De tider, de ændrer sig
Alt er i stykker
Det er ikke mørkt endnu, men det nærmer sig
~Bob Dylan

burning earth
Det er sådan her:

Forestil dig, at du er til en hjemmefest.

Huset brænder, og alle bliver ved med at danse. Uvidende om stigningen i stuetemperatur, røgen, der kravler op ad væggene og flammerne bag døren, bliver de ved med at danse, synge, drikke og feste.

Forestil dig, at der er nogle få mennesker, der bemærker røgen, tager et kig bag døren, ser flammerne og går rundt i lokalet og prøver at advare folk om faren. Mens et par stykker måske sætter sig op og lægger mærke til det, ignorerer de fleste af festdeltagerne advarslerne og vender tilbage til festen.

Tja, betragte mig som en af ​​disse mennesker, der slår alarm, og dette essay som min advarsel. Hvor meget længere har du råd til at fortsætte med at danse?

Kommentar: Delvist oversat af fra Social Harmony in Times of Global Dischord
Bemærk at nogle af linkene ikke virker længere.

Anyone taking an objective look at our society today would have to wonder if the world has gone stark raving mad. Wars without reason or end. Extreme weather, species death, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. Not to mention being bombarded with meteorites and other cosmic debris on an almost a daily basis.

Random shootings and violence on an unprecedented scale. Mass riots and protests as the world economy flushes down the toilet. Crop failures, toxic spills, food shortages, extreme poverty, unemployment, mass starvation and flu pandemics. A rise in fundamentalism in all religions and fascism in all governments.

Military in the streets, surveillance cameras monitoring our every move, random checkpoints demanding our official papers, and anyone traveling by plane has the choice of a DNA-damaging X-ray or an intimate groping by the TSA. It is shocking how bad things have become so quickly.

We are a global population of people fractured and at odds with each other. Our controllers like it this way. Under the thrall of psychopathic leaders in all areas of influence, we give up our free will in support of their negative agenda.

We poison our minds with ridiculous sit-coms, reality shows and faux news. We poison our bodies with fluoride, vaccines and GMO foods. We poison the earth, consume its products and are ill as a result. Not just physically ill, but mentally ill also.

When a global culture persistently continues to deny reality in the face of overwhelming objective evidence, only tragedy can ensue. There is nothing we can do to change this now; the result is inevitable.

There's no point in beating around the bush or trying to sugar coat it anymore. We have entered a period of global cataclysmic upheaval on every conceivable level. These are times of immense change, so better strap in and hang on, 'cause it's going to get a lot worse!

Of course this proclamation is not for everyone. Either you see it or you don't. And if you think I'm crazy, over-reacting or making this up, this essay is not for you. Please, enjoy the party.

However, for those of us who are aware of what's coming down the pipeline, it's not enough to just to describe the problem. One must offer a solution. Besides, anyone who reads the SOTT page regularly knows the extremely serious predicament we are facing.

The question remains...

Is there anything we can do now during these perilous times to increase the probability of ensuring the safety and survival of our loved ones and ourselves?

I believe the answer is yes.

We have one thing that is far more effective and powerful than all the weapons in the world.

We have each other.

Never underestimate the power of large groups of people acting in unison and committed to helping each other. It is our greatest strength and is needed now more than ever.

My intention in this essay is to outline different ways each of us can act in our own specific environment to recognize others like us; those who see the flames and choose to work together to alert as many other people as possible.

It will also outline specific ways we can act as a group to take care of each other once times get tougher, as they most certainly will. And lastly it hopes to provide basic understandings of the role of the observer in choosing to experience these changes in a positive way.

Perhaps it can be as simple as Do Re Mi.

So let's begin...

