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Eng: SOTT Links study is a collection of search results from the English version of SOTT. There are three parts: SOTT links study part 1: A-G, SOTT links study part 2: H-Pro, and SOTT link study part 3: Pro-Z

Honest, honesty, honestly
Search: Honest*
Title: 101 articles
Summary: 1374 articles
Text: 6588 articles
Comment: 334 articles
Title and summary: 46 articles
Title, summary and text: 19 articles
Psychologist Dan Ariely retracts honesty study based on fake data
Leak of UK ambassador's views on Trump shows why honesty has no place in international relations
Research suggests people are more honest than economic theory would have us believe
'Utter honesty' needed from climate scientists
5 brutally honest truths to help overcome anxiety
An honest conversation about genetic engineering? Bill Gates' GMO propaganda
Truthfulness Requires No Act Of Will For Honest People, Neuroimaging Suggests

Search; Hubris
Title: 41 articles
Summary: 174 articles
Text: 728 articles
Comment: 162 articles
Title and summary: 11 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Adrastia: The Goddess and cosmic law that punishes arrogance and hubris
The idea of Fortune or Fate as the arbiter of human destiny persisted for many centuries; we could even argue that the Catholic Church, through the writings of early Church fathers like Augustine, Jerome, Tertullian, simply substituted or imposed a new model on what had already existed before. In the Renaissance, the humanists (especially Petrarch, Machiavelli, and Guicciardini) enthusiastically endorsed the idea of Fortune.

Yet for some reason modern man is uncomfortable with this idea. He likes to believe that he is in total control of his fate. He wants to believe his destiny is in his hands. More importantly, he recoils from any attempt to impose limits on his arrogance, greed, and desires. Anyone writing about the dangers of hubris today is not likely to find himself wildly popular. We live in an age of braggarts, big mouths, preening fools, and arrogant idiots; it is an age where ignorance is lauded and celebrated as wisdom, and the gutter is displayed to the public as something to be emulated. The price for all of this will inevitably be paid.

And this will be the cause of our undoing, if it has not already happened. One cannot just do whatever one wants in life. You do not make your own rules. You are not an emperor unto yourself; you are not an island of your own, isolated from the mainland of humanity. The Greeks of late antiquity had a goddess they called Nemesis, and her function was to deliver punishment to those who were guilty of hubris. She was the punisher of undeserved good fortune, and the chastiser of those who overreached themselves. Her name in Latin was Adrastia. You have probably never heard of her, and this very fact goes a long way to proving my point about the narcissistic streak of our modern culture.
The astonishing hubris of a global experimental vaccine
Peak Hubris
German reporter: 'Old habit of imagining Russia as morally inferior is hubris'
Hubris in climate change
Hopeless blend of hot air and hubris

Humanitarian intervention
Search: "Humanitarian intervention"
Title: 15 articles
Summary: 69 articles
Text: 310 articles
Comment: 41 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
A humanitarian intervention? Situation in Libya created by Western regime change is 'catastrophic', says ex-foreign minister
Washington's 'humanitarian intervention' ploy is transparent - and is now playing a very weak hand in Syria
Money, power and oil: A closer look at Hillary's emails and the 'humanitarian intervention' in Libya
NATO's "humanitarian intervention" in Libya has unleashed unprecedented suffering
After bombing Libya to ruins, who will be the next victim of US 'humanitarian' intervention?
'Humanitarian Intervention' by the US, EU and Israel in Syria: Towards a Regional War?
Syria: Who is Behind The Protest Movement? Fabricating the Pretext for a US-NATO 'Humanitarian Intervention'

Search: Hyperdimensional
Title: 4 articles
Summary: 7 articles
Text: 45 articles
Comment: 42 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
MindMatters: Exploring Flatland: A Romance of Hyperdimensional Space
The Truth Perspective: Unlocking the Secrets of Consciousness, Hyperdimensional Attractors and Frog Brains
Behind the Headlines: Hyperdimensional Planet Earth - Are human beings really at the top of the food chain?
US govt receives more than 350 new UFO reports, mostly from US military personnel
Bizarro World
UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact
Famed UFO historian: humanity may be targeted by predatory Reptilian extraterrestrial species
SOTT Podcast: Interview with author Laura Knight-Jadczyk (Part 2 of 3)

Hypnosis, hypnotize
Search: Hypno*
Title: 55 articles
Summary: 174 articles
Text: 725 articles
Comment: 42 articles
Title and summary: 48 articles
Title, summary and text: 41 articles
Danish newspaper apologizes for "hypnotically" following government narrative on COVID
How the masses were hypnotized into the Covid cult
The Idiot Box: How TV Hypnotizes You
The Politically Driven Cult of Mass Hypnosis Has Just Accelerated
The scientific basis for hypnosis is starting to be uncovered
Scientists identify brain regions affected by hypnosis
Hypnosis May Be Altered State Of Consciousness
Hypnosis has "Real" Brain Effect
Replacing pain killers with hypnosis
Hypnosis used to induce 'synaesthesia'
Hypnosis and Dissociative Disorders of the Self

Hypocrisy, hypocritical
Searrch: Hypocri*
Title: 562 articles
Summary: 886 articles
Text: 3452 articles
Comment: 1008 articles
Title and summary: 140 articles
Title, summary and text: 61 articles
Russia calls out 'nuclear weapons hypocrisy': US has tactical nukes in 5 non-nuclear weapon states
Operation Babylift and the hypocrisy of the International Criminal Court
'Hypocrites': Sky News broadcasters caught flouting lockdown restrictions at party, after spending months scolding others
These hypocritical government officials want YOU to stay home while THEY go out and party
Hypocrisy on display: Demonizing Freedom Convoy and praising BLM protests
Coordinated NATO Propaganda Blitz Against Russia & China Takes Hypocrisy Into Twilight Zone
'Double standard & hypocrisy': Serbian president slams EU denouncement of Catalan referendum
Russian and Syrian UN ambassadors dispense with pleasantries, blast hypocrisy and dishonesty of US/UK/France resolution against Syria
Damascus slams West's hypocrisy amid massive bombings of Aleppo
Lavrov calls out US 'hypocrisy and duplicity' amid Kiev embassy attacks
Lavrov: Lack of response by West to attacks on Russian embassy in Kiev shows their duplicity and hypocrisy
WikiLeaks documents expose Israeli racism, hypocrisy and double standards
SOTT Exclusive: The Stench of American Hypocrisy, Part 2
Hypocrisy of the Authoritarians

Hysteria, hysterical, hysterically
Search: Hysteri*
Title: 601 articles
Summary: 1249 articles
Text: 3748 articles
Comment: 1377 articles
Title and summary: 126 articles
Title, summary and text: 50 articles
Cool observation of mass hysteria
Weimar America, here we come! Virus hysteria adds $10 Trillion to the national debt
Hysteria over Sinn Féin entering Irish government is about power, not the past
Japan and Germany Hysterically Race to Shut Down Nuclear Power (and Their Sovereignty)
Germany's literati try to abolish term 'climate hysteria' - which will only create more climate change skeptics
Manufacturing Mass Fascism Hysteria
Most of us are not participating in the hysterical rage shown on the news
Antifa And The United States of Fascism Hysteria
Russia 'novichok' hysteria shows politicians and media haven't learned the lessons of Iraq
How to know you're in a mass hysteria bubble

Hystericized, hysterization
Search: Hystericize, hystericized hystericizing, hysterization
Title: 13 articles
Summary: 15 articles
Text: 72 articles
Comment: 79 articles
Public education and hystericized society: For children in the U.S., school is the first indoctrination into the American police state
Hysterization anyone? Guns and grade-school panic
Hysterization continues: 9-year-old gets in trouble for bringing cupcakes with Army figures on them to school
Hystericized society: Miami airport shuts down due to lighter mistaken for grenade


Search: Ideology
Title: 128 articles
Summary: 1167 articles
Text: 5042 articles
Comment: 781 articles
Title and summary: 54 articles
Title, summary and text: 34 articles
Based Pope Francis: 'Gender ideology' is one of 'most dangerous ideological colonizations'
Myth versus ideology: Why free market thinking is nonideological
J.K. Rowling: Scotland's 'feminist' first minister putting women at risk with trans ideology
New research demonstrates that political ideology can taint logical reasoning
Is wokeness crisis proof? Can woke ideology survive a true crisis?
Distraught parents in Victoria, Australia now face prosecution if they don't accept gender transition of their vulnerable kids - as experts slam radical new law based on 'ideology and falsehood'
Russia's new 'conservative' ideology to counter liberalism
Ottawa to "permanently embed" woke ideology into department
Colorado teacher forced to undergo gender ideology re-education training for giving a student detransition information
Transgender ideology's profound incoherence and the end of law
I'm a pediatrician. How transgender ideology has infiltrated my field and produced large-scale child abuse

