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Voldsomme regnskyl, hagl, og destruktive oversvømmelser dræbte hundreder og fortrængte millioner over hele verden i august.

Indien var det mest ramte land med mere end 200 døde og vidtbredte ødelæggelser. Dette skete samtidig med at sommersnefald i Himachal peger på en tidlig vintersæson.

Supertyfonen Lekima ramte centralkina med vindstød på 221km/h og voldsomme oversvømmelser, efterladende 56 døde og nødvendiggjorde evakueringen af millioner.

Spain was also battered by extreme weather this month, consisting of floods, hail and even tornadoes. Meanwhile, wildfires out of control in Gran Canaria forced the evacuation of almost 10,000 residents.

Wildfires raged across the globe, but as the media focused on the Amazon and blamed man-made Global Warming, wildfires in central Africa were ignored... even when they were three times larger. Despite the hype, Africa saw at least 70% of the 10,000 fires burning worldwide on the average day in August, though the number of fires is consistent from year to year.

What was actually extraordinary were the 21,000 square miles scorched by fires in four Siberian regions, likely ignited by lightning and spread by strong winds.

All this and more in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

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