Cultivating Connections

For the Powers that Be to maintain control over the population, they must keep us divided. Whether it be divisions over political ideology, religious affiliation, race, gender, economic class, sexual orientation or any number of other "issues", their main goal is to keep us at odds and at war with each other. This creates an "us vs them" mentality. Whoever is not in our "camp' is viewed as evil and the enemy. Holding on to these illusions will only hinder our individual chance of survival, so they must be eliminated.

People who are able to recognize the humanity in others like them, regardless of ideological division, will have a better chance of emerging from the chaos alive on the other side. For it will be from our circle of neighbours, family and friends, those who can SEE what is happening, that our network will be formed. We need to make contact in our immediate environment with others like ourselves.

By building strong interpersonal relationships with those in our community who are empathic and giving by nature, we can forge a template upon which a new world can be built. Everyone has special skills, abilities, talents and resources, that when added together form an interconnected whole whose sum is greater than its parts. By emulating the hunter/gatherer communities of yore, we can work together so that no one must suffer and everyone can benefit.

The first criterion is finding people who care. The ability to experience empathy, to feel for another, is of primary importance in knowing whom we can count on in the perilous times ahead. It is time to actively make efforts to connect with others in our homes, community and work environment.

Below, I will outline the different ways we can accomplish this task in an expedient fashion, for the window in which we can act has grown short. Soon we will all be on the same boat and at critical times like these, it's nice to know who your friends are.

Developing Discernment

It is likely that you already know some people who fit into the above category. It is also likely that you are well aware of people in your life who don't give a rat's ass for anyone but themselves. There are also some, by virtue of family or friendship that are hard to categorize. The ability to discern between these different types of people and act upon what we see is of fundamental importance.

In fact, it's the same dynamic we see repeatedly in disaster/survival films and TV shows, where some people work well within the group and others do not. In examples such as The Walking Dead, The Grey, or Lost, we see that there are always one or two individuals who seemingly go out of their way to make things difficult for everyone else, often engaging in selfish practices that endanger the entire group.

Pathological types can and often do infiltrate any social gathering, club, event or movement. Hidden behind a mask of sanity, they use all kinds of manipulations, tricks and subterfuge to slowly undermine the group and its aims.

Knowing how to spot these people and remove them from your network will be necessary. It takes a great deal of discernment and often a long period of observation to be sure. A good place to start is with the aphorism... "actions speak louder than words".

Outside of the realm of psychopaths, another group of individuals best avoided is the type known as authoritarian followers. These are people who are so barren inside and mechanical in nature that they desperately need to be told what to do by some external authority. They literally can't think for themselves on important matters, and often seek out limited positions of power over others, like in the police, military or TSA.

Not that everyone who wears a uniform is an authoritarian follower, just those who wear a uniform and revel in the 'power' it gives them. You also might find these types involved in one of the fundamentalist monotheistic religions, in a sports stadium or corporate boardroom. Unless there is a possibility that they will follow you, it's probably best to subtract them from the equation entirely.

What we are looking for are those who are generally kind, compassionate and caring towards others. Do you know someone who's always ready to lend a hand, asking little in return? Who amongst your circle can be counted on in case of an emergency? Do you have a friend or family member who listens to you without judgement?

Think of all the people you know, how many of them are willing to help a stranger in need, get involved in community groups and are kind to animals? We all know one or more of this type of person, and it is imperative that we start sharing information with each other. We can't be shy or inhibited about what we see, for to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

But what about those we love who seem incapable of waking up? Unfortunately, we probably all have a close friend or family member who just doesn't get it, and it is painful to watch them go into denial or deteriorate in the face of these global pressures. Try as we might to share what we see, it seems they have no interest in anything that doesn't affect them directly.

They want to continue to enjoy the party and it is their free will do to so. As painful as it may be to stand by and watch our loved ones ignore the signs and wallow in the superficiality of materialistic culture, it is what we must do. Preserving the free will of others, and our own, takes top priority - always.

As we develop our discernment, taking a mental note of the quality of our relationships, and begin to identify others upon which we can rely, then it is time to start making contact, sharing information and devising a strategy through which to successfully weather the coming storm by working together.