Ignore, ignored, ignoring, ignorant, ignorance

Search: Ignor*
Title: 745 articles
Summary: 4378 articles
Text: 17079 articles
Comment: 1862 articles
Title and summary: 205 articles
Title, summary and text: 87 articles
Manufacturing Ignorance: Keeping the public away from power
Real election meddling: Israel's UN ambassador calls Bernie Sanders an 'ignorant fool': 'We don't want him in Israel'
Here are all the riots that Democrats and the media are choosing to ignore
Ignoring the Elephant at Gitmo: Yet Another 9/11 Crime
Atrocities by terrorists against Syrian children ignored by Western media covering conflict from comfort of offices elsewhere
Tyranny of the minority: Сatalonia litmus test proves European elites ignore referendums
ICE releases report of illegal immigrants who allegedly committed crimes after local cops ignored detention requests
Amnesty International ignores Al-Qaeda war crimes to criminalize Syrian government
Closed-door Congressional testimonies hint that FBI ignored major lead on Clinton email case
UK Study Misleads Public by Ignoring Documented Health and Environmental Benefits of Organic Food
"UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"

Illusion, illusions
Search: Illusion*
Title: 134 articles
Summary: 601 articles
Text: 2878 articles
Comment: 298 articles
Title and summary: 61 articles
Title, summary and text: 37 articles
Sergey Poletaev: Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the US have something in common - their illusions were shattered in 2022
Vladimir Kornilov: Time to drop our illusions, the West is waging a war to destroy Russia
Power is an illusion, control is a facade
The illusion of truth: Believing something is true when it's not
The Truth Perspective: Free Will Is Not An Illusion: Why Materialists Are Wrong To Deny Their Own Freedom
The American dream is an illusion with rates of social mobility that are no better than medieval England
The illusion of time: Carlo Rovelli's book 'The Order of Time' posits that reality is simply a complex network of events

Incompetence, incompetent
Search: incompeten*
Title: 82 articles
Summary: 515 articles
Text: 2120 articles
Comment: 319 articles
Title and summary: 24 articles
Tittle, summary and text: 12 articles
CIA man's 'tell-all' book reveals more about internal agency incompetence than Russian malfeasance
Medical journal slams Facebook's 'inaccurate & incompetent' fact check
We are witnessing incompetence on a colossal scale
Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke
Incompetent Sociopaths? We get the leaders we deserve
Incompetent Research or Corrupt Science?
Why The Incompetent Don't Know They're Incompetent
Incompetent People Really Have No Clue, Studies Find

Search: Inconsisten*
Title: 20 articles
Summary: 395 articles
Text: 1978 articles
Comment: 94 articles
Title and summary: 7 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Putin assures Israel's Bennett Russia ready to talk to Ukraine, says Kiev showing 'inconsistency'
'Inconsistent with expert data': Russia's tax service challenges 'secretive' World Bank Doing Business rating
Clapper provided 'inconsistent testimony' about media contacts
Inconsistent US Response to Turkey's Attack on Kurdish Militias Confirms Failure of American Strategy in Syria
Scientists observe new characteristic of light, proving Planck's constant can be inconsistent
Russia's OPCW envoy: It's 'naive' to think West will change stance on Navalny's 'poisoning' after report reveals inconsistencies
China criticizes US' inconsistency on Taiwan at high profile meeting, US fails to impose its stance on Ukraine

Incriminate, incriminating
Search: Incriminat*
The verb, incriminate, means according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, "to charge with or show evidence or proof of involvement in a crime or fault". Some words are not common, but if one is interested in a topic, using the synonyms and words that express nuances of more common words can enrich the understanding of an issue.
Title: 18 articles
Summary: 194 articles
Text: 936 articles
Comment: 75 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
US satellite photos finally revealed: They incriminate the Dutch police, prosecutors and judges in the MH17 show trial
Did Anthony Weiner's emails reveal a trove of incriminating information about political elites?
Refugees or ISIS fighters? Cyprus authorities fear the worst after finding incriminating photos

Search: Indoctrinat*
Title: 79 articles
Summary: 279 articles
Text: 1323 articles
Comment: 261 articles
Title and summary: 24 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
Florida's Education Department rejects dozens of math textbooks containing CRT, other 'indoctrinating concepts'
The mission to erase British cultural values intensifies: Indoctrination is replacing education in UK schools
Trans footballer's 'CIS folks challenge' is a hackneyed step-by-step guide to woke indoctrination, policing pronouns & SJW propaganda
School's purpose is indoctrination
Buy your indoctrination for the low, low price of $10k! Harvard now offering 'social justice' certificates, with no requirements
Leftist indoctrination: High school history book suggests Trump is mentally ill and his supporters are racists
Oh, the irony! Thousands of UK children at risk of 'indoctrination' in illegal schools:

Infiltrate, infiltrated, infiltrating, infiltration
Search: infiltrat*
Title: 144 articles
Summary: 807 articles
Text: 2821 articles
Comment: 465 articles
Title and summary: 84 articles,
Title, summary and text: 39 articles
Google whistleblower claims tech giant's Developer Studio division has been infiltrated by 'pedophilic religious doomsday cult' Fellowship of Friends
Cognitive infiltration of the 'alternative' media
Confirmed: Elite anti-mafia unit shut down in Mexico after being infiltrated by mafia
German intel chief states the obvious: Daesh recruiting refugees, infiltrating mosques
Federal agents and police are infiltrating anti-fracking protest movements
Report reveals FBI infiltrated Portland protests and recorded attendees
The CIA Used to Infiltrate the Media. Now the CIA *is* the Media
Al-Qaeda theorist calls for infiltrating political systems, some believe the strategy is already being used in Syria

Information manipulation
Search: "Information manipulation"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 6 articles
Text: articles 11 articles
China tells G7 to mind its own business
The lengthy statement went on to warn Beijing:
"Not to assist Russia in its war of aggression against Ukraine," "Not to undermine sanctions imposed on Russia" and Not to justify Russia's actions in Ukraine through the use of "information manipulation, disinformation and other means.
"During a press conference on Monday, Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian slammed the demands and urged the G7 countries to stop imposing illegal sanctions and provoking other countries and instead focus on other important global and internal issues. Zhao told reporters during a press conference on Monday:
"We call on the G7 countries to truly focus on peace and development throughout the world, to stop applying double or even multiple standards, to stop sending military aircraft and ships to the borders of other countries with or without reason to demonstrate their strength."
Zhao also insisted that the seven nations
"Stop going to other countries to organize 'color revolutions' at every opportunity" and stop imposing sanctions on sovereign countries using "extraterritorial jurisdiction."
In this age of information manipulation in overdrive, not even the quick brown fox and lazy dog are safe
Facebook, Twitter ban Iran-linked 'disinfo' accounts, MSM blames Russia
Peer reviewed paper says it's OK to manipulate data, exaggerate climate claims!
Too much information? Study shows how ignorance can be influential

Influence operation
Search: "Influence operation"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 11 articles
Text: 75 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Busted: Disinformation operative who attacked Elon Musk's push for "free speech" caught red-handed in secret influence operation
Leaked emails expose UK Home Secretary Priti Patel's connection to MI6-style 'research and influence operation'
Russian aid to Italy, dubbed an 'influence operation' by EU-partnered media outfit, is indeed shameful — for Europe
Austria crisis: Will Sebastian Kurz survive foreign influence operation against his government?
Anonymous exposes NATO influence operation targeting Russia-friendly candidates for leadership positions across EU

Information operation
Search: "Information operation"; and search: "Information ops"
Title: 1 article; 2 articles
Summary: 17 articles
Text: 58 articles; 3 articles
Comment: 2 articles
South Front: NATO's information ops, Russia bombs U.S. base in Syria, wave of terror shapes EU political landscape (VIDEOS)Information
The beginning of interest in post-Cold War information operations can be traced to the UN intervention in Somalia and the Rwanda Genocide. Relatively honest and direct reporting from these war zones meant that the public opinion of Western countries was a factor that had to be considered by the political classes. Hence the complaining at the time about the so-called "CNN Effect" which forced the politicians to send and/or withdraw troops irrespective of what the elites actually wanted to happen at the time. The early methods of influencing the public opinion by manipulating the media, though reasonably effective, were not enough. We have seen their strengths and limitations during both wars against Iraq, in which the bulk of the media was effectively co-opted through the process of frequent press briefings (featuring no shortage of videos showing NATO bombs unerringly falling toward their obviously evil targets) and later by "embedding" the mostly male reporters in military units, which naturally had the dual effect of stroking their egos and adopting the military's point of view.

