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SOTT Resumé for Jordomvæltninger for juli 2019: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteorer og Ildkugler

earth changes july 2019 edited
Mere end 200 mennesker døde og tusinder blev fordtrængt da en usædvanlig monsoon sæson bragte oversvømmelser og jordskred og efterladende udbredt ødelæggelser på tværs af Indien, Nepal, Pakistan og Bangladesh. Voldsomt styrtregn førte også til uhørte oversvømmelser og jordskred i det sydøstlige Kina, fortrængende 77,000 mennesker og berørende mere end 20 millioner.

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North America had its share of heavy rain too, leaving Washington and Pittsburgh swamped, and engulfing New Orleans turning streets into rivers that swept away dozens of cars and forced many to paddle their way in kayaks.

The heat wave that affected some parts of Europe, was overshadowed by violent storms, flash-flooding and mudslides throughout the region; including Spain, Romania, France, and Austria - but this was just a day in the park for Italy. Severe weather in the country brought apocalyptic hailstorms, flash floods that swept away cars like toys, and winds so fierce they uprooted large trees leaving behind all sorts of devastation.

Several intense earthquakes took thousands by surprise around the world this month, a 5.7 Mag in Iran, 6.6 Mag in Western Australia, 7.3 Mag in eastern Indonesia, a 5.3 Mag in the capital of Greece... but the most significant ones took place in southern California; a 6.3 Mag, considered the most intense in decades, only to be eclipsed by a 7.1 Mag earthquake the following day and raising fears of 'the big one'.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

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SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for juni 2019: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteorer og Ildkugler

earth changes summary june 2019
Over hele verden var der i den forgangne måned massive og pludselige oversvømmelser som rev land, huse og folk med sig. Selvom det er starten af 'sommer' på den nordlige halvklode, så så regionen i Siberien omkring Baikal søen nogle af de værste oversvømmelser i mands minde; oversvømmelser forekom i ørkenerne i Yemen, Libyen, New Mexiko og Mongoliet imens byer i det sydlige Mexiko og det sydlige Italien blev ramt af kæmpe mængder af hagl.

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The manifestation of back-to-back extremes, in both space and time, is the defining characteristic of this 'age of transition' we have entered. The first half of June brought wet and wild with weather to Europe, with violent storms inundating the region with rain, cold and hail... but in the second half of the month an extreme heatwave struck, causing all-time record high temperatures in France and raging wildfires in Spain.

Strong earthquakes in China, Japan and Indonesia were accompanied by major volcanic eruptions along the Ring of Fire. The massive quantities of ash and dust they pump into the atmosphere, likely significant factors driving climate change, along with the 'meteor smoke' from trails of meteor fireballs, were 'reflected' last month by the major outbreak of 'night-shining' clouds at unprecedentedly low latitudes.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

Better Earth

Tunguska, psykopati og den sjette uddøen

© Ukendt
Hvordan Tunguska objektet kan have set ud.
For et hundrede og fire år siden på natten mellem den 30 juni og den første juli forekom én af de mest ekstraordinære begivenheder i moderne historie.
De første rapporter om et mærkeligt skær på himlen kom fra hele Europa. Kort efter midnat den første juli 1908 var Londons indbyggere forundret over at se en fosforescerende lyserød nattehimmel over hovedstaden. Folk som var gået til ro vågnede op forvirrede over det mærkelige lyserøde skær der skinnede ind i deres soveværelser. Det samme rødlige lys blev rapporteret i Belgien. Himlen over Tyskland blev besynderligt nok beskrevet som klar grøn, imens himlene over Skotland var af en utrolig intens hvid karakter som fik faunaen til at tro at det var morgengry. Fuglene sang og kragerne skreg - klokken to om morgenen. Himlene over Moskva var så klar at fotografier blev taget af gaderne uden brug af magnesiumflash. En kaptajn af et skib på Volgafloden fortalte at han ved det besynderlige himmelske lys kunne se skibe der var over tre kilometer væk. En golfspiller i England fortsatte i det natlige skær indtil klokken fire om morgen, og i den følgende uge blev The Times of London oversvømmet med breve fra læsere over hele Storbritannien der berettede om det underlige 'falske morgengry'. En kvinde i Huntingsdon skrev at hun havde været i stand til at læse en bog i sit soveværelse alene i kraft af det besynderlige lyserøde skær. Der var hundredvis af breve fra folk der fortalte om identiske omstændigheder der fortsatte i ugevis. (Tom Slemen)
Ingen af de mennesker der observerede det mærkelige fænomen havde nogen ide om at planeten i det centralsibiriske plateau lige efter klokken 7:15 lokal tid var blevet ramt af slagvirkningen fra en komet som eksploderede - som de fleste af den slags gør - i atmosfæren lige over Jordens overflade.

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Snowflake Cold

SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for Maj 2109: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteorer og Ildkugler

Vinter er på vej... i maj! Solen har været uden pletter for nu 19 dage i træk - næsten tre hele uger, og dette kunne været et af de mange tegn på begyndelsen til en ny istid, mini... eller maxi?

