganda was banned in 1966 but the Western media just call it news
Tony Cartalucci: US propaganda may be collapsing in Syria, but the global threats remain
RT: Cybersecurity expert John McAfee on 'Russia hacking': 'Propaganda intended to incite Americans'
Sputnik: "Dear CIA!": RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan mocks intelligence report calling RT 'Kremlin propaganda''
Abby Martin: Abby Martin responds to New York Times propaganda outlet
Sputnik: Dissenting Swedish journalist gets lambasted for 'spreading Russian propaganda' that has nothing to do with Russia
Paul Craig Roberts: Paul Craig Roberts: Trump vs. the CIA's propaganda
Gary Kohls: America's medical propaganda machine: Medical communications companies
Nikolai Gorshkov: Why do the British hate the Russians? A brief history of 500 years of anti-Russian propaganda
RT: AP investigation: Pentagon anti-ISIS online propaganda program lacks staff proficient in Arabic and Islam
Sputnik: Neocon think tank being paid by Japan to spread anti-Chinese propaganda
RT: Sunday Times 'propaganda' probe goes after RT advertisers, misquotes MP
Brandon Turbeville: Propaganda alert: Amnesty International's report on Syria's Saydnaya prison executions lacks evidence
Andre Vitchek: Despite MSM propaganda, Beijing is easily now one of the greatest cities on Earth
Vani: Snopes busted for spreading Monsanto propaganda to quell safety concerns about RoundUp glyphosate
Donald Johnson: The NY Times' propaganda on how moral America was before Trump took office
Sputnik: No imagination: CNN's new film on Putin imitates Soviet-era propaganda pieces
RT: US Senator Jeanne Shaheen's sales job for bill targeting RT and Sputnik as 'propaganda'
Jean Perrier: Idlib "chemical weapons attack" yet another attempt to escalate war on Syria using Western propaganda sources
Alex Christoforou: Propaganda Alert: Fake News AP claims Russia "knew in advance about Syria chemical attack"
Michale Krieger: Blame it on Russia - U.S. Propaganda is embarrassingly bad
Finian Cunningham: The United States of......False flags, lies and propaganda
Dr. Gary G. Kohls: Dr. Gary G. Kohls: Propaganda and the war on science
Vanessa Bealey: John Pilger: The White Helmets are a complete propaganda construct in Syria
RT: Macron accuses RT and Sputnik of 'behaving like deceitful propaganda' right in front of Putin
Robert Bridge: 'Like some brain-eating virus': Macron's deceitful propaganda against Russian media is the real fake news
Golnaz Esfandiari: Islamic State propaganda targets Iran Sunnis with little success
Lee Camp: Writing propaganda at the NY Times — a how-to demonstration article on comedian Lee Camp
RT: European court is 'propaganda machine for neoliberals', says Russian lawmaker in response to ruling against gay propaganda law
Tony Cartalucci: Otto Warmbier's death is being exploited for propaganda purposes by western media
Tom Secker and Matthew Alford: Hollywood is a propaganda machine that promotes war on behalf of the Deep State
Ale Shea: In 1951 the CIA compared U.S & Soviet Propaganda - here's what they found
RT: 'Punish Russians for having RT?' Fox News host slams Democratic Congressman Cicilline over 'Russian propaganda'
The Hayward:Bana Alabed: A heartbreaking tale of propaganda and exploitation
RT: UK think tank reportedly paid by Japan to churn out propaganda; hypes Chinese threat to UK security
Paul Craig Roberts: The Reign of Propaganda
RT: Zakharova: 'CNN is a reliable propaganda tool' and part of media disinformation campaign accusing Russia of arming Taliban
Moon of Alabama:NYT propaganda at work: Russia wants innovation, but it's arresting its fraudsters
Sputnik News: Boy claiming father is US soldier threatens Trump in Daesh propaganda video
RT: US State Department propaganda team in disarray
RT: Der Spiegel to German FM on RT interview: 'Why speak to an instrument of Russian propaganda?'
RT: New report says Britain ranks number 1 in Europe for online jihadist propaganda
Chuck Ross: Fake watchdog Media Matters attempts to smear internet giant Drudge Report as "pipeline for Russian propaganda"
Gordon M. Hahn: The fabled Russian propaganda machine is dwarfed by U.S. stratcomm
CBS Studios: Librarian refuses donation of Dr. Seuss books from Melania Trump, citing 'racist propaganda'
Philip Giraldi: News? Propaganda? Sputnik, RT under investigation
RT: The worst of Times: UK propaganda rag stirs the pot over ironic RT adverts
Eva Bartlett: Eva Bartlett outlines the most egregious purveyors of absurd Syrian war propaganda in the West
Danielle Ryan: 'De-ranking' RT search results: Google guilty of censorship and blatant propaganda
Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch: Records from EPA show Obama agency's illegal use of social media platform for covert propaganda
Nicholas Sokolov: US prepares heavily funded anti-Russia propaganda troll army
Rachel Blevins: Saudi Arabia dreams up a videogame-type propaganda video in which it conquers Iran and Iranians cheer
CBS: Saudi Arabia dreams up a videogame-type propaganda video in which it conquers Iran and Iranians cheer
RT: Hasbara 2018: Israel using secretive group to create online propaganda to challenge its negative image and boycott campaign
Moon of Alabama: Western media's propaganda war against Syrian army success
Asa Winstanley: Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your social media news feed
Moon of Alabama: Weaponized 'women's rights': CIA propaganda arm now runs headscarf campaign against Iran
Tim Cushing: 'Anti-Propaganda' ban repealed - State Dept. to direct its propaganda arm at American citizens
RT: ISIS-supporting teacher showed terrorist propaganda clips to students, court hears
Andre Vitchek: Is my propaganda really bigger than yours?
Catlin Johnstone: Caitlin Johnstone: How establishment propaganda gaslights us into submission
Rahel Blevins: WaPo finally admits 'Russian propaganda' was really US mainstream media material and was 'factual'
Middle East Eye: UK Home Office propaganda unit detailed in job advertisement
TASS: Ministry of Truth: US to launch new campaign to counter 'foreign propaganda'
Tony Cartalucci: US propaganda may be collapsing in Syria, but the global threats remain
