troops Ohio campus 1970 massacre
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På trods af overvældende beviser på at amerikanske styrker blev givet ordre til at åbne ild på fredsommelige antikrigsdemonstranter ved Kent State (universitetet), så er ikke en eneste person blevet holdt ansvarlig.

Den 4. may, 1970 indtog styrker tilhørende Ohios national garde Kent State University i Ohio for at nedlukke en antikrigsdemonstration. Under demonstrationen åbnede soldater ild mod en ubevæbnet gruppe af studerende - affyrende 67 skud indenfor 13 sekunder - dræbende fire og sårende ni andre. Der er indtil nu ikke blevet holdt en eneste person ansvarlig og den amerikanske regering nægter stadigvæk at indrømme at den deltog i mordet på dets egne borgere.

Som Free Thought Project rapporterede i 2016, så er Kent State den skole som den amerikanske regering ønsker at du glemmer alt om.

Der er nu gået 48 år siden den dag og der har indtil nu ikke været nogen troværdig og upartisk undersøgelse af massakren. Ej heller har nogen gruppe eller nogen enkeltpersoner blevet påført nogen konsekvenser for at have åbnet ild mod uskyldige studerende og dræbende dem. Selvom otte Nationale Gardere som åbnede ild den dag blev anklaget og stillet for en anklagejury, så blev alle anklager til sidst afklæret.

Familierne af ofrene modtog $15,000, en erklæring af beklagelse og fik stort set at vide at de blot skulle fortsætte deres liv.

Kommentar: Denne artikel er delvis oversat til dansk af fra: 48 years ago US troops massacred Ohio students and covered it up (VIDEO)

For decades after the killings, the US government did their best to cover up the shooting. As an in depth explanation from Counter Punch points out, "the US government took complete control of the narrative in the press and ensuing lawsuits. Over the next ten years, authorities claimed there had not been a command-to-fire at Kent State, that the ONG had been under attack, and that their gunfire had been prompted by the "sound of sniper fire." Instead of investigating Kent State, the American leadership obstructed justice, obscured accountability, tampered with evidence, and buried the truth. The result of these efforts has been a very complicated government cover-up that has remained intact for more than forty years."

Not until 2010, after undeniable forensic evidence was dug up by independent and private researchers did the real truth of that day begin to surface.

Aurel Krause and Emily Kunstler founded the Kent State Truth Tribunal (KSTT), which helped to expose the sheer lies fed to the American public about what really happened that fateful day.

In spite of this overwhelming and indisputable evidence, in 2012, the US government, once again, refused to reopen the case. However, the truth still came out.

A crucial piece of the conspiracy was apparently uncovered in 2010 that played a pivotal role in exposing the crimes of the US government. Audio recordings were analyzed and subsequently found to record the Guardsmen being given orders to murder the protesters.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on this revelation in 2010:
"Guard!" says a male voice on the recording, which two forensic audio experts enhanced and evaluated at the request of The Plain Dealer. Several seconds pass. Then, "All right, prepare to fire!"

"Get down!" someone shouts urgently, presumably in the crowd. Finally, "Guard! . . . " followed two seconds later by a long, booming volley of gunshots. The entire spoken sequence lasts 17 seconds.
According to the reports, the review was done by Stuart Allen and Tom Owen, two nationally respected forensic audio experts with decades of experience working with government and law enforcement agencies and private clients to decipher recorded information.

Despite the troops' claims of protesters throwing rocks at them, the shots were fired from 60 feet away. What's more, as Allen and Owen point out, there is no audio indicating that the troops who opened fire were getting hit with rocks.

There is undeniable evidence, however, that the US government killed innocent civilians for protesting war and yet still, no one was held accountable and the government refuses to acknowledge it.

As Krause explains, "Kent State remains a glaring example of government impunity, it sends a message that protestors can be killed by the state for expressing their political beliefs. This lack of accountability and hostility towards peaceful expression flies in the face not only of our Constitution, but also our international human rights commitments."

Indeed, the idea that one's government can kill them for peaceful protest is chilling, which is why the establishment wants you to forget about it.

Below is a video of what oppression looks like. Americans would do well to remember this did not take place in some tyrannical other country, but right in their own backyard.