Still, in spite of all that, it proved impossible to control the narrative, and the public support for the various US and NATO wars collapsed under the pressure of inconvenient news coming even from mainstream media which clearly maintained a degree of independence. But if you fast-forward a decade, to the current wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, and others, it is clear that something has changed. There is one dominant narrative that is being pushed by literally every mainstream media source, irrespective of their ostensible ideological bent. No matter where you turn, you read or hear about Assad's "barrel bombs", Gaddafi's "massacres", or "Russian aggression." These reports invariably represent a point of view that is not only completely one-sided, but also factually wrong, even on the most basic of issues. How did US and NATO manage to achieve such an amazing discipline within the supposedly free and independent Western media?
Operation Roadmap Part 3: "We must fight the Net"
Twitter removes thousands of accounts claiming 'state-linked information ops'... gets help from proven US disinfo firm

Information overload
Search: "Information overload"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 9 articles
Text: articles 42 articles
Information overload: Attention is not a resource but a way of being alive to the world
Information overload: Bombardment of electronic alerts could be contributing to deaths by medical error
UCLA researcher invents new tools to manage 'information overload' threatening neuroscience

Information war
Search: "Information war"
Title: 56 articles
Summary: 155 articles
Text: 473 articles
Comment: 131 articles
Title and summary: 15 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
The majority of Western 'journalists' have prioritised winning the 'information war' over covering Russia objectively & it's destroying the media
Information war between Russia and the West intensifies
Insult to our intelligence: New information war against Russia

Information warfare
Search: "Information warfare"
Title: 20 articles
Summary: 96 articles
Text: 381 articles
Comment: 50 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Disinformation, censorship, and information warfare in the 21st Century
"We begin with the definitions and history of a few key terms: Censorship, free speech, misinformation, disinformation, and bots."
RFK Jr. interviews Dr Robert Malone: Americans are subjected to 'military-grade information warfare':
Meet the Biden-supporting general deploying military grade information warfare tools against Trump supporters
The MH17 show trial isn't about justice or closure, but information warfare
US National Security Strategy spells out information warfare
Investing in information warfare to counter Western influence is no longer "optional"

Intelligence agency
Search: Intelligence agenc* [Match all words]
Title: 87 articles
Summary: 3153 articles
Text: 9510 articles
Comment: 474 articles
Title and summary: 60 articles
Title, summary and text: 52 articles
US intelligence agencies pushed Twitter to censor 'anti-Ukraine narratives'
Don't, won't or can't? US intelligence agencies 'do not expect to determine the origins of Covid-19'
Leading intelligence agencies produced detailed reports on Afghanistan, none predicted Kabul's brisk collapse
Meet Jigsaw: Google's intelligence agency
Whitewashing Britain's largest intelligence agency: GCHQ
US - UK Intelligence agencies declare cyber war on independent media that presents a challenge to the vaccination agenda
The UK's largest intelligence agency is infiltrating British schools, propagandizing and spying on children
Top German court rules intelligence agency's monitoring of foreigners abroad is unconstitutional
Trumpists who attacked the 'Deep State' now instinctively trust US intelligence agencies about Soleimani strike
Defense Intelligence Agency analyst indicted on charges of leaking top secret classified information to journalists
Long Before Epstein: The Unsavory History of Intelligence Agencies Providing Protection to Child Sex-Trafficking Rings
The Deep State vs Public Govt: The battle between Austria's intelligence agencies and the Freedom Party
Assassinations, False-flags, And a Cuppa Tea: British Intelligence Agencies And 'The Third Direction'
WaPo pitches the propaganda: "God bless the deep state" and US intelligence agencies
Intelligence agencies: The land where no one is ever held accountable
Western intelligence agencies exploiting progressive social causes to further imperial agenda
41 U.S. counter-terrorism and intelligence agency veterans challenge the official account of 9/11
Note: One can also make dedicated searches, for alphabet groups like CIA, NSA, DHS, KGB, FSB, SBU, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD, GCHQ

Lies, lying

Search: Lie*, lying [Match any words]
Title: 1741 articles
Summary: 8775 articles
Text: 25768 articles
Comment: 4072 articles
Title and summary: 865 articles
Title, summary and text: 581 articles
The empire of lies strikes back... Extraordinary cover-up of Nord stream terrorism
What can we learn from the biggest lies people believed about Covid?
The lies spread by all pro-US government media
Most ludicrous US Department of Justice lies - Cui Bono?
Lies exposed: Center for Science in the Public Interest's (CSPI) organized attack against Mercola
Rand Paul says Fauci is lying about being retired, is secretly working for Biden admin
If we're punishing politicians for lying about their past, start with Joe Biden

Limited hangout
Search: "Limited hangout"
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 18 articles
Text: 64 articles
Comment: 26 articles
The most devious form of mainstream fake news: the limited hangout
When necessary, news outlets will do a PARTIAL EXPOSURE of a hidden crime. The assumption is, once the story is published and broadcast, everyone will shake their heads and say, "That's terrible," and move on. The whole thing will be forgotten in a matter of days, as if the whole truth has been revealed. Limited hangout.

From media's point of view, a limited hangout means: "We won't do any further digging. We'll shut down further investigation." Vital questions won't be asked:
60 Minutes, 28 pages and the limited hangout: The truth about the Saudi connection to 9/11
Limited hangout operation: Panama leaks part of West's hybrid war against Russia
Pepe Escobar: Panama leaks a 'limited hangout' psy-op set up by US intelligence

Logical fallacies
Search: "Logical fallacies"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 43 articles
Comment: 2 articles
The death of critical thought by 1,000 cuts
Comment: While the above provides some needed common sense and good reasoning to current issues, it also points to the plethora of rhetorical fallacies that individuals - in every sphere of life - often resort to in order to convince others of their position or "truth".

As the article suggests, seeing how such fallacies are employed (especially towards social and political ends) can help empower us to see through the lies and, hopefully, make better decisions for ourselves and those in our care and sphere of influence.

If knowledge is truly power, and if the strength of our being and of our very souls is dependent upon our alignment with Truth and Objective Reality, then we'd do well to re-familiarize ourselves with the ways in which we are lied to on a more or less daily basis.

The list of known rhetorical fallacies below may be used as just such a tool in the effort to think more critically and strengthen ourselves for the Big Lies coming down the road. And by all means do think critically on the examples given to demonstrate each fallacy. They may not all be correct!
Book review: Exposing the logical fallacies of Critical Race Theory
The law of unintended consequences: Logical fallacies and mental models
Common thinking errors: How to recognize logical fallacies so that they can be prevented

Made up
Search: "Made up"
Title: 41 articles
Summary: 1036 articles
Text: 3426 articles
Comment: 180 articles
Title and summary: 17 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
New FBI report definitively proves 'Russiagate,' which dogged Trump's US presidency, was made up from the start
Stone Age myths we've made up
Self-perceived experts are more likely to believe made-up information and false facts

Search: Mainstream
Title: 466 articles
Summary: 4448 articles
Text: 11049 articles
Comment: 1628 articles
Title and summary: 217 articles
Title, summary and text: 137 articles
Pfizer vaccine trial fraud charges set out in mainstream press for first time
At last, mainstream journalists are starting to report the truth about youth gender clinics
Mainstream media praises Ukraine's Azov Battalion for dropping Nazi patches from uniform
Tulsi Gabbard: Democracy threatened by 'power elite,' mainstream media
The fall of the mainstream media and some of the biggest lies they told In 2021
Mainstream economists are struggling to hide the incoming economic collapse
Mainstream media cares more about you taking ivermectin than Biden eviscerating medical freedom
Mainstream media, big tech coverup collapses with Hunter Biden investigation

Search: "make believe", [Match exact phrase] covers both "make-believe" and "make believe"
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 41 articles
Text: 166 articles
Comment: 17 articles
Can we stop playing make believe? Where are the adults when it comes to Ukraine?
Biden & AOC are leading Democrats to the magical land where facts don't matter and truth is make-believe
Employment and financial make-believe in America
Hysteria! Make-believe gets 5-year old boy suspended from school for 'terrorist threats'
Parasocial relationships: The make-believe bonds with celebrities

Manipulate, manipulates, manipulated, manipulating, manipulation
Search: Manipulat*
Title: 353 articles
Summary: 2425 articles
Text: 9001 articles
Comment: 1266 articles
Title and summary: 172 articles
Title, summary and text: 109 articles
Google caught manipulating search, buries GOP campaign sites in 83% of top Senate races
The psychology of manipulation: 6 lessons from the master of propaganda
6 years of being manipulated by manufactured waves of outrage with no end in sight
Wolf Scare Story: Canada's military ran a secret psyops campaign to manipulate public's views on Covid
Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger: Website has morphed into playground for rich and powerful manipulators, and that's called 'propaganda

Mask of sanity
Search: "Mask of sanity"
Title: 12 articles
Summary: 16 articles
Text: 143 articles
Comment: 82 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
MindMatters: Wokeism: From Ideology to Mask of Sanity
MindMatters: The Emperor Has New Clothes: Wokism Is a Mask of Sanity
Ponerology 101: The Psychopath's Mask of Sanity
Media and their "mask of sanity": Mainstream media propaganda fuels and fans the flames of war

