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Verden har nu været under Covid-19 lockdown for omkring to måneder, takket være vores angstskabende ledere, som har sammenlignet coronavirus pandemien, med en krigstidsituation, og tilsyneladende konkurrererer med hinanden for at se, hvem der kan underkaste deres befolkninger, til mest drakoniske foranstaltninger. De påstår, det er altsammen nødvendigt for at redde liv.

Upåagtet af, at som konsekvens af the Lockdown så er det sandsynligt at FLERE mennesker vil dø end der ellers ville have gjort på grund af en række problemer, ikke mindst nedlukningen af den primære sundhedspleje - og specielt i 'Covid-19 hotspots', som Storbritannien. Så en mærkelig "krig" er igang hvor folk er blevet tvunget til at sidde hjemme og glo på Netflix 24/7 og samtidig være skræmt til underkastelse af mediernes vildt overdrevne påstande af tvivlende-opnåede tilfælde/dødstal, og mens de ældre og de svageste betaler den højeste pris. Det lader til at når det kan retfærdiggøres med at "redde liv", så kan man slippe af sted med hvad som helst - såsom at dræbe en masse mennesker. Vi bør dog ikke være overraskede, for i løbet af de sidste 20 år har flere krige ledet af vestlige regeringer bogstaveligt talt dræbt mere end 1,5 millioner mennesker, værende begrundet med behovet for at 'redde mennesker'.

Ved slutningen af 2. verdenskrig kastede USA to atombomber over japanske byer - i Hiroshima og Nagasaki - dræbende omkring 200000 civile. Officielt var det også gjort "for at redde liv". Hvad end for umoralske forbrydelser imod menneskeheden som er begået, så er de rationaliserede som værende nødvendige for et større gode - selv når det indebærer at sprænge hundredtusinder af mennesker til atomer med masseødelæggelsesvåben.

Hvis folk kan blive overbevist om at tro at kaste atomvåben over Japan var gjort for at 'redde liv', hvis folk kan blive overbevist om invasion og besættelse af Irak og dræbende 1,5millioner irakere var for at 'redde dem', så er det ikke så stor en opgave at overbevise dem om at underkastelsen af en tredjedel af verdens befolkning til husarrest og med risiko for at ødelægge verdensøkonomien, vil også 'redde liv'.

Der er altid æventyr for børn og hårde sandheder for voksne. Æventyret er blevet fortalt for at få folk til at føle sig behagelige og sikre. Sandheden, derimod, er hvad den er - ikke noget som kan formes og miskonstrueres til at skabe 'skabe den rette følelese'. Voksne som forbliver som børn og tror på æventyr er farlige fordi de tager eller støtter handlinger som kan have meget alvorlige konsekvenser for demselv og samfundet som et hele.

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The atomic cloud over Hiroshima
© GEORGE R. CARON/PUBLIC DOMAINThe atomic cloud over Hiroshima.
The truth about why the US vaporized two Japanese cities in 1945 isn't widely known. In reality WWII was already ending as Germany's defeat had been ensured by Soviet Red Army in the battle of Berlin, and Japan was poised to surrender. The Japanese emperor had sent a telegram to the US suing for peace, and both countries knew the USSR would soon aid the US by attacking Japan.

"The war will end a year sooner now. Think of all the kids who won't be killed," President Truman had written to his wife after learning that the USSR had joined the war.

Dropping atomic bombs on Japan was unnecessary. They were developed and used to 'send a message' to the USSR: see what we have! As the head of the Manhattan Project, Lieutenant-General Leslie Groves, said: "There was never, from about two weeks from the time I took charge of this Project, any illusion on my part that Russia was our enemy, and the Project was conducted on that basis."

American elites weren't by then concerned about Japan; they were thinking ahead to the geopolitical after match with Russia - victorious in eastern Europe - and the new era that became 'the Cold War'. The fairy tale was that nuking Japan was about saving lives; the hard truth is that it was about power and control - of people, resources, and the planet itself.

The types of people who rule this world don't see the world and its inhabitants like most people do. For them, values like community, justice and honesty are alien concepts. Where they make claim to rule on the basis of such values, they do so only to manipulate the public and maintain their dominance. It's more like a useful PR trick: they perceive the world through the twisted lens of Game Theory, the mindset of a psychopath.

During WW2, Japan had a covert biological research program called Unit 731, which involved the most horrific experiments on (mostly Chinese) civilians and war prisoners - from injecting diseases disguised as vaccines into people to performing vivisections without anesthesia. 200,000 people are estimated to have died in these nightmare 'scientific experiments'.

Yet the people behind the program, so-called scientists and doctors, were never held to account for their crimes (in fact, many went on to become leading experts in various scientific and medical fields). Instead the US government arranged to purchase the data from the abominable experiments of these war criminals in order to continue their work.

Similarly, the US government at the time rescued prominent Nazi scientists in Operation Paperclip, when US military intelligence smuggled them across the Atlantic after the war and incorporated them into American scientific institutions. For example, German rocket scientist and SS-major Wernher Von Braun, who used Jews in concentration camps to build V2-rockets, became the director of NASA's Marshall Center and is today cited in US Air Force cadet training programs for his 'insightful commentary on the ethics of using nuclear weapons'.

The hard truth about the end of WW2 is that innocent civilians were sacrificed and war criminals rewarded because Western leaders cared more about 'sending messages' and diabolical 'scientific leverage' than human decency and moral values. These hidden and/or untold historical facts serve as 'glitches in the matrix'; they expose the naive but comforting nature of official accounts that have been laid down to keep people happily ignorant and uninterested about the more disturbing reality the lies underneath the surface. Most people accept this 'offer' and choose to stay 'plugged into the matrix', soothed and charmed by the lies and illusion.

