Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Det kurdiske spørgsmål vil være højt på programmet.

Talsmanden for den russiske præsident, Dmitry Peskov bekræftede at Præsident Vladimir Putin vil ankomme til Ankara den 28. september for at møde sin tyrkiske modpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

De to ledere har allerede talt over telefonen i kølvandet på det kurdiske separatist referendum i det nordllige Irak, en afstemning som kurdiske separatister siger opnåede 91% ja stemmer. Afstemningen var boykotted af arabere og Turkomænd og var vidt fordømt af det internationale samfund.

Prior to the controversial vote, Russia, urged Kurds to put the vote on hold in order for the provocative move to be replaced by dialogue. Russia continues to urge for a calm approach to the referendum's aftermath.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement, reading,
"The Russian party believes it to be of utmost importance to avoid anything that risk to further complicate and destabilise the Middle East, which is already overloaded by conflict situations".
The Foreign Ministry added that Russia supports the territorial unity of Iraq and its neighbours and that the present crisis "can and should be resolved with constructive and respectful dialogue aimed at finding a mutual form of coexistence in a unified Iraqi state".

Putin's visit with Erdogan is expected to cover a cooperative approach to the Kurdish issue in Iraq. Turkey has vowed to implement a strict economic blockade of northern Iraq and has not ruled out full-scale military intervention.