Exercising Empathy

The heart, like any other muscle, must be exercised regularly. As we begin the process of creating a network of like-minded peers, it is also important to get our own houses in order. Regrettably we no longer have a lot of time left to sort through our own "stuff" and deal with all the traumas from our past.

Simple, effective writing exercises, combined with a proper diet and breathing techniques, will help fast track the transition towards our inner healing and development and thus help us experience the upcoming changes in a positive way.

Spending years on a therapist's couch, or waiting for the next mind-numbing pharmaceutical breakthrough will no longer cut it. We need to get ourselves mentally fit, physically healthy and emotionally balanced as soon as possible.

An in-depth understanding of how our minds work is only a part of the solution. Having tools at hand that can quickly and efficiently aid us in the process of rewriting our personal narratives have shown to be extremely effective in acknowledging and assimilating deeply held traumas from our childhoods.

All it takes is the ability to write dispassionately about a major emotional experience for 20 minutes a day on four consecutive days. By recreating the event in the mind's eye as it happened, and taking the role of an outside observer, being careful to give each participant their due, one can easily release long held grudges and painful memories in a matter of days.

Care of the physical body as the vehicle which carries the soul is another important consideration. Our body is like a complex machine that needs the proper fuel in order to run at maximum capacity. Recent scientific research indicates that switching to a diet high in saturated fat and low in carbohydrates is essential for good health.

Taking clues from our paleolithic ancestors, whose environmental stressors could be seen as equivalent to what we are experiencing today, our physical bodies can ideally be prepared for the next stage of evolution. Switching to a ketogenic diet, combined with intermittent fasting and regular light resistance exercise are key to optimum health and vitality.

Being witness to the inevitable collapse of civilization will be experienced as extremely unpleasant for most of the population. It is important to learn to keep a level head in times of chaos. Having one's wits about them, when everyone else is acting out of panic, will allow a person to make sound, rational choices that can only increase their probability of survival.

An ancient specialized breathing technique has been rediscovered and designed specifically for this purpose. It is combined with other deep breathing exercises that help release long-held emotional blockages and a guided meditation that has far-reaching psychological benefits and it can be used daily for increasing awareness and protection. Simple, fast and effective, this tool can literally be used anywhere, taking you from a state of stress and agitation, to a state of calm, relaxed awareness.

Using these simple techniques as part of a process of fine-tuning our mental, emotional and physical machines, a miraculous shift in perspective will naturally follow. We begin to see that these monumental global changes are all part of a natural cosmic cleansing cycle.

Exercising empathy gives us the ability to understand that everything has its place in the natural order of things and the universe is perfect as it is. We can act as participatory observers in the process, perceiving both the light and the dark, the suffering and the joy, equally and without judgement, and in so, be co-creators of a new and better world.

Forging Friendships

It is time now to go out into the world and start engaging with others in a co-operative way. There are many different possible avenues to achieve this goal, depending on the limitations of your general environment and specific talents and proclivities of yourself as a person. Not all these options will be available to everyone, but with a little creativity and open-mindedness, the end result will likely be the same.

The kind of groups and situations we are seeking include the greatest probability of meeting others like ourselves; people who care for others and who have at least some minimal comprehension of the difficulties that lie ahead.

One of the best overall places to start is to seek ways to help those who are less fortunate. As mentioned earlier, the ability to feel for another's suffering and possess the innate desire to help those in need are key traits that separate those with a conscience from those without.

Signing up to volunteer for a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen, spending time with people directly affected by the economic downturn, will help bring the immediate peril of our collective situation into sharper focus. There you will likely meet other volunteers who also recognize the need for people to band together to help each other out, and from that connections can be made and dialogue can begin.

Outside of volunteering, joining any type of community group or environmental organization is another way of meeting up with potentially like-minded people. From something as simple as your neighbourhood clean-up committee or friends of local business associations, to your city chapter of the Occupy Movement or Amnesty International.