Stephen Karganovic: East Ghouta MSM propaganda: Syria's New Srebrenica in the making?
RT: Lavrov: Coverage of double agent's alleged poisoning is fact-free "propaganda at its finest - hysteria"
Michael McCaffrey: The Pentagon & Hollywood's Successful and Deadly Propaganda Alliance
RT: US lawmakers push Trump to spend more money spreading pro-US propaganda
RT: John Pilger: 'Campaign against RT is propaganda & McCarthyism' (VIDEO)
RT: FARA not 'far' enough, US lawmakers invent new ways to brand RT and Sputnik as propaganda
Michael Krieger: 'Whataboutism': The nonsensical propaganda word that's designed to defend the failed imperial status quo
Rod Dreher: Trans propaganda today
RT: Ex-BBC boss attacks Facebook over 'weaponizing news', 'propaganda' & 'child porn'
Peter Van Buren: US officials demand Al Jazeera register under FARA as a propaganda agent
RT: John Pilger: Assange's internet blackout and Skripal incident part of a propaganda war risking a real one
Adam Ramsay: The Spin War: Cambridge Analytica and Privatized Military Propaganda
Vanessa Beeley: MSM Napalm Propaganda in Syria: Vanessa Beeley's visit to rebel 'Chemical Weapon' sites in Eastern Ghouta
Alison Weir: How Israel and its minions work to flood the internet with pro-Israeli propaganda and censor any and all criticism
Sputnik: "Propaganda seems to be more important than the reality of what is really going on" Roger Waters speaks out against White Helmets
Michael McCaffrey: Hollywood's propaganda dehumanizes all Russians
Wayne Madsen: British propaganda and disinformation, a longtime imperial and colonial tradition
Chris Kanthan: Syria - A Case Study in Western Propaganda
RT: UK Defense Minister wants Brits to join his army of anti-Russian propaganda trolls
RT: South Korea prevents activists from launching propaganda leaflets against Kim Jong-un
Eric Zuesse: New book 'Russian Roulette' proves to be shameless CIA anti-Russia propaganda that rests on lies
RT: Debunked: Four years old video of 'fake dead Palestinians' exposes pro-Israel propaganda
RT: 'Every country does it': Ex-US under secretary of state Richard Stengel backs propaganda use
Sergio Wigel: Germans aren't buying the anti-Russian propaganda
France 24: Turkey: 22 university students go on trial over 'terror propaganda'
A Political Junkie: The Atlantic Council wants to form NATO coordinated propaganda network to target Russia
RT: Spiteful Bild editor calls German footballer who met with Putin a 'Kremlin propaganda tool'
Andrew Korybko: Trump-Putin summit hysteria shows Western pundits only believe Russian 'propaganda' when it praises Trump
Joshua Davidson: British propaganda rag slanders the royal Romanov family on the 100th anniversary of their execution
RT: Propaganda against Iran kicks into gear as Sec. of State Pompeo announces launching of pro-Western propaganda channel
Rick Sterling: Propaganda alert! PBS series "Inside Putin's Russia" full of half-truths and outright falsehoods
RT: Facebook users slam NATO's online 'detect fake news' game - call it 'ridiculous propaganda'
RT: Islamic State propaganda video warns of unleashing biological warfare on West
Mark GB: The goal of propaganda is a population that will police itself...
Danielle Ryan: Zuckerberg op-ed leaves no doubt Facebook is little more than a vehicle to spread US propaganda
RT: Roger Waters: Neoliberal propaganda keeping voters 'asleep' like Orwellian sheep
Caitlin Johnstone: Manufacturing consent: Remember when CNN staged a fake war propaganda interview with a Syrian child?
Sputnik: 'Al-Qaeda Goes to Hollywood': Mini-documentary pulls back the veil on western Syrian war propaganda
RT: France acknowledges targeting RT and Sputnik because 'they are spreading propaganda'
RT: Get it 'right'? Israeli consulate spars with US journalist over NYT propaganda headline
Rob Slane: BBC's Panorama propaganda actually destroys plausibility of the Skripal door-handle theory
Richard Gale and Gary Null: It is flu season again: Let the propaganda begin
RT: 'Wrong' to arrest rappers & ban concerts, but propaganda of drugs leads to 'degradation' - Putin
Mohamed Elmaazi and Max Blumenthal: MI5's temple of covert propaganda: Integrity Initiative and the scandal of the UK's information war
RT: Is Kristol a Kremlin agent? Shady entity claims term 'neocon' is Russian propaganda
RT: Bellingcat activist fails to ban blogger who exposed his ties to UK propaganda outfit on Twitter
Middle East Eye: UK gov fighting FoI request over involvement in arts 'counter-terrorism' propaganda
Suhaib Salem: 'Fake news' filter NewsGuard scrutinized for having links to PR firm that promoted Saudi propaganda
Tyler Durden: NBC exposed reporting New Knowledge propaganda on Gabbard's 'Russia links'
James Wright: Top journalism academic: 'The propaganda crisis surpasses every historic record'
Sputnik: Canadian, English-speaking narrator of ISIS propaganda videos captured in Syria - unrepentant
Ben Norton: Hollywood's 'Captain Marvel' blockbuster is the latest US military propaganda push
RT: Venezuela sabotage and evil Russians: Several video games are now blatant US war propaganda
Bryan MacDonald: Kiev's US Embassy pushes Ukrainian propaganda outfit on 'World Press Freedom Day'
Tony Cartalucci: US ramps up propaganda ahead of Idlib's imminent liberation by Assad and allied forces
RT: US' anti-Kremlin plan "vicious anti-Russia propaganda" & "voice from Cold War era" - Moscow
Brago Dosnic: No limits to war propaganda: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game follows very worst of Western foreign policy
Tamara Nassar: Teens forced to take Israel propaganda course before overseas trips
Penny Nance: My son's freshman orientation at Virginia Tech was chock full of leftist propagandaHelen Buyniski: Steve Bannon promoting pathetic anti-China propaganda movie to Trump & Americans
Greg Maybury: Inside The Submissive Void: Propaganda, Censorship, Power, And Control
Children Health's Defense Team: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Escalating anti-parent propaganda
Eriq Gardner: MSNBC attempting to dismiss Rachel Maddow defamation suit by claiming that her "Russian propaganda" remarks were just opinion
