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Tirsdag afslørede den amerikanske regering 2.800 tidligere hemmeligholdte dokumenter med relation til attentatet på John F. Kennedy, mens det til stor ærgelse for enhver, der søger gennemsigtighed udsatte frigivelse af flere hundrede andre. President Donald Trump udsatte frigivelsen af de andre, idet han sagde, at han ikke havde "noget valg", når han skulle tage hensyn til "national sikkerhed, ordensmagten og udenrigspolitiske betragtninger" rejst for det meste af FBI og CIA. Som TFTP forudså, så var JFK dokumenterne ikke nogen rygende pistol. Imidlertid indeholder mange af dokumenterne afsløringer og bekræftelser på de fuldstændig horrible fremgangsmåder i verdens mest ondsindede efterretningsvæsen.

I et forbavsende udtryk for borgerjournalistik kastede internettet sig torsdag aften over dokumenterne og det gjadt også alle medarbejdere på TFTP. Den informationen man får ved at læse disse tidligere tophemmelige dokumenter afslører den mørke sandhed om CIA's skjulte, kriminelle og helt igennem terroristiske metoder.

Fra kontrol med sindet [mind control] til samarbejde med mafiaen og brugen af skjulte kemiske våben for at sulte uskyldige civile, CIA har opereret i det skjulte, brudt international lovgivning, og lagt alle øde, der kom dem på tværs.

The Free Thought Project har sammensat en liste af dokumenter fra JFK dokumenterne, som uddyber disse rent ud sat ondsinde fremgangsmåder i CIA

1. The CIA planned on using covert 'biological agents' to cause massive crop failures in Cuba

In the minutes of a meeting for Operation Mongoose, the group discussed using 'agricultural sabotage' to terrorize the Cuban people and effectively starve an entire country. While the CIA expressed concern over the operation, the concern was not about innocent human lives, only about getting caught.
jfk files
The CIA was intent on "producing crop failures by the introduction of biological agents which would appear to be of natural origin." The paper went on to note that they must avoid a massive chemical release "unless they could be completely covered up."

Comment: The CIA also planned to kill Castro using botulism pills, an assassin, a contaminated diving suit, and an explosive seashell. You can't make this stuff... Well, you can, but it would have to be in an Austin Powers movie. The NSC also planned "attacking and harassing Soviet personnel within Cuba." But all this is old news.

2. The CIA is a terrorist organization that not only encouraged terrorism and murder but openly funded it.

The CIA actually created a hitlist menu of sorts with bounties listed for the murder of certain individuals.

"Leaflets will be designed to indicate phases. For example, the first leaflets will contain only names of communist leaders; the next leaflets will revise the names by job; i.e. cell leader, informer, party members, etc.; any of the above or subsequent leaflets will announce the amount of the reward, how and where it may be collected. One final leaflet may be deemed advisable and that one announcing a .02c reward for the delivery of Castro."
jfk files
These same tactics were put to use in Afghanistan which led to citizens turning in other innocent citizens just to receive a reward. Indeed, Gitmo was filled due to a very similar approach.

3. The CIA worked with the "Mafia" to carry out various assassinations

On the first page of the archives were two glaring documents which were apparently 'unmarked' but quickly deemed Top Secret once the information was noted inside them. In the document, the CIA details various assassination plots against Fidel Castro beginning as early as the late 50s.
jfk files
jfk files
According to the CIA, the "plans involved a number of bizarre schemes and, in at least one instance, involved some contact with organized criminal elements." One of these contacts was the notorious Chicago mob boss, Salvatore "Mooney Sam" Giancana.

4. The CIA planned for and participated in "influencing human behavior" with electronic signals

In one of the more ominous documents, titled Commission on CIA Activities within the United States the CIA admits to numerous campaigns of propaganda and public deception.

One bullet, in particular, deals with the CIA's "involvement in research on techniques for influencing human behavior and on methods of protecting Agency personnel against hostile use of drugs or "brain working" techniques."
jfk files
As if attempting to influence individual human behavior wasn't threatening enough, the same bullet point mentions the "testing of equipment measuring physiological responses in human subjects."

For those familiar with the CIA's MK Ultra program, the above-mentioned techniques are shockingly telling, to say the least.

5. Operation Mockingbird - CIA Control of Media - was thriving

Even when the CIA released its massive archive last year, the tens of thousands of pages contained almost no information on the CIA's program to control the narrative in the media, otherwise known as Operation Mockingbird.
jfk files
However, in two separate documents within the JFK files, the CIA admits to the program and a Congressman confirms that he is worried about their influence.
jfk files
In regard to what Congressman Walter E. Fauntroy was talking about at that time, the above-mentioned document, titled "Commission on CIA Activities within the United States", may provide that answer - Operation Mockingbird.
jfk files
As TFTP predicted, so far, these documents change very little on the 'official story' of how JFK was killed. However, they provide a glimpse into the agency who admittedly works with crime lords to kill heads of state. They expose programs of thought manipulation and "brain working." The documents don't tell us that it wasn't Oswald, but they do tell us that the CIA was capable of killing anyone, anywhere, and making it look like an accident.

If this secret and unscrupulous organization was conducting operations 50 years ago, like the ones listed above, we can only imagine how much worse they have gotten since then.

Perhaps, one of the most important factors to consider in this torrent of information is that the very release of these documents could be part of this most unscrupulous practice of propaganda and mind control. Indeed, the 'mockingbirds' in the mainstream media are already using the release of these documents to bash anyone who questions the official story.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William Casey (CIA Director)