Mass formation
Search: "Mass formation"
Mass formation became a much discussed subject in 2022. This illustrates the frequency of use for many words and topics change over time. When new concepts become introduced, it can often pay off to relate them to earlier introduced terms with meanings that are synonymous or overlapping.
Title: 12 articles
Summary: 24 articles
Text: 46 articles
Comment: 28 articles
Title and summary: 10 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Examples with their authors or publishers:
Sharon Rondeau: What is "mass formation psychosis?" NewsReal: New Year, Same 'New Normal': Mass Formation Psychosis & Crowd Psychology
Robert Malone: Mass Formation Psychosis - Dr. Robert Malone / Dr. Mattias Desmet
Sundance: You know the global elites are triggered when the propaganda institutions collaborate to refute 'mass formation psychosis' Objective:Health - Mass Formation Psychosis
Robert Malone: Mass Formation Psychosis: Deployed on You by Elites After Over 200 Years of Study
Libby Emmons: AP source who 'fact checked' Mass Formation Psychosis theory encouraged 'behavioral nudging' people into Covid compliance, quoted Goebbels
Steve Watson: Mass Formation Psychosis: Poll finds close to half of Democratic voters want COVID internment camps for the unvaccinated
Roberto Wakerell-Cruz: Eric Clapton says he sees mass formation psychosis 'everywhere'
James Corbett: Breaking free from Mass Formation Psychosis, with Mattias Desmet
Harrison Koehli: Ponerologist's Log, supplemental: Rounding Out the Picture of Mass Formation
Mattias Desmet: Am I an expert in mass formation or a Trojan Horse?

Mass hypnosis, collective hypnosis
Search: "Mass hypnosis" and search "collective hypnosis"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 9 articles; 1 article
Text: 27 articles: 1 article
Comment: 2 articles
Inside the dream state: Why the CIA loves mass hypnosis and mind control so much
9/11, Mass Hypnosis par Excellence
The Politically Driven Cult of Mass Hypnosis Has Just Accelerated
For the expression "collective hypnosis", see this 2006 SOTT Focus article: Connecting the Dots: Psychopaths Push Forward With Engineered Chaos, Conquest, War, Famine, and Death which includes and comments on an excerpt from the short story, Gooseberries [Wiki, translation] by Anton Chekhov written in 1898.
Everything is quiet and peaceful, and the only protest is voiced by dumb statistics: so many people have gone mad, so many bottles of vodka have been drunk, so many children have died from malnutrition... And this arrangement is clearly necessary: it's obvious that the contented person only feels good because those who are unhappy bear their burden in silence; without silence happiness would be inconceivable. It's a collective hypnosis. There ought to be someone with a little hammer outside the door of every contented, happy person, constantly tapping away to remind him that there are unhappy people in the world, and that however happy he may be, sooner or later life will show its claws; misfortune will strike - illness, poverty, loss - and no one will be there to see or hear it, just as they now cannot see or hear others. But there is no person with a little hammer; happy people are wrapped up in their own lives, and the minor problems of life affect them only slightly, like aspen leaves in a breeze, and everything is just fine.'
Mass hysteria
Search: "Mass hysteria"
Title: 25 articles
Summary: 77 articles
Text: 220 articles
Comment: 58 articles
Title and summary: 12 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
MindMatters: Woke Revolution, Mass Hysteria, and the Fourth Turning
How to know you're in a mass hysteria bubble
Mass hysteria over sightings of 'black figure' in Malaysian school
Afghan schoolgirls mystery sickness: Poison or mass hysteria?

Search: Materialis*
Title: 27 articles
Summary: 199 articles
Text: 824 articles
Comment: 78 articles
Title and summary: 19 articles
Title, summary and text: 13 articles
MindMatters: Surviving Materialism, Accepting the Afterlife
Stoicism, Materialism and the Search for Divinity
On the origin of life, scientists help break the poisonous spell of the materialist world view
'Science Uprising': New video series will strip away materialist dogma and share the truths being uncovered by real science
The Transcendental Treasure of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Flies in The Face of Materialism And Postmodernism
The Truth Perspective: Free Will Is Not An Illusion: Why Materialists Are Wrong To Deny Their Own Freedom
When it comes to gratitude, experiences trump materialism
Is everything conscious to some degree? More scientists endorsing panpsychism over materialism
'Materialism is baloney': Interview with scientist Bernardo Kastrup
Experiencing Sense of Awe Expands Perception of Time, Makes People More Patient and Less Materialistic
It's Time For Science to Move On from Materialism

Mendacious, mendacity
Search: Mendacious, mendacity [Match any words]
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 82 articles
Text: 316 articles
Comment: 31 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
'Mendacity & lies': After 19 years US admits to itself that it never could have won war in Afghanistan
A fresh mendacious assault on Brett Kavanaugh's character
Killary's record is a monument to mendacity
Obama reveals his idiocy and mendacity to NPR: Oil price strategy to destabilize Russia

This search covers concepts like herd mentality, flock mentality, group mentality, cold war mentality, russophocbic metality, sheep mentality etc)
Search: Mentality
Title: 38 articles
Summary: 214 articles
Text: 1424 articles
Comment: 161 articles
Title and summary: 11 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
US should abandon 'outdated Cold War mentality' - China
'Russophobic mentality': Putin points out hypocrisy of world's reaction to Skripal poisoning and Khashoggi killing
The '24' mentality: The CIA, torture and the 'ticking bomb'
Online 'Likes' can create sheep mentality

Search: Mind*
Title: 1074 articles
Summary: 7481 articles
Text: 24783 articles
Comment: 3679 articles
Title and summary: 618 articles
Title, summary and text: 396 articles
Reading your mind: AI turns people's thoughts into text in real-time
An unholy invasion - Chatbots are colonizing our minds
Torn jeans and "The Great Reset" - A history of mind manipulation
Understanding the tyrannical mind and how it operates
Mindfulness meditation reduces pain by separating it from the self
Cracking consciousness: how do our minds really work?
Where's the truth? How the CIA shapes the minds of Americans
The war for young minds

Mind control
Search: "Mind control"
Title: 89 articles
Summary: 162 articles
Text: 553 articles
Comment: 176 articles
Title and summary: 46 articles
Title, summary and text: 46 articles
NewsReal: COVID And Mind Control - Do People Fear The Virus, Or Their Government?
Mind control is NOT a conspiracy theory
The secret history of Fort Detrick, the CIA's base for mind control experiments and biological warfare
'The goal was to destroy the human mind': Chris Hedges interviews author Stephen Kinzer on the CIA's search for mind control
US government accidentally releases documents on 'Psycho-Electric' Mind Control weapons

Below is a more detailed list which shows when articles were published and who the authors were. One could do simllar searches among the results for other topics.
Mind control
SOTT,net: SOTT Podcast: Mind Control, HAARP, and the Coming Catastrophe
Steven Rose: We are moving ever closer to the era of mind control
Henry See and a SOTT Reader: Mind Control and HAARP
R. Douglas Field: Dumbing and Numbing Down: Mind Control by Cell Phone
Roger Highfield: Using mind control to make flies sing
Deborah Dupre: MIT grad shows CDC mind-behavior control duping doctors and public to buy vaccine
Nicholas West: 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control
Zen Gardner: 9/11 - Occult Trauma-Based Mind Control
Stephanie Pappas: Mind-Control Parasite Makes Fear Sexy
Ethan A. Huff: Scientists warn that drugs of the future will be designed specifically to control the human mind
Zen Gardner: The Disturbing Reality of Trauma-Based Mind Control
Jack Brewer: 'Abductee' Leah Haley: Alien abduction 'doesn't happen' - it's mind control, Joe Quinn: Charlie Sheen, Mind Control, 9/11 and The Sixth Extinction
Dr. Mark Hyman: Mind Control: How Your Body Can Automatically Improve Depression
Michael Mosley: The Uncomfortable Truth About Mind Control: Is Free Will Simply a Myth?
Stephanie Pappas: Mind-control parasites hijack immune system, too
Saman Mohammadi: Inside the dream state: Why the CIA loves mass hypnosis and mind control so much
2013: Soviet Union spent $1 billion on mind-control programs in futile attempt to keep pace with U.S.
Maxwell Benwell: Boston Bombings investigation reveals murdered accused Tamerlan Tsarnaev suspected he had been mind-programmed by "majestic mind control"
RT: Tamerlan Tsarnaev believed he was being fed orders through 'majestic mind control'
Allan Jones: 42 days after "microwave mind control" complaint, Alexis (allegedly) kills 12. Coincidence? Behind the Headlines: Hank Albarelli Interview - CIA Mind Control, Frank Olson and JFK Behind the Headlines: Dr Colin Ross Interview - CIA Doctors and the Psychiatry Scam
Brasscheck TV: When false memories prove true: Dr. Colin Ross MD on CIA mind programming
Melissa Roddy: A Terrible Mistake: H.P. Albarelli's Investigation into CIA scientist's murder, at the crossroads of Mind Control and assassination
JG Vibes: Scientists claim 40% of population infected with "mind control parasite"
RT: Mind control: Pentagon's DARPA researchers learn to control rat's brain over internet
Lada Ray: Mind control, predictions and current developements in Ukraine Videolinks are down, but SOTT comment good.
Nicholas West: Ten mind control techniques used today to create non-thinking automatons
Jon Rappoport: The use of racial and religious slurs as forms of mind control
Lisa Zyga: Pentagon report: Laser beams used for mind control, non-lethal torture
Sarah C. P. Williams: Junk food mind control
Jon Rappoport: Mind control research and freedom
James Hall: TV propaganda and the mind control culture
Kevin Freking: Navy Yard shooter Alexis passed psychological assessment weeks before shooting despite glaringly obvious signs he was subject to Mind Control
H.P. Albarelli Jr.: CIA mind control experiments and Lee Harvey Oswald
Bruce E. Levine: From torture to mind control, the ten worst abuses of psychiatric and psychological professionals
Aaron Dykes: Social engineering, mind control and the military industrial music industry Andrés Perezalonso: US-sponsored human experimentation and mind control increasingly in mainstream media
SciTechDaily: Wireless mind control?: New technique allows direct stimulation of neurons
Jon Rappoport: Television news and mind control through cognitive dissonance
Bernie Suarez: The Superbowl: Six examples of mass mind control
Jon Rappoport: Mind control: Dr. Ewen Cameron and 'psychic driving'
Russ Winter: Mind Control Is Being Used to Carry Out Psychopathic Agendas
Nicholas West: Now that the genie is out of the bottle, it is too late to consider the ethics of mind control technology?
Greg White: Mass mind control: Human trials set to begin for brain implantation of DARPA microchips
Will Hartfield: The brain-gut axis: Mind control, antibiotics & beneficial bacteria
Jon Rappoport: Mind control achieved through TV news narratives
Ryan O'Hare: Mind control: Cutting edge microscope changes behavior of mice in an instant
Steven Macmillan: Edward Bernays: Developer of modern mind control & propagandist for the ruling elite
Robert Epstein: Google, the US presidential elections and the new mind control
RT: Mind control victim? Moscow police arrest woman holding a child's severed head and shouting terrorist threats near subway station
Nicholas West: On the road to mind control: DARPA's new program will use a chip to connect brains to computers
Felix Allen: Mind control and time travel experiments taking place at real-life 'Stranger Things' base, claims investigator
Jay Syrmopoulos: Declassified: CIA poisoned entire town with LSD in massive mind-control experiment
Matt Agorist: JFK files revelations: CIA mind control, assassinations, mafia, terrorism, and more
Nick Redfern: UFOs? mind control? abduction? "No Return" the Gerry Irwin story
Sputnik: July 20, 1977 - The day CIA's mind control project MKULTRA became public knowledge
RT: Mind control lasers turn mice into killer rodents with the flip of a switch
Curtis Waltman: US government accidentally releases documents on 'Psycho-Electric' Mind Control weapons
Matt Agorist: 50-year USDA experiment exposed: Thousands of kittens killed to research parasite linked to mind control
Alex Roberts: Cults, brainwashing, and mind control in America
John Vibes: Families of MK Ultra victims file class-action lawsuit over government mind control experiments
KB: The real mind control: All mass media corporations are "extremely dangerous to our democracy" (VIDEOS)
Matt Agorist: Mind control? Stephen Paddock allegedly told prostitute that his brain was 'hacked' and he was under gov't control
Stephen Kinzer: The secret history of Fort Detrick, the CIA's base for mind control experiments and biological warfare
Edward Curtain: The Art of Doublespeak: Bellingcat And Mind Control
RT: Poll shows America's troops love Russia; Pentagon blames it on Kremlin mind control
Chris Hedges 'The goal was to destroy the human mind': Chris Hedges interviews author Stephen Kinzer on the CIA's search for mind control
John Vibes: Reporter uncovers history-changing Manson family connections to CIA, mind control and Hollywood
Terry Gross: The CIA's secret mind control quest: Torture, LSD and a 'poisoner in chief'
Stephen Kinzer: How the murder of a top scientist exposed the CIA's barbaric mind control experiments
Paul Joseph Watson: Philosopher Slavoj Zizek warns linking human brains to computers could lead to 'totalitarian mind control'
Jim Hoft: Tucker Carlson: 'Those who control your words control your mind'
John Helmer: Biden advance team recommends British approach to fighting Russia - spread disinfo before fact, doubt is Russian mind control
2021: NewsReal: COVID And Mind Control - Do People Fear The Virus, Or Their Government?
James Corbett: Mind control is NOT a conspiracy theory
Cynthia Chung: How to take back control of your mind
Cynthia Chung: As above but posted a year later with other illustration and a different SOTT comment: Dark Forces: How to take back control of your mind

Search: Mindwar
This word does not occur often, but can be related to other words which cover the intent of one side to influence, manipulate or control the mind of another.
Title: 1 article
Summary: 3 articles
Text: 4 articles
Comment: 1 article
From PSYOP to MindWar

Miscalculate, miscalculated, miscalculating, miscalculation,
Search: Miscalculat*
Title: 11 articles
Summary: 103 articles
Text: 550 articles
Comment: 52 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
'Hyping a threat for selfish political gain': Beijing slams Australia's Defense Minister's foreign policy 'delusional miscalculation'
The worst 'miscalculation' in human history?
Washington and Beijing set up direct military communication channel to reduce 'risk of miscalculations'
Israeli miscalculations and hubris led to the rise of Hamas

Misconception, misconceptions
Search: Misconception*
Title: 12 articles
Summary: 169 articles
Text: 547 articles
Comment: 30 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Believing misconceptions and misinformation surrounding energy solutions could be rather costly
8 Misconceptions About Fiber
6 Incredibly common misconceptions about Psychopaths
Five misconceptions about North Korea clarified
Why you're wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it (and capitalism)
Lie Detection: Misconceptions, Pitfalls, and Opportunities for Improvement
Common Misconceptions about the Nutritional Value of Coconut Oil: Exposing Three Common Myths

Search: Misinformation
Title: 123 articles
Summary: 715 articles
Text: 2023 articles
Comment: 279 articles
Title and summary: 101 articles
Title, summary and text: 74 articles
Judge to Biden DHS: Release files on agents who allegedly helped censor election 'misinformation'
A Dem-linked dark money network is quietly funding the 'misinformation' research industry
PayPal stock 'fined' 6% after flood of users cancel over $2,500 'misinformation' debacle
Gavin Newsom signs bill to punish doctors who spread 'Covid misinformation'
CDC admits post-vaccine myocarditis concerns that were labeled Covid misinformation are legit
World Economic Forum calls for merging of human and AI intel to censor 'hate speech' & 'misinformation'
Biden administration creates 'Disinformation Governance Board' under DHS to fight 'misinformation'
Most in US fear Ukraine war misinformation, mistakenly believe Russian gov't is to blame - poll

Misinterpret, misinterprets, misinterpretation, misinterpretations
Search: Misinterpret*
Title: 9 articles
Summary: 113 articles
Text: 638 articles
Comment: 25 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Disney+ debuts cringey trailer for Fauci documentary as doctor accuses media of 'misinterpreting' his Christmas-gathering comments
'Will & Grace' actor says his idea of Hollywood Trump donors blacklist was 'misinterpreted'
Enough fake news! Venezuela shuts down CNN for 'misinterpreting & distorting truth'
Russia denies 'blocking' UNSC statement on N. Korea missile test, condemns leak and misinterpretation

Misjudge, misjudges, misjudged, misjudging
Search: Misjudg*
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 42 articles
Text: 188 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
How The West Misjudged Asia
British Dunning-Kruger means former empire consistently misjudges place in the world
Understatement: Economist admits BoE's Brexit financial collapse warnings were 'a misjudgement'
How our regulatory system misjudges pesticides and risks our health
EPA vastly misjudges methane leaks, new study confirms

Mislead, misleads, misleading, misled
Search: Mislead*, misled [Match any words]
Title: 152 articles
Summary: 1222 articles
Text: 4411 articles
Comment: 333 articles
Title and summary: 79 articles
Title, summary and text: 42 articles
Pfizer was judged to have misled the public over the Covid vaccine but faces a derisory fine. The system is broken
Minister 'misled parliament' on foreign office role in secret Assange operation
Pfizer lied, and people died: Pfizer's CEO rapped by regulator for making 'misleading' statements about children's vaccines
NY Times latest to mislead public on new ivermectin study
Bizarre 'fact check' says it is "misleading" to report the fact that arctic summer sea ice has increased since 2012