Caitling Johnstone: Propaganda narratives are custom-made for each ideological echo chamber
Ramona Wadi: Palestinian olive harvest, Israeli propaganda
Rick Sterling: Anti-Assad propaganda film 'For Sama' is beautifully made and very deceptive
Terje Maloy, translator: The Propaganda Multiplier: How global news agencies and Western media report on geopolitics
Anna Siatz: 'Mandatory' gender activist propaganda course set to ruin kid's hockey in Ontario - non-woke parents won't be signing on as volunteers
Henry Kamens: US Agency for Global Media: A new propaganda arm serving the Empire
Ian Cobain, Alice Ross: REVEALED: The British government's covert propaganda campaign in Syria
Cynthia Chung: The enemy within: A 70-year war on 'propaganda' built by the CIA
Isaac Stanley-Becker: Technology once used to combat ISIS propaganda is enlisted by Democratic group to counter Trump's coronavirus messaging
Ian Cobain, Alice Ross: 'Operation Volute': British propaganda efforts in Syria may have broken UK law
RT: 'Propaganda machine says it's OK for there to be Bezos & Zuckerberg': Roger Waters tells RT how media shields Covid-19 villains
Dr Piers Robinson: How the UK government terrorizes its citizens with coronavirus propaganda
The Jakarta Post: US tightens rules on four more Chinese state 'propaganda' outlets
J. Edward Moreno: Trump campaign says Univision is 'Leftist propaganda'
Nebojsa Malic Liberal media alarmed US propaganda arm Voice of America may 'become propaganda' (the wrong kind) under Trump nominee CEO
Michael McCaffrey: In the Pentagon and China's propaganda wars, greedy Hollywood is a happy helper for both - the people and art are the victims
Alan Macleod: Popular viral video firm sues Facebook over Russian propaganda label
Marlo Safi: Trump admin ending critical race theory training at federal agencies: 'Anti-American propaganda'
Virginia Kruta: 'Stop using my image': Wounded vet says Trump never called him 'loser,' demands his face be taken off 'propaganda'
Ben Norton: Leaked documents expose massive anti-Syria propaganda operation waged by Western governments and media puppets
Frank Chung: Latest Media Corona Conspiracy Theory: 'Chinese Propaganda Tricked Western Nations into Lockdowns'
Dave DeCamp: Trump's new foreign propaganda czar freezes funding to 'regime change' protests
Cynthia Chung: Why propaganda is vital in upholding the illusion of a democracy
Kit Klarenberg: How the British government secretly funded Syrian cartoons and comic books as anti-Assad propaganda - aimed at children
Kit Klarenberg: Anti-free speech, pro-propaganda: How Biden's new media czar endorsed decades-old tradition of indoctrinating Americans
Raphael Satter: US ends cultural exchange programs with China, calling them 'soft power propaganda'
Caitlin Johnston: Mass media propaganda is enemy #1
RT: CNN runs propaganda piece explaining the 'secret' behind Joe Biden's 'popularity': Twitter erupts with mockery
Glenn Diesen: It doesn't matter if it isn't true: No matter how many times it's debunked, Western anti-Russian propaganda is immune to facts
Larry Romanoff: Propaganda and the Media: Part 1 - Introduction
Daniel Kreps: Eric Clapton blames 'propaganda' for 'disastrous' Covid vaccine experience
Julian Conradson: Senate PASSES anti-CRT bill in razor thin vote; Dems now on record supporting the Marxist propaganda
CJ Hopkins: The propaganda war (part II)
Michael McCraffey: New HBO documentary 'In the Same Breath' shows how both China and the US used authoritarianism and propaganda to contain Covid
Edward Curtin: The incantational bewitchment of propaganda
David Pugliese: Military leaders saw pandemic as 'unique opportunity' to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says
South China Morning Post: US charges Canadian jihadist who narrated Islamic State propaganda videos
RT: 'LGBT propaganda' aimed at children has hit 'colossal proportions,' Russian internet watchdog claims
Caitlin Johnstone: Maturity is realizing that propaganda isn't something that only happens to other people
Glenn Greenwald: War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic, Authoritarian, and Reckless
Caitlin Johnstone: 'Russian Propaganda' claims is just the latest excuse to expand censorship
Paul Joseph Watson: Zelensky thanks Zuckerberg for helping him win the propaganda war
Dan Cohen: Ukraine's propaganda war: On international PR firms, DC lobbyists and CIA cutouts
Sputnik News: Experts: Bucha-Like 'False Flag' Incidents to Continue as West 'Frustrated' Over Propaganda Failures
Caitlin Johnstone. How much are we prepared to sacrifice to help the US win a propaganda war against Putin?
Ryan Matters: The psychology of manipulation: 6 lessons from the master of propaganda
Anna Morelli: Propaganda during times of war: Ponsonby's ten commandments
RT: 'Her Majesty's Russia Unit': British spies have launched a full-scale propaganda war to demonize Russia
Jason Burke. 'Her Majesty's Russia Unit': British spies have launched a full-scale propaganda war to demonize Russia
Jarryd Jaeger: Duke prof compares mandatory equity training to 'Maoist propaganda', his colleagues' responses prove him right
Winston Smith: Total Propaganda
John Pilger: War in Europe and the rise of raw propaganda
Ray McGunnis: Propaganda Trudeau style
Daniel Broudy & Valerie Kyrie: The Serpent and the Staff: Symbols of Safety and Security in the Propaganda of a Global Medical Tyranny
LGBT 'propaganda' faces complete ban in Russia
RT: Ukraine whines on social media that Hungary is spreading 'Russian propaganda'
Global Orthodox: Russia to fine, deport foreigners pushing LGBT propaganda
RT: Kiev spreading 'propaganda by fear' - French ex-presidential candidate
Dr. Piers Robinson: Deafening Silences: Propaganda through censorship, smearing and coercion
Dr. Mark Shaw: The Online Safety Bill will only reinforce the regime of government propaganda and censorship
Edward Curtin: Only adult children still believe US propaganda
Thierry Meyssan: War, propaganda, and blindness
RT: Russians MPs vote against bill on criminalizing LGBT 'propaganda'
Vishwam Shankaran: Meta claims US military link to pro-US online propaganda on Facebook
RT: Russia finalizes 'LGBTQ propaganda' ban

