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Grønne drømme om en verden med nul emissioner uden kul, olie og naturgas. De har brug for at tænke over, hvad det egentlig er de ønsker sig.

For det første ville der ikke være nogen masseproduktion af stål uden koks fra kokskul til at fjerne osygenet fra jernmalm. Folk kunne fælde træer i skoven for at lave trækul som så kunne bruges til at lave råjern og stål, men skovene ville hurtigt blive fældet. Kul reddede skovene fra denne skæbne.

Vi kunne producere guld og søvl uden at bruge hydrocarboner, og med snilde kunne vi sandsynligvis producere uraffineret kobber, bly og tin samt legeringer som messing og bronze. Men at lave store mængder af atombrændstof, cement, aluminium, forfinede metaller, plastik, nylon, syntetiske stoffer, petrokemikalier og PVC rør ville være umuligt.

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Making wind turbines and solar panels would also be impossible without fossil fuels. A wind turbine needs lots of steel plus concrete, carbon fibre and glass polymers as well as many other refined metals - copper, aluminium, rare earths, zinc and molybdenum. Solar panels and batteries need high-purity ingredients - silicon, lead, lithium, nickel, cadmium, zinc, silver, manganese and graphite - all hard to make in backyard charcoal-fired furnaces. Transporting, erecting and maintaining wind and solar farms plus their roads and transmission lines needs many pieces of diesel-powered machinery.

Every machine on earth needs hydro-carbons for engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil and grease. We could of course use oils from, seals, beeswax and whales for lubrication - the discovery of petroleum saved the whales from this fate.

Roads would be a challenge without oil-based bitumen. The Romans made pretty good roads out of cobble-stones (this would ease unemployment). But hard labour would not sit well with aging baby-boomers or electronic-era Millenniums.

Cars, railways, motor launches, aeroplanes, I-Phones, TV and cat-scans would be out. Horses, oxen, sulkies, wooden rowing boats, sailing ships, herbal medicine and semaphore would have a huge revival. Some wood-burning steam tractors may still work and wood-gas generators may replace petrol in some old cars.

This is the return to the "zero-emissions" world that Green extremists have planned for us.

But modern life cannot not be supported by a pre-coal/oil economy. Without reliable electricity and diesel-powered farm machinery and transport trucks, cities are un-sustainable. In Green-topia 90% of us people will need to go.

But Greens should not expect us to go quietly.