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I en tidligere artikel skrev jeg om nogle alarmerende statistikker, der viser stigninger i kardiovaskulære hændelser blandt atleter, herunder hjerteanfald, slagtilfælde og pludselige dødsfald i 2021. De sandsynlige konklusioner afledt af disse data peger på vaccine-induceret skade som den primære årsag, hvilket i sidste ende har været en konsekvens af de massevaccinationskampagner, der blev gennemført på globalt plan sidste år.

I et gennemsigtigt trick for at manipulere offentlighedens opmærksomhed væk fra den åbenlyse 'elefant i rummet', har mainstream-journalister for nylig haft travlt med at vælte overskrifter og en række artikler for at bortforklare disse foruroligende tendenser.

Mail online footballer heart attack
In a piece by The Mail Online, "leading sports cardiologist" Professor Sanjay Sharma affirms that the sudden onset of cardiovascular injury in two high-profile footballers last year "had nothing to do with Covid or the vaccine." How Sharma can be sure of this conclusion escapes me, because he wasn't pressed to justify it with any evidence whatsoever. In fact, it is purely unfounded speculation on his part.

In a different recent article, "congested schedules" were blamed by another specialist, who apparently wants us to believe that the physical demands of elite athletes in 2021 were somehow different from every other year prior, which is highly unlikely. Cardiovascular specialist Dr Christian Schmied went further to claim the events only appear to be increasing because of "greater public awareness" and improved screening methods. According to this doctor, the only players collapsing on the field are those with underlying heart conditions, which had previously gone unidentified but somehow miraculously appeared in 2021. This shabby explanation is especially unbelievable, considering the stringent health-checks required of all professional athletes on an annual basis, specifically designed to pinpoint these kinds of problems before they materialize.

In a similar vein, another cardiologist didn't even bother giving a reason and merely proclaimed that this was all just a big "coincidence". In other words, this whole debacle has been a figment of our imagination.

Footballer heart attack coincidence
And just in case you weren't convinced, the thought-police "fact-checkers" over at Politifact attempted to debunk the claims, albeit unsuccessfully, conceding that many of the athletes who didn't die did, in fact, still suffer serious cardiovascular disability.

It's not only athletes who have been dropping like flies. Sudden cardiac deaths, rare heart conditions, and a variety of other diseases have also increased among the general population since the COVID shots were rolled out. In a stunning display of collective gaslighting, mainstream media outlets have been doing their level best to divert people away from coming to the blatantly obvious conclusion that vaccines are responsible for this recent spike in health problems.

Back in September, an article appeared in The Times which reported on a 25% increase in heart attacks in western Scotland, disingenuously labeling this to be a "mystery". More recently, we also saw an "urgent warning" posted in The Sun alerting Brits of a "stealth heart condition" potentially affecting hundreds of thousands, and which could "cause fatality within 5 years."

Hidden heart condition britain
Despite the fact that heart attacks in females was once considered statistically quite rare, especially in young adults, fit and healthy women as young as 22 should now be cautious since "experts have warned" that they are also at risk of a strange, 'previously underdiagnosed' heart condition.
Women heart attacks
But rest assured, and trust the experts, this has nothing to do with the vaccine. Rather, journalists are urging women to focus on reducing their stress levels instead because high stress might be causing "broken heart syndrome" (takotsubo cardiomyopathy). In fact, even mild stress from common sources like work and relationships should give women cause for concern, since this apparently DOUBLES their risk of heart disease!

And hey, who doesn't experience stress? I wonder if workplace stress can account for the dramatic rise in stillbirths, birth defects, menstrual disturbances, and ovarian cancer this past year as well?

Women heart disease
Similarly, another demographic in whom heart attacks were previously considered to be rare is in children and adolescents. Although nowadays, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend screening all adolescents on the basis that "any teenager can have a heart attack."

Teenager heart attack
Anyone with two firing neurons should really be sitting up and paying attention at this point, because it would seem that diseases once known to be statistically rare are now being 'normalized'.