May 2019 became yet another portent of what may be to come in the not so distant future for most of the world: sheets of rain, floods, massive hail, plunging temperatures, unseasonalable snow, damaged and failed crops, significant earthquakes, tornados and more volcano eruptions.

Heavy rains and widespread floods hit most of the US Midwest, parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In the US, the Mississippi river overflowed due to heavy rains, breaking historical records. At least three people died, and tens of thousands have been displaced.

In Europe, Germany and Austria received over 1 month's worth of rain that flooded streets and disrupted travel. While the Middle East saw flash floods leaving dozens dead, houses destroyed and streets wiped out. In China torrential rains turned deadly with over 200,000 affected.

Unseasonable snow also continued in May, with heavy blankets covering the Midwest and western US, with parts of Europe also affected, resulting in delayed planting and damaged crops. Meanwhile in Australia early snow falls dumped snow right across the country.

The Ring of Fire remained active this May with increased volcanic activity and a 6.2 Mag earthquake in El Salvador sparking panic and tsunami warnings. Peru was also rocked by a huge 8.0 Mag earthquake that was felt as far as Brazil, leaving one dead and several injured.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...


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SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for April 2019: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteorer og Ildkugler

snow spring
Mens Verdens Meteorologi Organisationen [World Meteorological Organization] fortsætter med at skubbe den globale opvarmningssvindel, påstående at 2018 var det varmeste år nogensinde målt, og mens MET kontoret [det engelske DMI] påstår at den 22. April var den varmeste påskemandag nogensinde, så rammer virkeligheden hårdt med rekordlave temperaturer og snefald rundt omkring i verden ... langt ind i foråret.

As the solar minimum intensifies, temperatures plummet. Unusually cold April temperatures affected more than 100 million people just in the US as the planting season took a serious hit around the world. The result is that farmers are going bankrupt in the US while in North Korea and China food production is suffering massive loses.

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany were also hit by unseasonable snowfalls, meanwhile French vineyards froze, compromising this year's wine production. Africa was also hit by unusually low temperatures with Algeria and Morocco covered in snow this month. In the Southern Hemisphere, Western Australia had the coldest April day ever due to a huge antarctic front. The cold also interfered with wheat production in the country, with harvests hitting an 11 year low.

Record rain and floods in the Middle East not only promoted desert blooms at a very odd time of the year, but also wreaked havoc on the human population with thousands displaced in Iran and Afghanistan.

Two mayor earthquakes hit this April, a 6.3 M in the Philippines that left eight people dead, and a 6.1 M in Taiwan that left 17 people injured.

Windstorms have also been intensifying in unusual places as the jet streams continues its chaotic meandering, both China and Pakistan suffered the consequences this month.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

Cloud Lightning

The Guardian bruger nu officielt panikskabende sprog for klimaet

Climate change terms
Redaktøren for The Guardian's har netop udstedt disse nye retningslinjer til alle medarbejdere om sproget der skal bruges når der skrives om klimaet og om miljøet...og det er 100% alarm-isme. Ikke noget med at holde tilbage, fordi det er en krise, så lad os starte med at skrive som det værende en sådan! Josh hjælper os med at forstå meddelelsen.

Guardian new language on climate change

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SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for Marts 2019: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteorer og Ildkugler

nebraska flooding march 2019

Oversvømmelse af bibelske proportioner i Nebraska, marts 2019
Marts 2019 var endnu en måned med væsentlige tilfælde af ekstremt vejr, der ledte til rekordstore oversvømmelser, haglstorme, snefald og skovbrande - på hvert kontinent uanset årstiden.

Mens mediehysteriet over de pseudovidenskabelige påstande om at klimaforandring er menneskeskabt, og at dens virkninger virkelig kun er et problem for fremtidige generationer, ændres klimaet her og nu - og, bortset fra at lindre nogle af dens birvirkninger, er der intet regeringen kan gøre for at hindre denne ændring i at ske.

Iblandt "højdepunkterne" i marts var katastrofale oversvømmelser i USA's midvest, efter at en "vinterstorm" overvældede meget af USA med sne og regn. Nebraska var specielt hårdt ramt, idet to-tredjedele af staten blev en indlandssø. Blandt mange kraftige cykloner i den sydlige hemisfære sidste måned, forårsagede én af dem en hidtil uset oversvømmelse i det sydøstlige Afrika, som dræbte 1000 mennesker.

Enorme hvirvelvinde, "snetornadoer", tordensne og store mængder af hagl og regn optræder nu med så stor regelmæssighed, at de praktisk talt er "normale". Det sammen angår spektakulære meteor- og ildkugleobservationer, som - efter et årti, hvor de ikke så dem - selv mainstream medierne nu skriver om.

Alt dette og mere til i SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for marts 2019.

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SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for Februar 2019: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteor Ildkugler

Februar 2019 var endnu en måned med betydelige begivenheder med ekstremt vejr, med rekordbrydende oversvømmelser og nogle utrolige snefald.