Title: 628 articles
Summary: 5844 articles
Text: 21745 articles
Comment: 1807 articles
Title and summary: 183 articles
Title, summary and text: 34 articles
UK high court rules publisher must prove libelous claims about Putin, Abramovich, Rosneft, in largest legal case against anti-Russia peddlers yet
Inventor of QR code: "It's a real simple fact to prove that there was massive fraud in this election"
Whoopsies! Intervenors for Democrats in PA lawsuit actually proved Trump campaign claims of fraud
American Bar Association to adopt "affirmative consent" resolution - all sex is rape unless proven otherwise
Everybody's guilty: To the police state, we're all criminals until we prove otherwise
Homeschoolers in California will now have to prove that they aren't abusive
Fending off Libel Suit, BuzzFeed is on Mission Impossible to Prove 'Trump Dossier' is Fact-based
US Congressman Ron Paul: Classified Cable Proves US Ok'd Saddam's Kuwait Invasion

Psyop/psyops; "Psychological operation"
Title: 51 articles; 4 articles
Summary: 134 articles; 24 articles
Text: 252 articles; 105 articles
Comment: 71 articles; 13 articles
Title and summary: 21 articles
Title, summary and text: 14 articles
Сold War-style UK psyop unit targeting Russians through social media platforms
How the West was won: Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the military origins of the Internet, Part 1
MindSpace, Psyops, and Cognitive Warfare: Winning the Battle for the Mind
Psychological operation: The myth of a "Russian invasion" and the truth about the war in Ukraine
Israeli Psychological Operation "Spread War to Iran" to Hit Airwaves During Inauguration
Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation?