All of a sudden more "urgent warnings" have gone out for two common over-the-counter drugs (paracetamol and aspirin) over concerns regarding increased cardiovascular mortality risk. Granted, these are likely valid concerns, and long-term use has indeed been implicated in the pathogenesis of numerous diseases (just like a long list of other common drugs). But these relationships have been known for decades, so why the "urgent warning"?

Another handy scapegoat, often relied on as the sole cause for any health problem, is smoking. A recent article paints heart attack and stroke as potentially one of the first signs of an underlying cardiovascular problem in smokers. On the flip-side, even supposedly healthy activities are now responsible for causing heart attacks and sudden death. According to USA Today, heavy workouts might be to blame for the recent spike. Or is it cycling that is actually killing people?

Perhaps skipping breakfast or staying up a little too late are the real reason for that almost-fatal bout of myocarditis you coincidentally developed a couple of days after getting stuck with the COVID shot.

One journalist at The Conversation even had the audacity to encroach on couples' intimate relations, warning of sudden cardiac death in young men engaging in sexual activity. Perhaps this development is unsurprising, given the government campaigns last year urging people to wear masks and take other bizarre precautions whilst having sex. Heck, several doctors were calling for people to refrain altogether, in some cases indefinitely! Have they no shame?

Blood clots cold weather
But just when you thought things couldn't get any more stupid, cold weather apparently causes blood clots, heart conditions, and numerous other afflictions. With that, it goes without saying that if you are over 45 years old you should definitely avoid shovelling snow due to the obvious danger of having a heart attack.

Specialists in the medical field have become more creative, coining an as yet recognized condition they term "Post Pandemic Stress Disorder", forecasting once again that hundreds of thousands more Brits could be at increased risk of heart disease and other cardiac events in the coming years.

And in perhaps the biggest cop-out of all, some doctors are now condemning climate change for the recent spike in health problems. That's right, "climate change disorder" is a label now being used by medical professionals who would prefer to create sham-diagnoses out of thin air, instead of actually doing their job to investigate the real cause of patients' problems.

Climate change heart attack
When all else fails, blame COVID!

Here's yet another recent warning regarding cardiovascular disease - and this time Covid is responsible. New research showed that people who recovered from the infection had a 63% greater chance of suffering a heart attack and 52% increased risk of stroke within a few months. However, considering that the majority of people in the Western world have already received at least two Covid shots and many have also had boosters, one wonders how many of these "fatal complications" are really just vaccine injuries.
Fatal complications covid
And in a pathetic attempt to explain the steep rise in heart conditions in children, the National Geographic did its best to convince that the real risk of myocarditis is from COVID-19 and not the vaccine.

Kids covid heart inflammation
The authors of this article failed to mention the fact that children have robust protection against the infection and their risk of dying is practically non-existent. They also conveniently ignored the data which completely disproves their claim, showing that the small percentage of adolescents (above 16 y/o) who do become symptomatic with Covid are FOURTEEN TIMES more likely to develop myocarditis from the vaccine compared with the infection itself.

To make matters worse, a more recent study showed that males aged 12-15 have a 133-fold increased risk of myocarditis after vaccination compared with background levels. This means that COVID vaccination poses perhaps the greatest known risk for myocarditis in children of that age.


This past year has featured a staggering display of mass manipulation and impression management on the topic of COVID vaccine injury, in what has ultimately amounted to damage-control-on-steroids. Witnessing the great lengths that conventional media organizations will go to in suppressing dissenting voices and diverting public attention away from the glaringly obvious 'elephant in the room' has only served to further expose them as spineless sock-puppet mouthpieces for government and, by extension, Big Pharma.

If there was any justice, these crooks and their corporate masters would be held responsible for the sheer number of needless deaths by vaccine they have at least partially contributed to through spreading a web of lies and deceit. How anyone with a brain can still have any faith in mainstream journalism is completely beyond me at this point, since the only thing they do well is to consistently peddle fake news and muddy the waters for anyone who is actually seeking the truth.