Misperception, misperceptions
Search: Misperception*
Title: 1 article
Summary: 27 articles
Text: 131 articles
Comment: 3 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Learned misperception: Scientists are able to plant false experiences in people's mindsThe psychology of denial and how to make it through a disaster
No end in sight for Ukraine war

Misquote, misquotes, misquoted, misquoting
Search: Misquot*
Title: 9 articles
Summary: 24 articles
Text: 162 articles
Comment: 12 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
'Fairly hefty clanger': Bojo misquoted as saying he wanted control over migration of 'people of color'
Ron Paul Community demand apology from MSNBC over Slanderous article misquoting Ron Paul
BBC tweet misquotes Trump: 'War will follow', didn't bother deleting it
Sunday Times 'propaganda' probe goes after RT advertisers, misquotes MP
Media manipulation: Reuters misquotes Russian PM Medvedev's words on "unleashing a new world war"
Truth "eliminated": Reuters, Ahmadinejad and the anatomy of a dangerous misquote

Misreport, misreports, misreported, misreporting
Search: Misreport*
Title: 6 articles
Summary: 49 articles
Text: 219 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
'CNN badly misreported this': Edward Snowden debunks news story reporting he 'agreed' to give money from his book to US government
Psychedelic brain, or mind? Misreporting and confirmation bias in psychedelic research
New Zealand publication gets it right: Jordan Peterson is the 'most misreported person of modern era'

Misrepresent, misrepresents, misrepresented, misrepresenting, misrepresentation
Search: Misrepresent*
Title: 33 articles
Summary: 335 articles
Text: 1382 articles
Comment: 95 articles
Title and summary: 14 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Putin now regards Minsk agreements as 'mistake', suggests Ukraine war could last for years
Transgender books aimed at children put them at risk by 'misrepresenting' medical knowledge - academic
Case study in how the health risks of GMOs have been systematically misrepresented
Misrepresenting Russia - the western media's norm since the 1990s
The entire vaccine industry is being exposed for unproven assumptions and misrepresentations of data
Systematic Misrepresentation of the Science of Disasters and Climate Change

Mistake, mistakes, mistaking
Search: Mistak*
Title: 416 articles
Summary: 2654 articles
Text: 10613 articles
Comment: 2654 articles
Title and summary: 223 articles
Title, summary and text: 89 articles
A little late: Twitter ex-safety chief Yoel Roth finally admits mistake of censoring Post's Hunter Biden scoop
Putin now regards Minsk agreements as 'mistake', suggests Ukraine war could last for years
The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic and order lockdowns
Ya think? Bill Gates opens up about divorce, says it was a 'mistake' to meet Epstein
NYC election officials admit 135K test ballots in mayoral race were mistakenly counted as real ones
Vaccine researcher admits 'big mistake,' says spike protein is dangerous 'toxin'

Misunderstanding, misunderstandings
Search: Misunderstanding*
Title: 8 articles
Summary:168 articles
Text: 819 articles
Comment: 29 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
West misunderstanding Russia's perspective of Ukraine
Masterful new history exposes America's dangerous misunderstanding of Iran, partly due to Israel lobby pressure
Apple apologizes to customers for 'misunderstanding' over slowing down older iPhones
Misunderstanding Trump's America: Why neoliberals are fighting so strongly against what Trump represents
Correcting emotional misunderstandings: We may make mistakes interpreting the emotions of others, but our brain corrects us

MK Ultra
Search: "MK Ultra"
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 17 articles
Text: 129 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
Families of MK Ultra victims file class-action lawsuit over government mind control experiments
House of horrors: The CIA, Dr. Gottlieb and MK-Ultra
MK ULTRA 2012? American Police Caught Mass Drugging Teens And Dropping Them Off At Occupy Minnesota
What the History Channel didn't say about the MK Ultra program

Search: Monolithic
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 56 articles
Text: 299 articles
Comment: 43 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
John F. Kennedy and the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy
Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read
Al Gore and the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy

Moral compass
Search: "Moral compass"
Title: 11 articles
Summary: 35 articles
Text: 195 articles
Comment: 40 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
CNN's defunct moral compass
Strengthening your moral compass in the midst of a disintegrating society
The Health & Wellness Show: Psychiatric drugs and the Moral Compass

Muddle, muddled
Search: Muddl*
Title: 6 articles
Summary: 52 articles
Text: 325 articles
Comment: 14 articles
U.S. strategic aim: Break and dismember Russia; or maintain U.S. dollar hegemony? Or a muddled 'both'?
Biden's 'absolute' defense of Hunter leaves media and Justice Department in a muddle
Trump's muddled Middle East tactics pushing Assad and Erdogan into an alliance
Denmark's government muddled the waters over Iraq invasion to fulfill US wishes
'Muddling and meddling'? US, EU politicians plunge deeper into Kiev protest

Search: Narcissis*
Title: 130 articles
Summary: 322 articles
Text: 1103 articles
Comment: 252 articles
Title and summary: 99 articles
Title, summary and text: 90 articles
The woke mob subjecting society to narcissistic abuse
The Virtuous Narcissist
Narcissists, psychopaths, and manipulators are more likely to engage in 'virtuous victim signaling' - study
The #1 myth about psychopaths and narcissists: What people get wrong
The toll that pathological narcissism takes on loved ones
Study: People posting lots of pictures to social media became 25% more narcissistic in four months
7 things covert psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths do differently
Parents who do these 3 things likely to raise violent narcissists
How parents turn their kids into narcissists
Are you an introvert or just a covert narcissist?
Who, me, a narcissist?
This simple 'scratch test' can help identify narcissism
Narcissism epidemic: The societal shift from commitment to the collective to a focus on the individual
5 insidious phrases sociopaths and narcissists use to undermine your confidence
MindMatters: Kicking the Cluster B-hive with Joshua Slocum: Queen B's, Homosexuality & Dealing with Narcissists
Book review: The Narcissistic Family: Diagnosis and treatment
Warning Over Narcissistic Pupils

Narrative, narratives
Search: Narrative*
Title: 365 articles
Summary: 2830 articles
Text: 9731 articles
Comment: 1469 articles
Title and summary: 164 articles
Title, summary and text: 120 articles
Yet another Covid 'variant': Omicron XBB and the self-driving narrative
US intelligence agencies pushed Twitter to censor 'anti-Ukraine narratives'
A cold winter undercuts the warming narrative

Search: Networking
Title: 20 articles
Summary: 295 articles
Text: 739 articles
Comment: 35 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
The power of networking: Groups are better than individuals at sniffing out lies
American homeschoolers are networking with Russian homeschoolers: Will 'upend' US democracy shrieks Clinton-linked Center for American Progress
As above so below: Pathogens specifically target 'good networking' proteins
Social networking sites misrepresents the real world, computer scientists warn
When a worker is "allergic" to ponerized behavior: Networking can make some feel "dirty," new study
Networking: Enhanced communication key to successful teamwork in dynamic environments
Study: Brain Works Like Internet - Networking WORKS!

News blackout
Search: "News blackout"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 14 articles
Text: 40 articles
Comment: 2 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
The CDC stockpiles Ebola equipment while mainstream press has an Ebola news blackout
Western news blackout: The U.S. media ignores Putin's peace plan
'US imposes news blackout on lawmakers' junkets to Israel'

No evidence
Search: No evidence
Title: 198 articles
Summary: 1257 articles
Text: 5893 articles
Comment: 506 articles
Title and summary: 82 articles
Title, summary and text: 30 articles
Someone tell Kamala Harris: NYT says no evidence Trump owes Russia money, claims otherwise are conspiracy theories
'No evidence of meddling': Boris Johnson defends decision not to publish Russian influence report before election
European Court of Human Rights says Russians were right to arrest Magnitsky for tax evasion, but make claims with no evidence of violent death
Malaysian Prime Minister: "No Evidence" Russia Shot Down MH17

Search: Normaliz
Title: 83 articles
Summary: 415 articles
Text: 1849 articles
Comment: 221 articles
Title and summary: 43 articles
Title, summary and text: 21 articles
US threatens Arab states with sanctions if they normalize ties with Syria
The normalization of The New Normal Reich
New York Times normalizes racist eugenics supported by woke doctors
"Toxic" behaviors that society has normalized, according to Reddit
Normalization of Pedophilia: Psychopaths Try to Recreate Society in Their Own Image
Mainstream media normalizes pedophilia with 'Victoria's Secret'-style lingerie show featuring 5 year old girls
Ponerization: The U.S. power structure has normalized a culture of deviance
Genetic sexual attraction: Now the powers that be are trying to normalize incest
The Normalization of Pathology in America

