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Den sidste dag i det forgangne år, den 31 december, fremførte Pentagon endnu en af sine intriger omkring dets militærbaser i Syrien. USA's forsvarsminister James Mattis advarede at et hvilket som helst angreb på amerikanske baser ville blive afværget og angriberne straffet.

Nyhedsmedierne 'Russia Today' og 'Sputnik' beviste eksistensen af 10 amerikanske baser på territoriet af Den Syriske Arabiske Republik.

Imidlertid har Irans efterretningsvæsen givet mere detaljerede data, som indikerer, at der er 14 amerikanske baser i Syrien, af hvilke 12 er placeret i den nordlige del af landet og to i den sydlige del. Hvad mere er, Tyrkiske medier har rapporteret om eksistensen i kurdiske områder af 13 amerikanske våbendepoter, der er placeret tæt på amerikanske baser.

Kommentar: Delvist oversat af fra The US' Kurd Project: Iranian intel declassifies data on 14 American bases in Syria
Det viser sig, at USA og Tyrkiet har ikke helt de samme interesse i det nordlige Syrien, som man kan læse i Erdogan says Turkish army will crush Kurds in northern Syria's Afrin hvor Erdogan citeres for:
"The US sent 4,900 trucks of weapons in Syria. We know this. This is not what allies do," Erdogan alleged on Saturday. "We know they sent 2,000 planes full of weapons."

Turkey's accords & ties with Washington losing validity - Erdogan

  1. The Dirik base
The Dirik base is the furthest point of American presence in Syria. It is located on the Turkish-Syrian border and includes two military bases from which groups of American paratroopers provide help to the Syrian Democratic Forces. The Dirik base also serves an airbase for American logistic flights.
  1. The Sabakh-al-Khair base
The Sabakh-al-Khair base is located is located to the south-west of the city of Al-Hasakah and is especially important because of its proximity to the Syria-Iraq border. This base only holds American combat helicopters, which transport arms and assistance to the Syrian Kurds.
  1. The Ayn-Issa base
The Ayn-Issa base is located between the Turkish border and the Syrian city of Raqqa. It is from this base that arms and ammunition are supplied to troops of the Kurdish 'Democratic Union Party'.
  1. The Tal al-Saman base
The Tal al-Saman base is the second American base located between the Turkish border and Raqqa. It is the most important espionage and bugging station in Syria.
  1. The Al-Tabka base
The Al-Tabka base is located to the south of Raqqa and serves as an airport for US aircraft.
  1. The Al-Djalbiat base
The Al-Djalbiat base, which is located to the northwest of Raqqa, is an unsanctioned military zone and is the location of 40 modern military-logistical aircraft, a landing strip, launch platforms for several kinds of complex missile, and several other types of aircraft.
  1. The Kharb Ishk base
The Kharb Ishik base is part of eight bases close to the northern border between Turkey and Syria. It holds American military units.
  1. The Jebel Mashnur base
The Jebel Mashnur base is the most northern in Syria. Its defining feature is a radio relay used by American and French special forces.

  1. The Sirin base
The Sirin base is located to the east of the city of Manbij. It is from this base that American paratroopers leave to execute various missions in Syria.
  1. The Al-Talf n0 1. and 2 bases
The two bases in Al-Tanf are shared by American and British forces, as well as soldiers from the new 'Syrian Free Army'.

  1. The Tal-Tamir base
The Tal-Tamir base is also used by British, American, and SFA forces. It is located in north-eastern Syria not far from the city of Al-Hasakah. 200 American and 70 French soldiers are located at the base, as well as training barracks for the FSA.
  1. The Manbidj base
The Manbidj base has the most strategic importance as it is located in an area with a high risk of confrontations between the Kurds and the FSA. It appears that this base was opened in order to avert conflicts and prevent the area from being accessed by Syrian forces.
  1. The Aleppo base
The Aleppo base was created in a strategic region to prevent conflict between the SFA and Kurd forces and to deny the area to Syrian forces. The Americans are planning to monitor the region from this base.

The presence of American military infrastructure in northern Syria is evidence, that the Americans are stabilising their position in the region for a long time. The bases' geographical locations correspond with the widened territory of Syrian Kurdistan, the autonomy of which is secured by the Pentagon by deliveries of light and heavy armaments and military vehicles to the Kurds. The arming of Syrian Kurds and the breakaway of this territory corresponds to the new plan of proxy warfare to contain Iran in Syria and the eastern Mediterranean.

Comment: That's a lot of bases considering the US lost its illegal war against the legitimate government of Syria, and were never welcome to being with. Clearly it serves as the ideal location to continue training and arming their proxy-army ISIS and from which they can continue to launch attacks on those who do not capitulate to the US imperliast agenda: