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"Kemiske våben er forfærdelige," kommer den krigsliderlige Sebastain Gorka med. Ja, men alle de nationer som deltog i bombningen af Syrien - USA, Storbritannien, Frankrig, og Israel har hver især lagre af kemiske våben såvel som atomvåben. Den eneste af dem som ikke vil indrømme at have atomvåben er Israel. Men de er blevet fotograferet og whistlebloweren [på dansk oversættes det til sladderhank, men dette er et negativt ladet ord]. Men du ser at selv når Israel uden tvivl har lavet atomvåben og endog stjal materiale og hemmelighederne fra USA til at gøre dette, så kigger alle væk. På den måde vil de ikke blive nød til at skrive en ikke spredningsaftale, da de aldrig har indrømmet at have hundredvis af atombomber. Israel har også brugt kemiske våben. De regnede Hvid Fosfor eller MK77 ned på praktisk talt hjælpeløse indbyggere i Gaza ved Operation Cast Lead i 2009. De brugte brugt Uranium i 1973 og var det første land til at gøre det. USA benyttede sig af begge disse våben i Irak, specielt i Fallejah.

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It is pretty hypocritical for these powers to be preaching about the use of chemical weapons. The story is blaming Assad for using them in Syria. And yet no evidence has been presented. I published a video of terrorists in Syria using Chemical weapons back in 2012 I warned people that I believed there would be a false flag attack which would blame the Syrian government for the use of these weapons. It then happened in 2013. I posted another video last June titled FALSE FLAG attack prepared for Syria. And then it happened in April. You see there was no motive for Syria to use chemical weapons in a war that they are winning. There is every reason for the terrorist mercenaries to release it in areas they control, especially when the press uniformly blames it on Assad as uniformly as they lied about Iraq and Libya. How could I predict the coming chemical weapons attack twice on YouTube but our intelligence analyst and press didn't see it coming? Well I imagine many of them did see it coming, but this is a topic that is not inline with Zionist propaganda.

The Israeli line was always Assad must go. And so Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Sanders, Bush, Cruz, everyone who won any primaries repeated the same mantra. All but one that is and that was Donald Trump. Trump said the opposite. He said we spent 6 trillion dollars in the Middle East and got nothing. Let Russia and Syria take care of ISIS he said. We are supporting rebels and we don't even know who they are, he said. He cut CIA funding for jihadist groups in July of 2017. But after a sustained media campaign against Trump trying to claim he has collusion with Russia, and maybe Russia "hacked" the US elections. This is hypocritical too since the US interferes in elections around the world all the time. One scandal after another has been dug up and hurled at the president. It started by essentially claiming he is a racist, sexist Nazi and vandals destroyed property around DC and other cities when he was sworn in. The next wave of propaganda was that he was Putin's puppet and then this was followed by a score of sexual allegations from porn stars and models. Israel's president was convicted and jailed over rape charges and that made no news. Oxfam employees had a pedophilia ring in Haiti that also engaged in beastiality but that wasn't news.

The president capitulated twice after atrocity propaganda. I have a film about the first one.

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This most recent machismo missile launching will not have a big effect battlefield-wise on the war in Syria. It will however destroy relationships with Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Russia for decades. It is really something to see these nations waving their finger around preaching about the use of chemical weapons. The United States used agent blue and Agent Orange on Vietnam. Over 2 million people were killed in that war, mostly civilians. People are STILL suffering the effects from the use of agent orange. But you see, it's not terrorism when WE do it. Which nation is the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons on civilians? The United States dropped two on Japan. Who is the largest arms dealer in the world? The US again followed by its close allies like the UK. Oh but at least these chemical weapons were used on an enemy. It was "fighting communism" after all. Only a total monster, only a regime of a complete despot would ever use chemical weapons on their own people. Right?

The US, UK, and France were willing to roll the dice for WWIII so long as they could bow to Israel's demands. The excuse to act as Al Qaeda's air force as Israel has been doing form day one, is very transparent. The war powers do not seem to care. The population in the US, UK and France all oppose a strike on Syria. Europeans are suffering form a refugee crisis as it is. The UK Parliament shot down an attempt at invasion in 2013. The US congress refuse to provide funding for a ground invasion. And yet these nations wage war anyway. So for whose interest? Well looking around the political landscape even a blind man can see the Israeli Neocons salivating over the attack and congratulating themselves. The Israel lobby is a parasite. It is beyond dangerous. It is one thing to allow the immoral colonization of Palestine. Throwing missiles at Russian positions when they promised to hit back could escalate far more than anyone wants. This game of chicken in Syria isn't worth it. If any amount of our democratic institutions still exist as anything more than a facade then the public must call in and demand we not continue to attack Assad.