One will certainly find those with a greater degree of awareness of the global situation in the latter group, but also run a greater risk of encountering the psychopathic or authoritarian follower type also, so a certain amount of discernment will be needed there.

The point is to volunteer your time to a worthy cause, seek out those others who are truly empathic and start sharing information about what you see, and more importantly, what can be done about it.

Another possibility is to form a local book club or study group, where the topics discussed are relevant to the matters at hand. Putting a sign-up sheet on the billboard of your local YMCA, library or community centre will bring in others from your community who may share some similar ideas but have no one with which to discuss them.

In the beginning it will be important to hold meetings in a public place in order to weed out those with a self-serving agenda. But eventually the group will naturally develop into a gathering of caring, self-aware individuals who through the bond of friendship and trust can learn to work together for the benefit of all.

A group consisting of any general interest project of this type can be used; sewing, gardening, scrapbooking, cooking, carpentry, or what have you. The goal is to bring people together, make connections, share ideas, learn who can be counted on in times of crisis and together make plans for the future.

Garnering Gifts

Give a person a fish and you will feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime. We all have specific talents, skills and abilities that will come in handy as times get increasingly tougher. A group of people working together, sharing their knowledge and expertise can be a formidable force, for what one lacks another possesses.

When individuals in a group are committed to the welfare and benefit of the whole, everyone gets taken care of equally because what benefits one benefits all. As the rip in our social fabric becomes wider, we will be increasingly left to our own devices in order to provide for ourselves, friends and loved ones. Being part of a cohesive group of like-minded individuals will prove most useful for there is indeed strength and protection in numbers.

As it stands, your average supermarket has only about 2 weeks worth of food on its shelves. Imagine any kind of substantial societal crisis, real or manufactured, and you will see how quickly seemingly normal individuals can revert to animalistic behaviour when their comfortable existence is threatened.

As we've seen time and time again during major environmental catastrophes, looting, scavenging, rioting and other examples of mob mentality become the norm. This is why it is imperative that cooperative, kind-hearted folks learn to stick together for their own collective protection and survival.

Certain basic skills will be needed, and if you don't know them now, make efforts to learn them in short order. A visit to your local bookstore, community college class or survival camp may well mean the difference between persisting or perishing.

Being able to light a fire with unorthodox tools, being able to read the sky for abrupt changes in weather, and being able to identify edible and medical plants and berries are all valuable pieces of knowledge. What do you know about raising livestock, birthing a cow, shearing a lamb or feeding chickens? Can you plant a garden, dig a well, gut a fish, track a deer, skin a rabbit, break a horse or set a snare?

One would benefit by knowing how to build a shelter, lean-to or even an igloo in the likely event of an abrupt ice-age. To be able to tie a variety of knots, mend clothes, dress a wound, suture a gash, build a splint or administer any kind of first aid will also be helpful. Practical real-world skills will likely have an inestimable value in the coming years.

It would be wise to start preserving densely nutritious foodstuffs like meat and bone broth in jars, or use a dehydrator or smoker to make your own additive-free jerky. Keep plenty of lard and butter on hand, for these may well be the currency of the future. Other highly valued trade items in times of scarcity include; tissue paper, tobacco, soap, kerosene and candles.

One might also consider investing in a water purifier, generator and short wave radio. There are many online sites which give directions on how to prepare an emergency survival kit. And let's not forget to acquire a certain amount of precious metals, like gold and silver if our means allow it. The black market economy will likely flourish and it is advisable to start accumulating certain items for trade.

Setting up a barter system where goods and services can be exchanged does not need to use any form of recognized currency, so it is not dependent on the machinations of the international banking cabal. In response to the debt crisis in Europe, alternate economies have already been set up in Greece and Spain, and one need not look further than Iceland in how to effectively deal with the IMF .

