Gabor Mate
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"Når du lukker dine følelser ned, så påvirker du dit immunsystem, dit nervesystem. Så undertrykkelsen af følelser, som er en overlevelsesstrategi, bliver så senere hen en kilde til fysiologisk sygdom." - Gabor Maté
Føler du, at du har et knust hjerte fra din barndom? Føler du, at det har påvirket dit helbred? Kæmper du som forældre med, hvordan du opdrager dine egne børn? Eller måske er du blot virkelig ked af dit liv og med dig selv? Hvis det er dig, så er du ikke alene.

Nedtrykthed, angst og selvmord blandt teenagere og voksne i den første verden, er på sit hidtil højeste niveau. Ifølge nyligt offentliggorte data, tager 12,7 % af USA befolkning antidepressive midler og kvinder bruger dobbet så meget som mænd.

Mental health - or lack of it - is a huge concern today, it really is at crisis levels, and use of medication for most people is simply not likely to heal the internal and root cause of whatever is causing the issue in the first place, in fact, it may even make the way you feel, worse. Medication treats symptoms but it does not get to the bottom of why they are there to start with.

So with this in mind, I feel its imperative we collectively start to take interest and try to understand a lot more about what causes trauma to people's minds and what causes them to behave in certain ways.

If we understand what causes these cracks to someone's persona, we can then work on what needs to change.

Someone who is wonderfully brilliant at explaining what is going on for many people, and who also seeks to help parents with being better guardians to their kids, is Gabor Mate. (check his bio out it is impressive!)

Gabor Maté a Hungarian-born Canadian physician has a background in family practice and a special interest in childhood development (through their attachment with their parents) and trauma, speaks about the lifelong impacts this has on physical and mental health conditions.

Gabor now travels and speaks extensively on these and related topics, internationally. His bestselling books have been published in over twenty-five languages.

He has authored four books exploring topics including attention deficit disorder, stress, developmental psychology and addiction.

This lecture below is simply brilliant about attachment, what creates healthy forms and what does not. Gabor explains what happens to people in such a beautiful way.

Gabor speaks during the video below on:
  • The alarming use of adult psychiatric drugs being used in children
  • Psychiatric labels are not focusing on root cause of behaviour
  • Mothers who are stressed or depressed can trigger asthma in their children
  • We must try to understand why children are behaving like they are
  • Stressed parents create stressed children
  • Healthy relationships in childhood are key to being a healthy-minded adult
  • When humans have good attachments, they are respectful to others
  • Humans are biologically wired to attach to others around us
  • Our immune systems are connected to those close to us
  • Why many 'zero' tolerance bullying program's simply don't work
  • Why more than ever 'self harm' such as cutting is so prevalent
  • Why daycare can cause life long trauma
  • How healthy self-esteem is formed
  • Why addictions to drugs and alcohol is at an all time high
  • Kids attach too much to peers if they can't attach well to their parents