December var endnu en rekordbrydende kold måned med en historisk -61°C registreret i Siberien, og usædvanlig kraftige snefald som spærrede folk inde i deres huse i New York og andre steder som i en IKEA forretning i Aalborg, Danmark.

I Californien blev nordlige dele af staten ramt af rekordbrydende store mængder af sne, ovenpå et år med hede og tørke som førte til mangel på vand og skovbrande. Lake Tahoe så 5 meter sne og i Sierre Nevada blev der registreret 5,2m sne for måneden, gørende det til den mest snerige december måned siden måling deraf begyndte i 1970.

Ekstreme snestorme og rekordstore mængder sne blev også målt i det nordlige Spanien og Frankrig. Arette La Pierre Saint-Martin registrerede 1.6 m sne, en rekordmængde for måneden siden målinger startede i 1971, og 2,4m sne ved Lac d'Ardiden, det højeste målt siden målinger startede der i 1995.

I Asien, bragte en kraftig storm, 70cm sne til det vestlige Japan, forstyrrende trafikken og efterladende hundredvis uden strøm. Byen Obama i Fukui, i et Japansk kystområde, fik rekordstore mængder sne for denne tid på året.

Heavy snowfall also wreaked havoc in the eastern and western provinces of Turkey, blocking roads and disrupting travel, while in Istanbul, a monster windstorm blew away at least 33 roofs, knocked down traffic signs, uprooted 192 trees, and damaged 12 cars. At least 6 people died and 38 others were injured.

And talking about monster storms, "the most severe weather event in the history of British Columbia" continued, triggering widespread flooding in British Columbia this month, leaving a total of $450 million in damages.

Malaysia's worst floods in years, triggered by days of heavy rain, displaced an estimated 70,000 people in the southern and eastern parts of the country. A total of 210 areas in six states have been affected by the floods.

Weeks of intermittent heavy rain, and the collapse of two dams, triggered deadly floods in northeastern Brazil. At least 20 people died and more than 16,000 were left homeless in 11 separate municipalities.

Northern Spain was also hit by record flooding following heavy rain and snowfall. The Ebro River's water level swelled up to 27 feet (8.5 meters) in some areas, breaking a 6-year record. The regions of Navarra and Aragon were the most affected.

A deadly late-season tornado outbreak, the deadliest on record in December, produced catastrophic damage and numerous fatalities across portions of the Southern United States and Ohio Valley. Over 3 dozen tornadoes, including a massive one that tracked through 4 states, were reported. Less than a week later, a rare wind storm brought 'Dust Bowl' conditions and gusts of more than 100 mph (160 kph) to parts of the Great Plains and upper midwest. The powerful storm system triggered power outages in four US states, including in more than 100,000 homes and businesses in Colorado.

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