"Psychological terror"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 5 articles
Text: 35 articles
Comment: 6 articles
PNAC, COVID-19 And The Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror
Heartless! Bipolar rape victim ordered to jail because authorities didn't want to provide her services over the Christmas break

Psychological warfare
Title: 22 articles
Summary: 80 articles
Text: 354 articles
Comment: 35 articles
Title and summary: 12 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
Everything is a weapon: The US government is waging psychological warfare on the nation
Recently released CIA-UFO files reveal US considered plan to stage alien invasion for psychological warfare
Iran denies it fired rockets close to US aircraft carrier - 'This false news is psychological warfare'
Former US army psychological warfare officer and counter-terrorism analyst: Putin is probably the best thing that has happened to Russia in a hundred years
Early "Psychological Warfare" Research and the Rockefeller Foundation
US Military Using Psychological Warfare on Americans

Reality Creators
Title: 6 articles
Summary: 14 articles
Text: 71 articles
Comment: 51 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Behind the Headlines: Facts Intrude on the Reality Creators: The Rapid Decline of the American Empire
Israeli 'reality creators': Israel allegedly confiscates 120 rings bearing an insignia associated with ISIS en route to Palestine
Psycho 'Reality Creators' open 'gates of hell' in Iraq with proxy Jihadis

Title: 93 articles
Summary: 377 articles
Text: 1459 articles
Comment: 170 articles
Title and summary: 22 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
Hindawi and Wiley to retract over 500 papers linked to peer review rings
Cancel culture win: Authors of article on female vs male mentorship have now retracted their own paper
In the face of Monsanto's minions: Researcher refuses to retract GM maize tumor study
Lancet Psychiatry needs to retract its "ADHD have altered, smaller brains" study

Title: 3423 articles
Summary: 15206 articles
Text: 29279 articles
Comment: 4577 articles
Title and summary: 1175 articles
Title, summary and text: 161 articles
US satellite photos finally revealed: They incriminate the Dutch police, prosecutors and judges in the MH17 show trial
Hiding, but not forgotten: Dr. Birx praised herself while revealing ignorance, treachery, and deceit
Metallic-looking orb is seen flying over Iraqi city of Mosul in 2016 - first ever publicly revealed UFO footage taken by US spy plane in a conflict zone

Title: 154 articles
Summary: 986 articles
Text: 5053 articles
Comment: 511 articles
Title and summary: 56 articles
Title, summary and text: 22 article
US asked British spy agency to stop Guardian publishing Snowden revelations
New revelations shed light on Nazi roots of House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Revelations of CIA conspiring to murder Julian Assange jeopardizes US prosecution case
Revelations in the bubble: Trump's presidency brings to light 7 undeniable facts about the swamp
WaPo revelations only tell part of the story

Sacred cow, sacred cows
Title: 3 articles; 1 article
Summary: 13 articles; 10 articles
Text: 48 articles; 65 articles
Comment: 11 articles; 3 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Former editor British Medical Journal: Peer review process is a "sacred cow" that should be slaughtered
'It's time to slaughter the sacred cow' - Retractions & errors driving loss of faith in the peer review process
It's time to put the vaccine sacred cow out to pasture
No sacred cows: Lightning bolt kills 17 cattle in Assam, India

Title: 945 articles
Summary: 3036 articles
Text: 7437 articles
Comment: 1623 articles
Title and summary: 490 articles
Title, summary and text: 305 articles
Wave of top Ukrainian officials resign, huge corruption scandal reveals Western aid embezzled
Facing backlash over FTX scandal, Democrats return millions in donations
Eyes wide shut on the Balenciaga scandal
The European Parliament's 'Qatar scandal' is just the tip of a corruption iceberg
'A dumpster fire on top of a hurricane': LA in chaos as racism, corruption scandals mount
More than 200 arrested in China over banking scandal that sparked rare protests

