Rekord snefald, record kulde, kæmpe hagl, forrygende skovbrande, dødelige oversvømmelser, tørke, kraftfulde vulkanudbrud, jordskælv, fantastiske andre ord, oktober rummede det hele.

Det ville ikke være for meget af en overdrivelse at sige at denne måned havde det mest ekstreme vejr indtil nu i 2020 og selv for de seneste år. Vi råder alle til at være opmærksom på disse begivenheder og forberede derefter.

Det var den koldeste oktober måned målt nogensinde for USA og der var en masse tidlig snerekorder som blev brudt rundt om i verden. Rekordbrydende snefald dækkede amerikanske stater fra Montana til New Mexico, og rekordlave temperaturer blev brudt i dele af det vestlige og midvestlige USA.

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Lyman, Wyoming broke all cold records with -35° C; Potomac, Montana reached -33.9°C; and Boise, Idaho reached -13°C, breaking the old record of -8°C in 1878... and we're only in the second month of autumn.

A "Tree carnage" was reported in Oklahoma City after a powerful ice storm. Vegetation and power lines collapsed, leaving up to 300,000 without power.

British Columbia, Canada got blanketed with snowfall that broke a 120-year-old record, while 80% of Russia was covered, to one extent or another, in the white stuff.

Dig out your winter woollies, because if these trends continue, this winter could be a doozie!

Strangely enough, and possibly linked, for the first time in recorded history, the arctic ocean had not begun to freeze this October, and Greenland ice season stopped a month early. But that does not mean "global warming", rather, it's caused by changing ocean currents, and increasing volcanic activity; both symptoms of the solar minimum we are currently in.

Corporate media is trying to focus on some warm "spots" around the world, or to normalize what seems to be the beginning of a mini ice age, while "globalist" types plan an economic, political, and social "reset", using COVID as a cover.

Just to add to the dystopian feel, crop damage caused by extreme weather is fast becoming a new normal around the world, putting food security in question. Along with that:
As well as natural disasters devastating crop growth, the insane response to the coronavirus crisis and losing the value of the currency in Western nations, in particular, have made the production, availability, purchasing, and distribution of food - a MAJOR global issue the likes of which we haven't seen in generations.
This year's typhoon season in Asia has been devastating. Molave was the fourth storm to hit Vietnam's central region in less than three weeks, leaving communities no time to recover before being hit again... and harder.

Tens of thousands were evacuated in Cambodia after raging floods that destroyed more than 369,000 hectares of crops. Widespread floods have killed 40 and displaced millions in Southeast Asia.

A deadly 7.0 earthquake hit parts of Turkey and Greece, toppling buildings in İzmir, killing at least 92, and injuring hundreds. The tremor triggered small tidal surges that hit coastal areas and islands in both Turkey and Greece.

Last but not least, we had an amazing display of meteor fireballs this month too, 4 of them in Brazil in just two weeks!

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