Nudge Unit
Search: "Nudge Unit"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 8 articles
Text: 25 articles
Comment: 12 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
UK's 'Nudge Unit' recommends various online psychological manipulations when people shop and travel to push a "net zero society"
Government nudge unit 'used grossly unethical tactics to scare public into Covid compliance'
UK psychologists slam government's 'nudge unit' use of 'grossly unethical' scare tactics during Covid
Downing Street's controversial 'Nudge Unit' accused of exploiting scare tactics during Covid crisis
Medical tyranny: UK 'nudge unit' proposes wristbands for those who test Covid negative

Obfuscate, obfuscaton
Search: Obfuscat*
Title: 6 articles
Summary: 165 articles
Text: 727 articles
Comment: 52 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
The corporate media obfuscates war crimes (especially now that everyone's distracted)
"No land or ocean areas had record-cold temperatures in July [2019]," NOAA - Brilliant obfuscations or downright dirty lies?
ShamPoo: US intel report is a Series of Hysterical Assertions, Manipulative Propaganda, and Official Obfuscation, but does answer why Russia is so big
Eva Bartlett: Western media break their silence on Aleppo with flagrant lies, obfuscations and omissions

Objective reality
Search: "Objective reality"
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 25 articles
Text: 197 articles
Comment: 34 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Objective reality: Poll shows massive gap between what Americans care about and what media care about
Objective reality: U.S. media considers ISIL terror in Europe 1,200 percent more newsworthy than similar attacks in Middle East
Study suggests objective reality doesn't exist

Objectivity, objectively
Search: Objectivity, objectively
Title: 15 articles
Summary: 289 articles
Text: 1441 articles
Comment: 101 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
"Objectivity has got to go": News leaders call for the end of objective journalism
News outlets announce they're abandoning "objectivity" because it's racist
Traits like 'objectivity' and 'perfectionism' signs of RACISM and white supremacy, elementary school kids taught
New university course states that 'objectivity' is a 'white mythology'

Search: Obsess*
Title: 154 articles
Summary: 982 articles
Text: 3572 articles
Comment: 291 articles
Title and summary: 65 articles
Title, summary and text: 29 articles
Digital ID and our obsession with "identity"
The Gates obsession with abortion, contraception and population control
Bubble-wrapped Americans: The US is obsessed with physical and emotional safety
Scientist admits biologists are obsessed with discrediting Intelligent Design
Distracted, screen obsessed parents: What happens when we don't engage with our children
Russia's Patriarch Kirill: Collection and obsession with 'likes' a real disease
Greed is good? Where will America's sick obsession with wealth and money end?
The difference between obsession and delusion
'Praising obsession' creates generation of egotistical pupils
New study: Overbearing parents foster obsessive children

Omission, omit
Search: Omission*, omit*
Title: 43 articles
Summary: 410 articles
Text: 1942 articles
Comment: 107 articles
Title and summary: 10 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Lies by omission - How to read the news
Effects of Fukushima radiation are ongoing while media omits the news
The Disappeared: and Google's conspicuous omissions
Russia, Israel and Media Omissions

Overestimate, overestimating
Search: Overestimat*
Title: 19 articles
Summary: 100 articles
Text: 610 articles
Comment: 35 articles
Title and summary: 6 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
'Distorted': British public hugely overestimates the size of minority groups, including trans, gay, and vegans - study
Your brain on mass media: Poll shows liberals and moderates vastly overestimate number of unarmed black men killed by police
Tracking site suggests White House model is overestimating coronavirus hospitalization

Overlook, overlooked
Search: Overlook*
Title: 34 articles
Summary: 789 articles
Text: 2475 articles
Comment: 134 articles
Title and summary: 6 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Overlooked: 'War on terror' has left millions dead in Middle East
Recombinetics: Flaws overlooked in Gene-edited hornless cattle
Gamma linolenic acid: Most overlooked fat to reduce inflammation

Overton Window
Search: "Overton Window"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 9 articles
Text: 57 articles
Omicron has cracked open the Overton window - welcome to the new paradigm shift
Why the Overton Window has suddenly shifted on Israel-Palestine
Moving the Overton Window: 'NYT' runs an op-ed justifying violent resistance, and some Zionists abandon their PR duties

Title: 417 articles
Summary: 1902 articles
Text: 4868 articles
Comment: 645 articles
Title and summary: 198 articles
Title, summary and text: 81 articles
Fmr Education Secretary Bill Bennett: Flawed model of COVID-19 crisis created unnecessary 'panic and pandemonium'
Evidence shows WHO severely overstated the fatality rate of the coronavirus leading to the greatest global panic in history
"The gates of hell opened': A media panic ensues as Musk takes over Twitter and fires chief censors
Are Panic And Inability To Express Emotions Related?
The ancient Roman cure for panic attacks
The luxury of apocalypticism: The elites want us to panic about Covid-19 - we must absolutely refuse to do so

Search: Paradox*
Title: 52 articles
Summary: 352 articles
Text: 1594 articles
Comment: 73 articles
Title and summary: 22 articles
Title, summary and text: 13 articles
Paradox: Mush-for-brains Britain puts Russia on par with ISIL as security threat
Paradoxes in the reporting of Covid19 vaccine effectiveness
'Smoker's Paradox' seen in cardiac arrest data
In Twin Paradox Twist, the Accelerated Twin is Older
The Paradox of Temptation
"Obesity paradox" seen in range of heart ills

Title: 1 article
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 24 articles
Comment: 8 articles
Paramoralism: Is tolerance of dishonesty our culture's fundamental problem?
Forget that the planet is on the brink of a new Ice Age, instead let's blame humans for washing their hands in hot water!

Title: 64 articles
Summary: 284 articles
Text: 1170 articles
Comment: 149 articles
Title and summary: 18 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
Caitlin Johnstone: WaPo publishes paranoid screed cautioning readers not to let Russia make them paranoid
Researchers find that conspiracy theorists are not necessarily paranoid
The Health & Wellness Show: Nanny State, Paranoid Parents and the Fragile Generation
Our addiction to busyness: The paranoid survive, but they burn out

Search: Paranormal
Title: 68 articles
Summary: 304 articles
Text: 574 articles
Comment: 39 articles
Title and summary: 51 articles
Title, summary and text: 33 articles
How believers in the paranormal birthed the Pentagon's new hunt for UFOs
CIA document reveals remarkable 'paranormal writing' abilities
Inside Skinwalker Ranch, a paranormal hotbed of UFO research
The Brown Mountain Lights - An unexplained 'paranormal' phenomenon that's gone on for centuries
Exploring the fourth dimension: Possible implications for consciousness and the paranormal
The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon's UFO Program
Russia's paranormal soldiers and military dolphin telepathy revealed by defense ministry magazine
Plymouth, UK paranormal investigators receive major spike in calls over June, July
Paranormal researcher claims to have found a time warp outside of Las Vegas
What's that? Mystery figure filmed 'stalking paranormal researchers' near Stonehenge
Why is paranormal research taboo?
Randy 'ghosts' prowling Welsh roads to seduce drivers, paranormal author claims
Proving the paranormal: Scientific discussions
Inside the mind of a paranormal intelligence agent
Hauntings, ESP and mystical visions: Counselling after paranormal experiences
Paranormal investigators see orb, torso in old 'dungeon'
'Paranormal activity' to blame for car crash near dam
4-year-old's mysterious death in Amityville is extra creepy considering town's paranormal history
Navajo Rangers and paranormal investigations
Science Ponerized: Thou Shalt not Investigate the Paranormal
Parapsychology and the Paranormal: The Conspiracy To Deny The Real
There is Some Truth in 'Paranormal Activity'
Magicians and the Paranormal: A Survey
Israeli psychic starts paranormal fad

Peer pressure, Group pressure
Search: "Peer pressure", and search: "Group pressure"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 15 articles; 2 articles
Text: 134 articles; 11 articles
Comment: 16 articles
Sophomoric peer pressure: Lawmakers call for G8 suspension of Russia
Peer Pressure? It's Hardwired Into Our Brains, Study Finds
Peer Pressure Causes People to Literally Alter Their Memories of Recent Events
Resisting peer pressure: new findings shed light on adolescent decision-making

Peer review ring
Search: "Peer review ring"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 1 article
Text: 2 articles
Comment: 4 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
'Peer review ring' smashed: Scholarly journal retracts 60 articles

Perception management
Search: "Perception management"
Title: 19 articles
Summary: 24 articles
Text: 123 articles
Comment: 36 articles
Title and summary: 1 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Fake news starts in Washington: Perception management and influence operations manipulate public opinion
Perception management: How the Clintons "disappeared" a film that exposed their role in US terror attacks
Perception Management: Someone pretending to be Ryan Lanza gives Facebook interview to the New York Post
Perception management: UK police arrest 660 suspected low-level pedophiles
Perception Management: U.S.acknowledges drone strikes, says civilian deaths rare
Perception Management: How 'acceptable levels' of radiation are adjusted to make us think everything is A-OK
Perception Management and the Economic Spider's Web
UFOs and Perception Management: You Are the Target