"Science denier"
This expression is sometimes used as a derogatory term to slam an opposition.
Title: 1 article
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 12 articles
When the media tries to change your language to manipulate you
On the Information Superhighway, there's no such thing as a true science denier

"Selection and substitution"
Title: 1 articles
In summary: 1 article
Text: 27 articles
Comment: 13 articles
See also "subconscious substitution", intext 8 articles
Selection and substitution of data: Blame the cold on natural cycles, but the rain is humanity's fault!
Voting, Cognitive Dissonance and Fear of the Unknown
The Fourth Turning and Steve Bannon Pt. 3: Implications for Hysterica-America
Behind the Headlines: Babylon, Ancient Rome and the American Empire

Shadowban*; "shadow ban"
Title: 8 articles; 2 articles
Summary: 26 articles; 7 articles
Text: 70 articles; 21 articles
Comment: 25 articles; 4 articles
Title and summary: 6 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
Musk promises Twitter 'shadow ban' reform
Twitter admits shadowban on Federalist co-founder's Lisa Page tweet with lame excuse: "To keep people safe"
Censoring conservatives: Rep. Gaetz files FEC complaint against Twitter over shadow bans
Big Tech lobbies sue Florida over new law that seeks to punish social media firms for censorship, shadowbanning & deplatforming
Hungary to oppose 'shadowbanning' of 'Christian, conservative, and right-wing' voices online
Kim Dotcom accuses Twitter of 'shadowbanning' pro-Assange tweets: 'Deep state controls social media to control you'
Shadowban: Facebook claims 'employee error' caused PragerU's 99.9999% drop in reach
Twitter tells Trump that it does not 'shadowban,' then admits that it does

"Show trial"
Title: 12 articles
Summary: 43 articles
Text: 138 articles
Comment: 24 articles
Title and summary: 6 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
The J6 show trial is lying about election 'fraud'
Assange's show trial begins in London, extradition to US a near certainty
The MH17 show trial isn't about justice or closure, but information warfare
US: Republican Accused of McCarthyism Over Radical Islam 'Show Trial'

Title: 400 articles
Summary: 1675 articles
Text: 6218 articles
Comment: 910 articles
Title and summary: 157 articles
Title, summary and text: 82 articles
The curious silence surrounding the Baltic gas bubbles
'They're silencing women who don't agree with radical feminism' - author who claims book was censored by Facebook
Joe Biden's silence on Hunter's emails speaks volumes
Former OPCW director defends Douma whistleblowers as 'extremely competent', slams media for creating 'wall of silence'

"Social engineering"
Title: 20 articles
Summary: 74 articles
Text: 331 articles
Comment: 61 articles
Title and summary: 7 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
State of Florida removes $2B from BlackRock in anti-ESG divestment: "Using our cash to fund BlackRock's social-engineering project isn't something Florida ever signed up for"
Pronouns being used for social engineering to control thought and eliminate parent's ability to protect their children
The elite's social engineering endgame: A battle between the sexes where humanity loses
Social engineering: EU withholds Hungary's Covid aid over banning LGBT topics in schools; Orban warns woke propaganda 'will ruin EU'
Pronouns being used for social engineering to control thought and eliminate parent's ability to protect their children

"Social proof"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 1 article
Text: 19 articles
Comment: 4 articles
Social proof? CNN poll claims that 71% of Americans believe Iran has nuclear weapons

"Social psychology"
Title: 2 articles
Summary: 132 articles
Text: 250 articles
Comment: 2 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Why we do dumb or irrational things: 10 brilliant social psychology studies
Social psychology can be used to understand nuclear restraint

Title: 3 articles
Summary: 13 articles
Text: 61 articles
Comment: 11 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Spellbinding as a key to success in the world governed by psychopaths: Research reveals dynamics behind magical thinking and charismatic leadership

"Status quo"
Title: 35 articles
Summary: 427 articles
Text: 2073 articles
Comment: 139 articles
Title and summary: 14 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Australia reaffirms support for one-China policy and 'status quo' with Beijing - Defence Minister
Puppet Pete Buttigieg says revolution and the status quo aren't mutually exclusive
Harvard University has more wealth than half the world's countries... because someone has to prop up the status quoWhat the rise of Donald Trump and Isis have in common: An unbearable status quo
Why people use the status quo as a moral compass

Title: 265 articles
Summary: 960 articles
Text: 4189 articles
Comment: 545 articles
Title and summary: 109 articles
Title, summary and text: 48 articles
Stupid "son of a b*tch" - Biden busted on hot mic after being asked about worrying inflation rates
The myth of 'stupid' Brexit voter undone by study that discovers affluent and educated 'Comfortable Leavers' actually won the day
Intelligent Design opponents don't know what they're talking about, but love telling you ID is stupid anyway

