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"Når en offentlighed er stresset og forvirret, kan en stor løgn fortalt gentagne gange og ubestridt blive accepteret sandhed." ~George Orwell

Ideen om slaveri er et af de begreber, der har en tendens til at blive ydtrykt i sort og hvidt. Men slaveri er alt andet end sort og hvidt. Der er mange grå nuancer, som folk har en tendens til at forsømme, som regel ud af ligegyldighed, men også ud af uvidenhed eller ved at sidestille ideen som "det er bare sådan tingene er." Det var en undskyldning i tiderne med hårdt slaveri, og det er en undskyldning nu, i disse tider med blødt slaveri.

Det det handler om er at: hårdt slaveri er åbenlyst, det er åbenlyst og selvindlysende. Intet er skjult. Hvem slaven og mesteren er, er meget klar. Blød slaveri er på den anden side skjult. Det er hverken åbenlyst eller selvindlysende. Alt er skjult bag komfort, apati, sikkerhed, bekvemmelighed, ligegyldighed og illusionen om frihed. Hvem slaven og mesteren er, er ikke klar og er typisk skjult af et usundt hierarki, der fører til offentlig forvirring mellem autoritet baseret på frygt og autoritet baseret på fri og gennemsigtig ledelse, hvilket igen kan føre til en politisk kognitiv dissonans og ligegyldig holdning af at, "Det er bare sådan som tingene er."

Kommentar: Delvist oversat af fra Political cognitive dissonance and the psychology of soft slavery

The Modern Day House Slave
"History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes." ~Mark Twain
Unfortunately, the spirit of the times under the rule of statism, is one of soft slavery. Statists, living in a world ruled by nation states and deceived by the illusion of freedom, are more akin to the house slaves from the times of hard slavery than to free human beings. The house slave of today is the typical state citizen just going through the motions, unaware of the extent of their own slavery. So caught up are they in the "rules" and the "laws" of the land, they cannot see how desperate their situation really is. And to the extent that they can see, cognitive dissonance kicks in to squash the uncomfortable information in order to keep the comfortable world view in tact. Indeed, the all too typical cognitive error of "It's just the way things are," gets them off the hook for having to do any real deep thinking and envelops them in a warm blanket of indifference.

Some might say I'm being too harsh in my judgement of the system, but I'm not one to pull punches. Had I lived during the times of hard slavery, I'd like to think I would have put my foot down and declares slavery immoral, rather than copout with the cowardly cliché: "It's just the way things are." Similarly, I put my foot down now, regarding the soft slavery of the modern era. People's delicate sensibilities be damned!

Political Cognitive Dissonance
"Truth is a staff rejected." ~Unknown
There is perhaps no more precarious an arena for cognitive error than the arena of politics, especially regarding civics and the psychology of power. This is because human beings are to the conditioning mechanisms of their own culture as fish are to water. The difference? Humans can think abstractly. But such thought victimizes itself when it comes to cognitive dissonance; to the extent that new knowledge, even knowledge backed by solid evidence, is ignored in order to maintain a sense of comfort and security within the cultural milieu. Maintaining comfort and security in one's culture is just fine if that culture is healthy and not corrupt, but when it is both unhealthy and corrupt, such maintenance is tantamount to ignorance and one is more likely to become a victim of cognitive dissonance.

So what are we to do? How do we prevent political cognitive dissonance from making victims of us? We begin by questioning things; rules, laws, cultural norms, even the truth as we know it. It requires getting uncomfortable. We must be able to dig down deep and question our political perceptions and weigh them against morality, health, freedom, and love. We must not be afraid of getting uncomfortable, even at the expense of our security. Hell, even the house slave during the era of hard slavery had "comfort" and "security". And so even now, the citizen living in the era of soft slavery should question both their comfort and their security.

The Difference Between Courage-Based Leadership and Fear-based Authority
"We may have democracy or we may have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." - Louis Brandeis, Former Supreme Court Justice
Those with the courage to get uncomfortable despite the comfort and security of the state, tend to become leaders who question authority. People tend to think that anarchy means no rules and thus no leaders, but it really means no rulers and thus no masters. There are still rules, of course. But those with the courage to question their culture's politics realize that such rules are only valid if they are based on natural order, health, the golden rule, the golden mean, and the non-aggression principal. Otherwise, tyranny and violence become the rule and Krishnamurti's words become all the more poignant: "It's no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

As it stands, we are suffering at the hands of fear-based authority the world over, due to the rampant overreach of nation states ruling over us using outdated laws that propagate a culture of soft slavery, which keeps the rich richer (powerful) and the poor, poorer (powerless). And behold, our soft slavery has become a plutocracy despite the free democracy we all yearn for.

True leaders question authority. Indeed, the leadership of a free people must be a courage-based leadership that dares to draw a line in the sand against fear-based authority. It's not only freedom that hangs in the balance, but the future of our species. If we cannot get over this evolutionary hump of statism and soft slavery, then we are doomed as a species and no better than unthinking fish, ignorant to the water they breathe.

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