Kommentar: Denne artikel er delvist oversat til dansk af fra: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - February 2019: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

While the media focuses on and hyped the few record warm events in February, they were relatively quiet about record-breaking cold events and continue missing the trend of decreasing temperatures around the world, particularly in the Northern hemisphere - thus diverting public attention from what matters: the serious potential possible for some form of 'ice age' as we enter Solar Minimum, the effects of which are already being felt by millions of people.

The most devastating rainfall events last month took place in the Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Jordan saw torrents of water wash over desert. Elsewhere, an unprecedented flash-flood soaked the world's driest place: the Atacama desert in Chile. Once again, cold and snow records were broken. Chaos and blackouts ensued in the Czech Republic, dozens of flights were grounded in northern India, and record snow blocked roads in Pakistan.

The US saw the worst of the cold this month. From heavy snowfalls in Seattle to unusual temperatures in New Mexico and Las Vegas, and a 'bomb cyclone' that hit eastern states and left 550,000 people without power. Finally, meteor fireballs again hit the headlines in February, starting with an exploding meteor over Cuba that shattered building windows.

All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

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SOTT Resumé af Jordomvæltninger for Januar 2019: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteor Ildkugler

polar vortex
Den seismiske aktivitet kræver sine ofre... og det er blot begyndelsen. Iblandt de foruroligende fænomener er rekordlave temperaturer såvel som øget vulkansk og seismisk aktivitet.

After months of copious precipitation and record breaking floods around the world, water is now falling as snow over the Northern Hemisphere.

Winter storm Gaia slammed 30% of the US, forcing road closures, flight delays, suspension of activities, and crop loses.

But that wasn't all. What was once a rarity, the "polar vortex" has split into 3 fronts plunging temperatures in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia well into sub-zero ranges. The northern US reached a record -48°C, disrupting normal life and all-time record snowfall in Chicago and St. Louise wreak havoc, stretching the cities to their limits. A sign of what is to come?

Central Europe and parts of the west were also blanketed by snow as records kept coming. So much so that it's now becoming the new 'normal.'

About 25 km above the Barents Sea in northern Scandinavia, temperatures reached a bone chilling -91°C, while 2 meters of snow buried parts of Italy and Austria. The cold temperatures forced the German government to declare a state of emergency, meanwhile the forests of Romania were also buried under meters of snow.

Asia and the Middle East also received their share of record snow; China reported record crop loses, Jordan, Iran and Lebanon were paralyzed by snow and cold temperatures, and northwestern Tunisia was forced to close 31 roads.

While parts of the Northern Hemisphere were experiencing record cold, Australia went through its hottest month on record - demonstrating the global effects of changes in the jet stream due to the solar minimum.

The accumulation of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere continue to cause 'portents in the sky' and facilitate electrical phenomena...

In addition to the property damage and loss of life, the extreme weather is crippling crop and livestock production. Along with it we will continue to see food prices rise around the world.

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SOTT Resumé af jordomvæltninger for December 2018: Ekstremt Vejr, Uro på Kloden, Meteor Ildkugler

meteor Mexico city December 2018
Det centrale og østlige Kina har indtil nu oplevet en af de mest intense vintre; Beiing kæmpede sig igennem en af de koldeste december måned nogensinde registreret, og kraftige regnskyl og jordskred ramte det sydvestlige Kina, efterladende 4 omkomne.

Kommentar: Denne artikel er delvis oversat til dansk af fra: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - December 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

After the most extensive snow cover on record for the US in November, storm Diego blanketed the Southeast leaving 400,000 without power, while unusually intense snowfalls hit the Southwest, and parts of the Northeast and West.

South Korea had bitterly cold temperatures so early in the season, while heavy snowfalls hit Japan, delivering 80 inches in the district of Yamagata.

Snow also disrupted normal life in Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria, forcing schools to close and causing power outages. Meanwhile, Austria got 55 inches of snow in just 7 days... And winter has just started!

A "swarm" of meteor fireballs streaked across the skies of Spain during the last couple of months, 3 of them made their passage in just 5 hours in December. Mexico, Texas and San Francisco also had their share of spectacular fireballs this month.

Saudi Arabia continues to be battered by hail, heavy rain and floods that have triggered greening of the desert in some parts. While flash floods displaced 45,000 people in Indonesia, and Sri Lanka was inundated by 14 inches of rainfall in one night.

Unseasonable tornadoes wreaked havoc in Florida, Washington and Illinois, while a twister in Java, Indonesia, destroyed 156 houses.

A strong eruption of the Krakatoa volcano caused a tsunami in Indonesia leaving 430 dead and 22,000 displaced, and another volcanic eruption in Vanuatu triggered a series of earthquakes that cracked open parts of the island of Ambrym.

Venezuela was also hit by earthshaking events, a 5.6 magnitude quake hit the region of Carabobo opening fissures in the ground and buildings.

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