Title: 10 articles
Summary: 223 articles
Text: 1186 articles
Comment: 52 articles
Title and summary: 7 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
You don't say! US journalism has become 'more subjective' according to RAND study
he Truth Perspective: Being objective in a subjective world
Brain cells in amygdala make judgments based on a viewer's subjective opinions instead of true emotion expressed

Subjectively, subjectivity
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 35 articles
Text: 219 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Decline of Swedish education is a direct result of 'post-truth' subjectivity
Chinese newspaper: 'Subjectivity has long dominated US media, but this year's election exposes it for all to see'
Researchers could induce illusions on demand
Only in a nation that had taken leave of its senses would Tulsi Gabbard be denigrated and Kamala Harris be queen-in-waiting

Title: 12 articles
Summary: 30 articles
Text: 149 articles
Comment: 10 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary, and text: 5 articles
Examples, here with details of year and publisher.
2007: Science Daily: Subliminal Advertising Leaves Its Mark On The Brain
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Subliminal messages can influence us in surprising ways
2008: Science Daily: Subliminal Learning Demonstrated In Human Brain
2009: New Scientist, Subliminal Messages Really Do Affect Your Decisions
Physorg: Effect of subliminal marketing greater than thought

Title: 5 articles
Summary: 52 articles
Text: 248 articles
Comment: 70 articles
Mali bans French NGOs, alleging 'subterfuge, deception and manipulation, intended to destabilize' the country
Goebbels is alive in Nicaragua: The relentless US lies and subterfuge are set against one of the most successful countries in Central America
Western meddling and subterfuge in Russian affairs and the Moscow Duma election

Summary: 4 articles
Text: 40 articles
Trauma, Susceptibility and Manipulation: "We can implant entirely false memories"
People Are More Suggestible Under Laughing Gas
SOTT Podcast: In Search of the Miraculous
SOTT Podcast: In Search of the Miraculous Part 2

Title: 185 articles
Summary: 1547 articles
Text: 6589 articles
Comment: 680 articles
Title and summary: 102 articles
Title, summary and text: 57 articles
How suppressed scientists fought back against COVID censorship
Biden admin held weekly censorship meetings with social media giants to suppress COVID and vaccine speech
Peer-reviewed BMJ article: Medicine is corrupted by dominance of Big Pharma, which suppresses negative results, hides adverse effects

"Suppression of information"; "Information suppression"
Title: 3 articles;
Summary 10 articles; 2 articles
Text 25 articles; 9 articles
Comment: 4 articles; 2 articles
'Conscience-shocking': Christine Todd Whitman's suppression of information regarding toxicity levels on 9/11's ground zero
Journalism group blasts Obama oligarchy for its historic suppression of information
Suppression of Information: Edward Snowden doesn't show up once in Google's list of top 2013 searches

Title: 45 articles
Summary: 314 articles
Text: 987 articles
Comment: 113 articles
Title and summary: 20 articles
Title, summary and text: 6 articles
New MH17 Doc Reveals Evidence Tampering, Dutch Cover-up of Forged Recordings, Hidden Ukrainian Radar Records
Australian scientists at Bureau of Meteorology again caught tampering with weather data
Le Pen campaign claims of ballot tampering under investigation by French election commission

"Thought control"
Title: 13 articles
Summary: 27 articles
Text: 71 articles
Comment: 36 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
The Leftist obsession with Twitter alternative Parler reveals their infatuation with thought control
14 thought-control tactics narcissists use to dominate and confuse people
Thought control successfully used to switch on a gene
Merriam-Webster redefining 'racism' to fit BLM narrative turns the dictionary into an instrument of Orwellian thought control
Thought control: 'Independent' Facebook fact-checker exposed as partisan smear factory packed with CNN alumni

Title: 74 articles
Summary: 194 articles
Text: 672 articles
Comment: 282 articles
Title and summary: 29 articles
Title, summary and text: 21 articles
The Psychology of Totalitarianism: Reviewing Mattias Desmet's New Book Part 1
The Psychology of Totalitarianism, Part 2
The Psychology of Totalitarianism: Technocracy's 'Science Of Social Engineering'
The Psychology of Totalitarianism Part 4
To descend into totalitarianism or to rise up and free ourselves?
Pathologized Totalitarianism 101
How the Great Reset was first thought up by the original proselytizer of Totalitarianism and the Father of Neo-Conservatism
Political Ponerology And The Rise Of Totalitarianism In The West
The road to totalitarianism
The Approaching Storm of Totalitarianism

