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Flere end 12000 mennesker i Istanbul har underskrevet en underskriftsindsamling til at rejse et monument af verdens mest berømte kat, som døde for to uger siden.

Den 1. august døde Internet megastjernen, en kat ved navn Tombili, af sygdom.

"Du vil for altid blive i vores hjerter.."

"Tombili døde. Mine kondolencer til Ziverbey kvarteret."

Kommentar: Denne artikel er blot delvis oversat til dansk af sott.net fra: Istanbul to dedicate monument to famous and beloved cat

Istanbul residents experienced an unimaginable desire to preserve the memory of Tombili. So they launched an Internet campaign to install a monument in honor of the cat.

The authorities of Kadikoy Municipality area accepted this initiative.

They reported through social networks that the monument of Tombili, who became the city's symbol, will be soon installed.

"In Tombili's honor a monument will be installed."

Tombili has become a phenomenon on social media. Many memes using the cat's photos were created by Internet users around the world. The number of subscribers to Tombili's Facebook page has reached 32 million people.