The entire global economic system is predicated on the illusion of paper money as wealth and entirely manipulated by those in positions of power. They can orchestrate a complete financial collapse at any moment and, judging by what is currently happening in supposed powerhouse economies in the US and Europe, time is not on our side.

It would behoove those who can read the signs to begin preparations for this inevitable series of events. And the best thing of all is that being a cooperative part of a larger group means that we all don't have to learn each of these specific skills, for every person will possess their respective strengths and the whole is taken care of by the coordinated efforts of its individual parts.

Acquiring Allies

This is where the rubber hits the road. Once we have begun the process of working on ourselves, learning new skills and branching out into our communities to make connections with others who can see, it is time to start making concrete plans and putting them into action.

By now you will have identified at least a few people who will be part of your inner network. Make note of everybody's strengths and weaknesses. Compile a private phone list in case of emergency. Start an inventory of shared goods and supplies. Maybe have an escape plan if one needs to evacuate a place in a hurry.

Even though your group may be smaller now, it will likely grow a lot larger once these changes start manifesting in a more immediate way. As things continue to break down, it's only a matter of time before everyone becomes directly affected by it. This can be seen as a good thing because those people with conscience who were formerly on the fence might become potential allies once the reality hits home.

As it stands, it seems likely that at some point we will all be faced with threats from desperate people. A man who threatens you for food because his children haven't eaten in days may not be dangerous, but just a soul in struggle. Having the resources to be able to share with those in need may result in unexpected friendships and less chance of violence all around.

We can't know exactly how each of us may be challenged, but the larger your group, the greater chance you will be able to hold your own and stand your ground. Remember there are way more people of conscience than there are psychopaths and authoritarian followers. If enough small groups are able to align with others to become larger groups then they can certainly give the powers that be a run for their money.

That being said, arming ourselves with weapons is not the answer, for that just gives the authorities greater reason to clamp down. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. People who trust and care for each other, and use knowledge-based awareness to navigate, have no need to fear because in their efforts to support the group, their own needs are ultimately met.

This idea of a circular mode of existence where everyone looks after everybody else is reminiscent of hunter/gatherer tribes, whose members existed in social harmony for thousands of years. This model is in direct contradiction to the hierarchical pyramid model favoured by our planetary puppet masters.

Our only hope of survival, not only through these present changes but into whatever world awaits us beyond, is ultimately the choice between serving others and serving ourselves.

It seems like a long shot, but it's all we've got.

Building Bridges

My hope for this essay is not only to help build bridges between people, but also to build bridges into the future. Those who are able to see and act accordingly will form the template for a new world. The partnership model of human relations is the only long term viable option for our survival as a species.

We can begin to lay the groundwork now in our interactions with those around us. Every person we meet every day is another possible connection. Use your discernment, give to each their due. There are still many good, caring people out there; we can at least start by giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

It's probably best to treat everyone with respect in the beginning, giving them a chance to demonstrate their humanity. Time will always tell. Our awareness of the behaviours of the psychopathic types and authoritarian followers gives us some protection from their infiltration and influence. 'By their fruits shall ye know them', means that, sometimes, we will have to burn bridges too.

It is also important to practice what we preach. We can set an example for others in our daily lives with something as simple as eating a healthy diet, breathing properly, getting lots of rest and moderate exercise. Our increased health and vitality can act as a beacon for others who are sick and unwell, giving them the impetus to get involved.

Also, we need not be hesitant to share what we see, even openly and bluntly if necessary. Remember, this is a catastrophic house fire and we are trying to alert as many people as possible. Either people will respond with acknowledgement or they will turn away and go back to the party. Practicing external consideration and keeping free will foremost in mind, we can make connections where appropriate, then move on and try again.

There is no limit to the number of truly disturbing topics to bring up. Speak out against injustice and war, against the sham of democracy. Talk about the reality of psychopaths in positions of power at high levels of all global institutions. Share reports of meteorite sightings, crazy weather, earth changes and any Fortean phenomena.