Plot, plots, plotted
Search: Plot*
Title: 721 articles
Summary: 2379 articles
Text: 6388 articles
Comment: 999 articles
Title and summary: 406 articles
Title, summary and text: 222 articles
Grayzone Exposé: Before Ukraine blew up Kerch Bridge, British spies plotted its destruction
CIA behind secret plots to kidnap, torture and assassinate Ukrainian dissidents for President Zelensky, says Ukraine defector
Amazon show plot featured virus, fake pandemic and global vaccine program to sterilize world population

Ponerize, ponerizing, ponerization
Search: Poneriz*
Title: 38 articles
Summary: 30 articles
Text: 204 articles
Comment: 235 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Boarding schools a breeding ground for ponerization - or how psychopaths end up in government
Ponerized United States: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths
Saudi Arabia is Ponerizing and Destabilizing the Islamic World
Al Jazeera's stunning fall from grace: How a news outlet got ponerized and turned into a tool of Qatar's regional ambitions

Search: Ponerology
Title: 47 articles
Summary: 164 articles
Text: 542 articles
Comment: 652 articles
Title and summary: 26 articles
Title, summary and text: 19 articles
Political Ponerology: A Psychological Anatomy of Evil, Politics And Public Trauma
The road to pathocracy: Why ponerology is important to solve the world's problems
The Truth Perspective: Inside Ponerology: Why Individuals Are Essential for a Healthy Society

Populism, populist
Search: Populis*
Title: 104 articles
Summary: 555 articles
Text: 1931 articles
Comment: 203 articles
Title and summary: 71 articles
Title, summary and text: 61 articles
How scared of November elections are the Democrats? They fear rational populist Tulsi Gabbard
Trump didn't form a populist coalition. He was the result of one
John Kerry says 'Great Reset' is needed to stop rise of populism
The real Zelensky: From celebrity populist to unpopular Pinochet-style neoliberal - Interview
President Putin's 2020 Valdai Club speech articulates his vision of populist statism
The War on Populism: The Final Act
Slovakia's center-right party ousts leftwing, a "victory of rightwing conservative populism" - analyst
The 'war on terror' has morphed into a globalist neo-liberal war on populism

Search: "Post-truth"
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 35 articles
Text: 85 articles
Comment: 8 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
The 'post-truth' era and the value of truth
'Post-truth' & 'post-fake' crossroads: Sergey Lavrov Russia's FM top quotes at Munich Security Conference
Welcome to post-truth, where few people make sacrifices for truth
'Fake news' and 'post-truth' politics? What about those Iraqi WMDs?

Powers That Be and PTB (Acronym for Powers That Be)
Search: Powers That Be and search: PTB
Title: 8 articles; 6 articles
Summary: 209 articles; 43 articles
Text: 789 articles; 139 articles
Comment: 152 articles; 345 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
The powers that be are ecstatic that the left believes the biggest problem right now are statues of dead white men
Powers That Be relieved at Assange eviction: Arrest of Julian Assange met with cheers from UK lawmakers in parliament
Powers That Be preparing for lockdown as Earth Changes increase? UN security council to consider 'climate change peacekeeping force'
The Screens: How the PTB tell us what to believe
The Left's on-going 'violent temper tantrum' is exactly what the PTB want
Behavior prediction methods of the PTB
Scientists concerned about effects of global warming on infectious diseases. Perfect opportunity for PTB to make some population reduction.

Search: Problematic
Title: 28 articles
Summary: 442 articles
Text: 2428 articles
Comment: 113 articles
Title and summary: 14 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Woke Lincoln University chiefs cancel poet Tennyson as a 'problematic' imperialist - roasted in backlash
'Grandfather' has become a 'problematic' word
University language guide says 'grandfather,' 'housekeeping,' 'spirit animal' are 'problematic' words
Merkel slams Twitter's decision to ban Trump: 'Problematic' violation of 'fundamental right' - and more internat'l response to big tech purge
Academics call breastfeeding 'ethically problematic' because it endorses 'gender roles.'
Then they came for the benches: Norway may cancel 'problematic' tribute to 'racist' botanist von Linne, who coined 'Homo sapiens'
5 more 'problematic' behaviors for the woke squad's 'to ban next' list
'Woke' NASA Astrobiology Chair thinks exploration of Mars problematic because 'colonialism bad'

Seach: Programming
Title: 41 articles
Summary: 289 articles
Text: 1149 articles
Comment: 157 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary and text 4 articles
Predictive programming? Israeli publishers have been writing about a COVID-like pandemic for years
Nothing is Real: Reality TV programming masquerades as politics
Americans consume 10 hours of corporate media 'programming' a day
It's called programming for a reason: TV commercials and the dumbing down of the population
It's called TV programming for a reason: Children exposed to sex on screen go on to be promiscuous
Breaking the Spell: MindSpace, Trance Warfare, and Neuro Linguistic Programming
Social programming: Marvel shills for Pfizer with COVID vaccine Avengers PSA comic book
Programming is complete: More than half of Americans want government-imposed press restrictions & curbs on free speech
SOTT Podcast: Mind Programming for Dummies

For this topic there is a more indepth list of articles:
2005: SOTT Podcast: Mind Programming for Dummies

A search on +social +conditioning +programming in text. This means the articles may focus on other topics:
2002: Laura Knight-Jadczyk Comments on the Pentagon Strike
FuturePundit: Twins Study Finds Genetic Cause For Psychopathy
Manuel Valenzuela: Keepers at the Gate: He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses
2006: Laura Knight Jadczyk: V is for Vendetta, COINTELPRO and the Alternative Media Joe Quinn: Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9-11 and Neither Did a Boeing 757
2007: Laura Knight-Jadczyk Al Gore and the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy Laura Knight-Jadczyk:Transmarginal Inhibition
2008: Connecting the Dots: The War of Terror and Zionism take the Lead
2009: Israeli Psychological Operation "Spread War to Iran" to Hit Airwaves During Inauguration
Nathan Janes: Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be televised
Charles Hugh Smith: The Normalization of Pathology in America
Jeff Wells: We Are The Monsters We've Been Waiting For Laura Knight-Jadczyk Mass Mind Control (Actually written in 2005.)
Vigilant Citizen: "They Live", the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message Timothy C. Trepanier: The Necessity of Disillusionment Bernhard Guenther: Love, Reality and the Time of Transition - Transcript Bernhard Guenther: UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact Bernhard Guenther: 2012 - Collective Awakening or End of the World? Bernhard Guenther: Voting, Cognitive Dissonance and Fear of the Unknown
Humberto Braga: What have we learned from December 21, 2012?
2013: Behind the Headlines: Cosmic Catastrophe, Drones and Social Hysteria Behind the Headlines: NSA's PRISM offers neither privacy nor security Behind the Headlines: Solar flare kill shots and theatrical wars of distraction
Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic, & Laurel Hulley: Is it possible to rewire your brain to change bad habits, thoughts & feelings?
Nick Parkins: Subconscious manipulators: Subliminal messages easily bypass conscious perception
2015: Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Knowledge and Freedom: Antidote to the rising fascism Behind the Headlines: The truth behind 'global warming' and the 'war on terror' hysteria
Bernie Suarez: Agenda 2030: Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg wants to help humanity with his version of the internet
Joachim Hagopian: Divide & Conquer: The ways and means of international tyranny and global domination (Part II)
Sigmund Fraud: Taken to the dark side: How we are coerced into accepting torture
Zen Gardner: The anesthetization of humanity
Brett & Kate McKay: The Complete Guide to Breaking Your Smartphone Habit
Partick Henningsen: How to free your mind from media brainwashing
Jana Winter and Elias Groll: Here's the 'deep state' memo that blew up the NSC
CJ Hopkins Hardcore Hitler on Hitler in Helsinki The Truth Perspective: Free Will Is Not An Illusion: Why Materialists Are Wrong To Deny Their Own Freedom
Greenmedinfo: Game-changing research reveals: Epigenetic memories are passed down 14 successive generations
Matthew Ehret: The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part II
Eric Rittenbery: The American life is killing you
Brandon Smith: Waves of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny and the Cashless Society
Raul Diego: Predictive programming? Israeli publishers have been writing about a COVID-like pandemic for years
2021 Objective:Health - Kids and Covid Shots
John Klyczek: From UNESCO Study 11 to UNESCO 2050: Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan to Reimagine Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Cynthia Chung: Gaslighting: The psychology of shaping another's reality
Dustin Broadbery: Revelation of the Method about predictive programming
Ian Miles Cheong: Liberal gender ideologies imposed on children could warp Western civilization for generations