What I'm getting at here is that everyone should, by now, be thinking hard about the reasons we've been given for why we have for the last two months been subjected to house arrest and stripped of our freedoms. Do you still believe it was about 'saving lives'?

The global economy is in free fall: 80 percent of the global workforce is partially or fully out of work. Over 30 million people have lost their jobs in six weeks in the United States alone. The UN has warned that hundred of thousands of children will die this year due to the lock-downs. Real scientific data has shown that covid-19 mortality is much lower than earlier estimates (see, for example, here, here, here and here), even though by now it's as if almost every affliction is being counted as 'Covid-19 deaths' - like dying from a drug overdose.

While some may claim so, this is very unlikely to be a case of the incompetency of world leaders. Rather, world leaders are obviously using the situation to their own advantage. Some of these people - like Bill Gates - mask themselves as 'philantropists' while using charity foundations to get huge tax cuts and direct money to insanely profitable business ventures like vaccines, and to increase their influence inside government health organizations. Third world nations are then used as guinea pigs, and no matter how many of those poor wretches are killed or disabled through these vaccine experiments, it's never enough to generate media attention in the West because that would ruin the fairy tale many desperately want to believe.

When I succeed in getting someone to notice that the covid-19 numbers don't add up to a pandemic worthy of trashing civilization, the next question I'm asked is: 'but why would they do this?'

I answer by asking them: does anyone think that mega-rich ruling elites with a proven track record of scaring or otherwise manipulating people to advance their wealth and control would have moral qualms about exaggerating the threat from a seasonal virus in order to advance existing and latent police state measures while making sh**loads of money from soon-to-be mandatory vaccines?

Governments are today literally releasing hardened criminals from jails while arresting law-abiding citizens for walking alone on beaches and in parks. Drones and phone apps are now used to track your every move. What next, a huge screen in your home with Big Brother making sure social distancing rules are being followed? (Actually, it won't even be that obvious. Alexa is already telling them exactly how you're feeling and what you're up to.)

Recall Unit 731. That is the kind of thing that emerges from the depths of the human psyche: pseudo-scientific 'medical' psychopathy that makes literal and absolute hell on Earth for anyone unfortunate enough to brush up against it. That's what we're capable of as a species, so people had better start using a little bit more of their intellect and their imagination to get past the implausible narrative that there's nothing to worry about how the 'Covid-19 pandemic' is developing.

As things stand, we are no better or wiser than generations and nations before us who swapped their freedom for false security. The arrogant belief that our 'modern democracy' is somehow immune to severe degradation and corruption will only accelerate this process.

We are essentially repeating past horrors. There's a socio-psychological feedback loop where 'good times' create weak men who yield to evil men who bring on societal collapse. People work hard, build societies and character, contemplate arts and philosophy, but slowly get accustomed to wealth and convenience, lose touch with their 'moral compass', argue with neighbours, envy brothers, and soon wage wars and wreck everything. Life starts over, but soon enough, the cycle repeats and most people are none the wiser.

As Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski writes in Political Ponerology:
During good times, people lose sight of the need for thinking, introspection, knowledge of others, and an understanding of life. When things are 'good,' people ask themselves whether it is worth it to ponder human nature and flaws in the personality (one's own, or that of another). In good times, entire generations can grow up with no understanding of the creative meaning of suffering since they have never experienced it themselves. When all the joys of life are there for the taking, mental effort to understand science and the laws of nature - to acquire knowledge that may not be directly related to accumulating stuff - seems like pointless labor. Being 'healthy minded,' and positive - a good sport with never a discouraging word - is seen as a good thing, and anyone who predicts dire consequences as the result of such insouciance is labeled a wet-blanket or a killjoy.

Perception of the truth about reality, especially a real understanding of human nature in all it's ranges and permutations, ceases to be a virtue to be acquired. Thoughtful doubters are 'meddlers' who can't leave well enough alone. "Don't fix it if it ain't broke." This attitude leads to an impoverishment of psychological knowledge including the capacity to differentiate the properties of human nature and personality, and the ability to mold healthy minds creatively.

The cult of power thus supplants the mental and moral values so essential for maintaining peace by peaceful means. A nation's enrichment or involution as regards its psychological world-view could be considered an indicator of whether its future be good or bad.

During good times, the search for the meaning of life, the truth of our reality, becomes uncomfortable because it reveals inconvenient factors. Unconscious elimination of data which are, or appear to be, inexpedient, begins to be habitual, a custom accepted by entire societies. The result is that any thought processes based on such truncated information cannot bring correct conclusions. This then leads to substitution of convenient lies to the self to replace uncomfortable truths thereby approaching the boundaries of phenomena which should be viewed as psychopathological.
Perhaps then it's pointless to worry about how to 'fix the world'. The problems that brought us to this impasse are apparently deeper than political corruption and the subversion of democracy by lunatics. Heck, 'fixing the world' and 'saving lives' are what got us into this mess in the first place. Something else is going on here - something which the pandemic and the lock down are 'covering up' for. I don't know what that something is - and I don't even know that the 'power behind the throne' know what it is - but my hunch tells me it's bigger than any of us can imagine.

The Covid-19 fairy tale for children is that governments, however flawed, are responsible parents with people's best interests at heart. 'Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands. We're all in this together!' The hard truth this global lock down brings home for real adults is that governments have become dangerously corrupt and pathological, and their many authoritarian followers are leading us all towards a potentially severe and really deadly global crisis.