Everyone's been affected by the failing economy. Bring up unemployment, poverty, mortgage crisis, house foreclosure, job outsourcing and bailouts, all as a result of greedy self-serving bankers. Talk about how the corporate media lies, consistently and without shame, about the poisons purveyed by Big AgriPharm in the form of fluoride, GMO's and vaccines. Monotheistic religion as mass hypnosis is always a good conversation starter.

The point is to get the message out to those with ears to hear.

No matter how you slice it, the immediate future looks rather bleak. It seems likely that a majority of humans on the planet will not survive the changes ahead. This is an assessment based on copious evidence. There are just too many dancers and not enough people sounding the alarm to get everybody out in time. But if each one of us can wake up just a few people and they can wake up a few more, who knows what might transpire?

Like the butterfly effect, sometimes small events can have big consequences.

If history has taught us anything, it's that certain groups of people HAVE survived cataclysmic earth changes because they were armed with knowledge of what was coming and were able to take action to mitigate harm. Applying this knowledge, using their combined resources and relying on each other, they were able to experience the upheaval with awareness and calm and relatively little discomfort.

And it is those people who will shape the reality of the future.

and the octave goes to...

Choosing Creation

Ultimately, everything in the universe can be seen as one singular consciousness. All is energy after all, neither good or bad, nor darkness or light, it just is. From this perspective, it doesn't seem to matter much what happens to all us insignificant humans rambling about on our third rock from the sun.

However, it is at the point when the universe splits into duality, when consciousness becomes aware of itself as an act of creation giving all to what is possible, that a choice can be made. This is what we have come here to do, for life, after all, is a school and these are merely lessons for us to learn.

Think of it as the choice between two opposing spirals, one ascending towards creation, and the other descending towards destruction. At the highest levels of spiritual consciousness, this duality merges into itself, the alpha and omega, blinking on and off, with everything in perfect balance.

Each and every moment of our lives can be seen as a reflection of this choice, either for creation or for destruction. When we consciously choose to serve others, respecting their free will to choose also, we are honouring the spirit of creation and the universe will respond in kind.

When we think only of ourselves, our narcissistic needs, our likes and dislikes, using pity, coercion or other manipulative tactics to get what we want, we are choosing the path of destruction. Sometimes, sitting on the fence and not making a choice is also a reflection of the service-to-self pathway, for to sit quietly in the face of injustice and suffering gives power to those responsible.

Think of it as a battle, not only out there with the control system, but also within ourselves. The battle for truth is through us, in how we act in the world and with each other. We can choose to live as warriors of the spirit and do what is right in the face of impossible odds. And if the world succumbs to darkness and death, at least we'll know that we tried, up until the end, to speak the truth and do what's right.

The reality of the situation is that normal humans have become victim to a remorseless, soulless, conscienceless intra-species predator. This is not a judgement; they are what they are and do not require fixing and cannot be cured. In the grand scheme of things, it is enough to know of their existence and general modus operandi, in order to identify such types and remove yourself from their influence.

Concentrate instead on preparing for what changes may come using whatever tools and talents are at hand. Grow your network, heal your body, heart and mind, reach out to those in need and keep your eyes on the skies. For those who are most aware of what will transpire will be best able to deal with the aftermath.

Like the process of giving birth, the transition from one phase into another is often messy, bloody and painful. One need not fear because this is the way of nature and it is always darkest before dawn.

And remember when things seem most grim, when all hope seems to have been lost, again we are faced with a choice. We have the power to choose how we will perceive these 'end times'. To see all these events, no matter how staggeringly awful, as a natural process, a cyclic cleansing phenomena, an ongoing transition between life, death and rebirth, is to free ourselves from fear.

This is a simple karmic understanding.

And maybe it is this choice that will make all the difference.

A choice for creation and whatever future awaits us all.

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
~Robert Frost