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Under den første runde af det franske præsidentvalg, viste jeg læserne og fans fra de sociale medier, hvordan Facebook tester mikro-censur teknologi på en politisk analytikers og meningsdanners konto. Mærkeligt nok var der ingen der bekymrede sig. Måske er jeg bare en dårlig historiefortæller? En dag før Marine Le Pen og Rotchilds marionetdukke, Emmanuel Macron, kæmpede om posten til at blive fransk præsident, analyserede vi mange af de såkaldte #MacronLeaks papers og præsenterede indicier for at han er en slyngel og værre. Ingen bekymrede sig og de intetanende franskmænd har implementeret love der forbyder dem at få noget at vide om de seneste katastrofer. Her er min seneste vurdering som viser hvordan Frankrig og Europa har håbløse udsigter.

Hvorfor besluttede briterne at tage teltpløkkerne op og forlade EU? Måske lærte briterne ved at gennemleve deres egen RMS Titanic katastrofe, at ganske vist er det nobelt at gå ned med skibet, men det kommer med døden som prisen. Og Frankrig er helt sikkert død nu. Marine Le Pen var den sidste chance som Frankrig havde for nogensinde at lede noget igen, og vælgerne i Paris gjorde det sikkert ved at kaste 90% af stemmerne bag Macron, at Frankrig aldrig vil blive mægtig igen. Globalisterne vandt en kæmpe sejr sidste weekend, men hvad mere er, de onde mænd som stod bag blev givet et fripas til at ødelægge hele Europa. Hvis det franske folk er dumme nok, apatiske nok til at sætte endnu en EU mafiaboss ind i præsidentembedet i Frankrig, så ved mændene som styrer sådanne politiske marionetdukker hvor de står - immune fra den revolution som ville gøre en ende på deres tyranniske styre mod menneskeheden.

Kommentar: Delvist oversat af fra Third Reich redux? Banking puppet Emmanuel Macron takes the stage

My colleague Holger Eekhof and I were up late the night before the election scouring over documents WikiLeaks called attention to, the #MacronLeaks archives of hundreds of documents allegedly associated with Macron. Today WikiLeaks and other analysts are mulling over just who hacked into Macron, and for what purpose. While the ultimate perpetrators of the hack remain obscured for now, the names, faces, and dealings contained in the documents hint at a financial control mechanism of enormous proportions. Eekhof's and my first focus was on a deal involving the world's largest "smart cards" (SIMMs) maker, a company called Gemplus International SA. The short take on Gemplus and Macron is that Gemplus had some pretty big PR problems about the time the owners and investors wanted to sell the company. Laced within the hundreds of documents on Gemplus are the names of some of Europe's most important and controversial figures. We've not space here to go into everyone, but this more detailed report on the Gemplus sections of the Macron papers tells of CIA involvement in what amounted to the "owning" the SIMMS in everyone's smart devices. For the sake of brevity I will cite Medium user rebelskum here because this research coincided with our own:
"On December 21, 2001 a confidential memo was distributed among board members of Gemplus which described the firing of their current CEO, Mr. Quandt. At the time Gemplus' Board of Directors was supportive of Mandl until it was discovered that he was a member of the Board of Directors for In-Q-Tel, an infamous front company for the CIA. Not only had Mandl deliberately withheld this information during interviews prior to his appointment but he was also "not forthcoming with key information" when questioned further about these facts. Regardless Mandl would be appointed CEO of Gemplus on August 29, 2002."
First, take note of the man named Quandt in the passage above, I'll reflect on him in the summary. But reading further into this research we find out Gemplus' director Ziad Takieddine is a rather notorious figure, an arms dealer and one of the underneath operatives in this whole "Arab Spring" mess that threatens to ruin Europe. If you read the papers and follow the same trail you'll begin to see the larger framework. And now Macron puts the same people who created the refugee crisis in power in France once again.

Other documents Eekhof and I made mashups of to show Twitter and Facebook followers reveal an even more disturbing connection between the United States, France and Saudi Arabia via an intricate payment and commissions scheme involving British and French defense entities like Thales and SOFRESA to do with Saudi security. The most interesting aspects of this set of "Macron papers" are the connections in between the Saudis and western allies just after 9/11, and of course the intelligence community's business role in regard to the public communications devices. On the former it is our believe the Rothschild group was at play orchestrating some organized crisis in the same way they've been accused of starting other wars. As for the CIA and SIMMs, it's clear the people who back Macron have a vested interest in knowing everything about everyone. If you had the capability and were in the business of endless profiteering, would you become Big Brother or not?

What's most disturbing about all this is the fact people are overloaded with information to the point nothing is believed. The French are so apathetic and confused they would elect Osama bin Laden himself if Le Monde told them to. And in social media, even an influencer with vast reach and experience cannot burst through to gaggle of news and misinformation. Like I said, we tweeted and shared, and I have written several articles about the German "Truth Ministry" ramping up for full scale censoring - and nobody cares anymore - or either they do not see. Believe me, this is by design and not coincidental. And I should note those Tweets and Facebook shares shows some "curious" glitch behavior and even outright filtering. While censorship and government morphing into a corporate cabal is nothing new, the level and degree of population control is alarming. A "Truth Ministry" for crying out loud?

In summary, the #MacronLeaks were timed strangely. Some say Macron's campaign released a fake hack just to use reverse psychology against Marine Le Pen by inserting the "Russians" in the mix. Others say that while direct ties to Macron are still nebulous, these "leaks" do show the nasty beast that lives underneath all policy - boat loads of money. Did the CIA essentially take over the smart phone brains of the world? Given what we know of NSA, CIA and GCHQ revelations from the Obama years, this only makes sense. Is the new French President Emmanuel Macron just a loyal henchman of the world's most powerful bankers? We would be foolish to imagine otherwise. With the German elections right around the corner, it seems pertinent to mention the man whose family controlled Gemplus, German industrialist and billionaire Stefan Quandt. Now if the reader were ever looking for a twisted story of intrigue and the fates, the fact Quandt and his family are directly linked to the top Nazi elites of the Third Reich is a movie script in the making. The fact Stefan's mother Johanna Quandt and sister Susanne Klatten are essentially owners of BMW just adds flavor. For more color just read this Bloomberg story entitled, "Nazi Goebbels' Step-Grandchildren Are Hidden Billionaires", and there you have it.

Gun runners and a hundred trillion dollars in war-making, spying on people through their phones and toaster ovens, creating a Muslim holocaust as a redux of the Jewish one, blaming the German Nazis or the Russians for everything, when all along it was British Nazis - this is the screenplay of a lifetime for somebody like Steven Spielberg. Only it's shaping up like a true story instead, and France just opened the door for Act III.

Stay tuned and keep your bags packed if you're a foreigner in Europe.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".