Styrtregn, oversvømmelser og hagl efterlader et hav af ødelæggelser verden over, og den nordlige halvklode fik stadig sne i juni.

The utrolige mængde af nedbør igennem de sidste måneder kan forklares ved et antal af ladede partikler i de øverste lag af atmosfæren.

Når meteorer og meteoritter passerer igennem de den nedre atmosfære, eller når vores klode passerer igennem en strøm af kometstøv, så akkumulerer ladede partikler mellem ionosfæren og overfladen på kloden førende til intensivering af storme og til voksende skydannelser hvilket bevirker mere nedbør. Skovbrande og vulkanudbrud, for eksempel medvirker også til akkumuleringen af partikler.

At the same time, rain can conduct the accumulated electrical charge of the ionosphere to the ground, which increases the occurrence of other electrical phenomena, as tornadoes, hurricanes and plasma formations.

The accumulation of charged aerosols and increasingly colder temperatures in upper layers of the atmosphere - caused by the current solar minimum - can also be responsible of the increasing amount of hail and unseasonable snow around the world.

Charged particles influence weather much more than has been appreciated.

Heavy rain and raging floods took the life of hundreds and affected millions in south China, and destroyed 1,470 houses and 3 bridges in Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. Heavy floods also hit Assam, India leaving 16 dead and over 253,000 affected.

While Romania got its second coldest day in June, Montana got more than 1 foot of snow and southeast Wyoming got 6 inches... just at the beginning of summer.

Siberia got a share of extreme weather this month, from tornadoes to floods and extreme temperature swings.

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake rattled large swaths of southern and central Mexico, killing at least five people. No major damage was reported.

Locusts continued to ravage Africa, India, Brazil, Argentina and the Middle East, with no sign that they'll be gone soon.

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