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Rapporterne er udarbejdet af revisorer, it-specialister, dataanalytikere og statistikere

På lidt over en uge har grupper af frivillige it-specialister, dataanalytikere, revisorer og mere afsløret tilstrækkelig potentiel svig til at vælte valget i 2020.

I løbet af den sidste uge er grupper af fagfolk samlet for at sikre, at valgintegriteten var til stede i valget i 2020. Disse grupper af Trump og Amerika-kærlige patrioter arbejder på deres egen tid og graver ind i valgdata for at identificere potentielle beviser for bedrageri. På trods af at MSM promoverede en gruppe 'eksperter', der hævdede, at dette var 'det sikreste valg nogensinde', indikerer det virkelige bevis en helt anden historie.

På bare en uge har vi afdækket nok potentielt svigagtige aktiviteter og stemmer til at vælte valget i 2020.

We've reported on numerous incidents of fraudulent activities across the country in this election. From false claims of a water main break in Atlanta, to control deficiencies in the electronic voting machines used across the country, the lost flash drive in Milwaukee, to turning off the signature fraud confirmation software tools in Nevada, this election was a mess.

There are numerous legal questions as well, such has how to address the numerous illegal and corrupt activities the Democrats carried out in Michigan to steal the election.

Shockingly, Pennsylvania may have been worse. (See the Trump team complaint in Pennsylvania for proof.)

There are enough legal issues identified to date to indicate this was the most corrupt election in US history.

So what is the impact?

Today we can say that there is enough information presently available on the potential fraudulent activities that when quantified would overturn the election.

The biggest potential fraud identified to date is related to the data coming from the voting machines themselves.

After we had identified a number of anomalies where votes appeared to be 'switched' from President Trump to Joe Biden, a group of experts dug into election data and found this was not an innocent mistake. By using election day data, this group found millions of votes removed from President Trump and placed in the Biden column. (This data is now being reviewed but our initial results are consistent with the group's reporting.)

The President took note of our report on this matter yesterday:

There are other items already identified and quantified by others. One report isolated Biden only votes from the election which were so large and outside of expectations that they clearly are not reasonable and should at least be reviewed for signatures:

Another group identified more than 43,000 invalid out of state voters in key swing states. A partial analysis:

When only accounting for these votes, there are enough votes to overturn the results in four key states and ultimately overturn the election:
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These votes have not been confirmed by the Trump team or the states, so they are not final. There is also ongoing work on dead people who voted, felons who illegally voted, and more. Democrats have a history of committing voter fraud, so there is more to do.

Don't listen to the corrupt and dishonest media which never praises the President's efforts or reports on his successes and always sides with corrupt perpetrators. Already there is enough information to overturn this election.