ecs dec 2019
Efter usædvanlige kølige sommer temperaturer og snefald i det victorianske alpeområde i Australien, oplever Australien nu en rekordbrydende skovbrandesæson som fortsætter med at forårsage ødelæggende skader. Brandene har fortrængt tusinder og foranlediget døden af en halv milliard dyr indtil videre.

Efter undersøgelse af årsagerne så har det australske politi konkluderet at pyromaner og lynnedslag har været skyld i ildebrandene...ikke menneskabt klimaforandring.

This past month at least 150 houses were also destroyed by fast-moving woodland fires in the Chilean city of Valparaíso. Residential areas were still burning on Christmas Day.

Snow covered the ground across nearly half of the lower 48 states of the US - 46.2 percent of land mass - the largest area for early December since snow cover records began in 2003. The snow cover also reached as far south as Mexico's northern regions.

Iceland also recorded record snow cover of 30 feet this December, while 8,000 vehicles were stranded in Kashmir as a result of 3 feet of snow.

Atlantic storms Elsa and Fabien wreaked havoc from France and Spain to Italy. At least nine deaths were reported due to the dual storms that rocked western and central Europe. The strong winds resulted in more than 118,000 power outages, the majority of which were reported in France.

Fabien also caused flooding in Venice where a sudden downpour of 3 inches combined with high tides inundated parts of the city.

Heavy rain, floods and landslides continued this month, resulting in widespread damage to homes and livelihoods around the world: 150 people were killed in Kenya; 4 died in Khuzestan Province, Iran; thousands were affected in Nariño and 8 missing in Tolima, Colobia; Beirut city was paralyzed and 50 houses were under water in Sigi, Indonesia.

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit southern Philippines, killing at least one person and causing several injuries. Roads and buildings, including the local government office, were damaged.

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