Totalitarian democracy
Summary: 3 articles
Text: 7 articles
Political Ponerology And The Rise Of Totalitarianism In The West
MindMatters: The Rise of Homo Americanus with Zbigniew Janowski
F. William Engdahl interview: The US Empire, the CIA and the NGOs
Color Revolutions, Old and New

"Transmarginal inhibition"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 3 articles
Text: 43 articles
Comment: 16 articles
Transmarginal Inhibition
Transmarginal Inhibition: Chronic Fatigue and Childhood Abuse Linked in CDC Study
Transmarginal inhibition: The trauma that forever changed us

Title: 1217 articles
Summary: 5740 articles
Text: 19272 articles
Comment: 4355 articles
Title and summary: 482 articles
Title, summary and text: 307 articles
At last, mainstream journalists are starting to report the truth about youth gender clinics
America's 'Ministry of Truth' hasn't gone away: Official Washington hasn't abandoned its plan to ​​control social networks
If telling the truth puts me on Ukraine's 'Russian propagandist' blacklist, I'll wear that tag proudly
The unpalatable truth in Ukraine
Busted: Biden's 'Minster of Truth' Nina Jankowicz participated in secret NATO-funded cabal to subvert Western democracies using disinformation as cover
Truth Hurts

Tyranny, tyrannize
Title: 162 articles
Summary: 517 articles, 2 articles
Text: 1911 articles, 11 articles
Comment: 333 articles, 3 articles
Title and summary: 49 articles
Title, summary and text: 22 articles
NewsReal: World on the Brink - Mass Acceptance of Tyranny Augurs Doom
Tyranny during its reign is unrecognized by its victims
Reversal of fortune: Josh Hawley's book on big tech tyranny to be published despite cancellation attempt
Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State's Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working

"Unconventional warfare"
Summary: 16 articles
Text: 85 articles
Comment: 3 articles
Color revolution underway in Macedonia as Western propaganda mill goes into full-spin mode
Another failed USAID attempt at subverting Cuba and what it tells us about U.S. subversion worldwide
Wikileaks doc reveals US military uses IMF, World Bank as "unconventional" weapons
An ABC News investigative journalist disappeared six months ago. He seems to have known a lot about American aims in Ukraine
Planned U.S. 'humanitarian intervention' in Venezuela means "provoking armed confrontation"

Title: 58 articles
Summary: 398 articles
Text: 1867 articles
Comment: 135 articles
Title and summary: 27 articles
Title, summary and text: 12 articles
The pathologies and underestimation of just how far along the American collapse is
Study warns tornadoes in Europe are an underestimated threat
Hormone replacement therapy's link to breast cancer has been greatly underestimated
Methane emissions from fracking vastly underestimated by EPA - study
Risk of big earthquakes may be underestimated, scientist says

Title: 14 articles
Summary: 86 articles
Text: 332 articles
Comment: 20 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut responds to health insurer's claims that vaccine side effects are massively underreported
German health insurer reveals 'alarming' underreporting of vaccine side-effects
Minnesota nurses say vaccine injuries are being underreported
Washington officials admit to counting GUNSHOT DEATHS in Covid-19 tally, say virus death toll likely underreported despite lapses
Innocent mistake? Japan underreports 80 nuclear bombs-worth of plutonium to IAEA
Lyme Disease: Misdiagnosed, Underreported - and Epidemic
Space rock risk underreported, researchers argue

Title: 455 articles
Summary: 1369 articles
Text: 3168 articles
Comment: 728 articles
Title and summary: 339 articles
Title, summary and text: 239 articles
'Two FBIs': Whistleblowers accuse DC HQ of trampling Constitution, field offices
Whistleblower documents show FBI working with radical leftist group SPLC to target pro-life Catholics
What was seen by the Pfizer whistleblowers?
Julian Assange and the US government's war on whistleblowers
Hunter Biden evidence wrongly labeled disinformation by FBI: Whistleblower

Title: 106 articles
Summary: 189 articles
Text: 901 articles
Comment: 153 articles
Title and summary: 23 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
Norman Finkelstein's new book indicts the ICC for whitewashing Israel's crimes against humanity
Eva Bartlett: Personal reply to the fact-challenged smears of terrorist-whitewashing Snopes, Channel 4, La Presse
Eva Bartlett: How the MSM whitewashed al-Qaeda and White Helmets in Syria
Manufacturing consent: Saudis hired UK PR firm to promote 'Muslim NATO' and whitewash Saudi war crimes in Yemen
WHO Investigation of H1N1 Pandemic Proves a Whitewash

Title: 183 articles
Summary: 290 articles
Text: 779 articles
Comment: 152 articles
Title and summary: 115 articles
Title, summary and text: 77 articles
Zombie economics & the collapse of global revenue growth
What do 'Zombie Apocalypse' movies actually tell us?
Americans' top fear isn't of monsters and zombies - It's the government

Title: # articles
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Title and summary: # articles
Title, summary and text: # articles
Hvor # står for antal