war on people
Det er den uundgåelige konklusion efter måneder med mere og mere irrationel og autoritær politik, der angiveligt blev trumlet ud som svar på Covid19. Uundgåelig, fordi der nu er et væld af ekspertudtalelser og vidnesbyrd om, at vi bliver løjet for, og Coronabedrageriet bliver brugt til at fremme den ondsindede dagsorden for World Economic Forum, som glædeligt anerkender Covid19 som værende en katalysator for fremskyndelsen af deres ordning.

Regeringens globalt har ondskabsfuldt makuleret den sociale kontrakt og systematisk spildt millioner af deres vælgeres liv. Det er åbenlyst ikke en handling af inkompetence, men en bevidst, forræderisk handling af samfundsmæssig trængsel. Kynisk ofring af den lavere og middelklasse til religionen fra Verdensøkonomiske Forums store Reset-dagsorden. Og de stopper ikke der.

På trods af de katastrofale forudsigelser, der igen viser sig ubegrundede, har Daily Mail afsløret, planer om mere testning, trinvise nedlukning, vaccinationer og et 'frihedspas'.

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The details of the scheme are still being ironed out by officials in Whitehall, who hope it will allow the country to get back to normal next year.

To earn the freedom pass, people will need to be tested regularly and, provided the results come back negative, they will then be given a letter, card or document they can show to people as they move around.

The certificate would be stored on a phone, according to sources, and would allow people to live a relatively normal life until the government's vaccination program gets up to the speed.

It would even allow Britons to get away without wearing a mask, it is thought, and visit family and friends without the need to socially distance.
Other disturbing initiatives include a NHS draft plan for mass vaccination of "willing" adults. (This article originally appeared in New Scientist, but seems to have vanished from their website).
A draft of NHS England's plan for the roll-out of a coronavirus vaccine aims for widespread vaccination of all willing adults in England by early April, if sufficient doses and other crucial supplies are available. Under NHS England's draft covid-19 vaccine deployment programme, which was outlined in a leaked document dated 13 November seen by HSJ , most doses of the potential vaccine would be administered between early January and mid-March, at a rate of between 4 and 5 million each week. The vaccinations would take place at thousands of "community mass vaccination sites" arranged by local GPs, with additional "large scale mass vaccination centres" in stadiums and conference centres.
Both the CDC and the WHO are also advocating for mass "catch-up" vaccination programs globally. From the CDC website, under the "More Resources" tab, is a page titled "Operational Considerations for Immunization Services During COVID-19 in Non-US Settings Focusing on Low-Middle Income Countries" (emphasis added). It states:
Rapid coverage assessments in areas known to be particularly affected by the disruption may be necessary to identify disproportionately affected communities to prioritize for catch-up vaccination. Known high-risk and low coverage communities (e.g., displaced populations, urban poor, remote/ rural, conflict-affected) should remain a high priority for catch-up, because of existing inequalities and higher risk for outbreaks (8).
Jeffrey A. Tucker, who recently wrote about the "entirely predictable" "massive carnage" caused by lockdowns, also commented on the "New Feudalism" they have created.
Think about the implications of that. The politicians and intellectuals who put this new feudalism in place tossed out all normal concerns over freedom, justice, equality, democracy, and universal dignity in favor of the creation of a strict caste system. So much for Locke, Jefferson, Acton, and Rawls. The medical technocracy cared only about conducting an unprecedented experiment in managing the social order as if it consisted entirely of lab rats.

It was already happening when the lockdowns began. This group does essential work while that group does nonessential work. This medical procedure is elective and thus delayed while that one can go ahead. This industry can continue on as normal while this one must shut down until we can say otherwise. There is nothing about this system that is consistent with any modern sense of how we want to live.
Neil Clark also discussed how digital passports create societal division, and are the implementation of a version of China's social credit system.
A refusal to take a coronavirus vaccine, spreading 'disinformation' about government health policy online, expressing the 'wrong' opinions on social media, and persisting in driving a petrol-fuelled car could see points lost.

The 'goodies' would have access to travel, pop concerts, sporting events and everything else. The 'baddies' would be under virtual house arrest. When we factor in the roll-out of universal basic income - with millions dependent on the state for their income - the prospects for freedom become even more terrifying.

As to exactly how much more terrifying things can actually get, this CDC document euphemistically uses the term "Shielding Approach", but advocates house arrest or concentration camps for "vulnerable people".
The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease ("high-risk") and the general population ("low-risk"). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or "green zones" established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting.1,2 They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.

Current evidence indicates that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.3 In most humanitarian settings, older population groups make up a small percentage of the total population.4,5 For this reason, the shielding approach suggests physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population to prioritize the use of the limited available resources and avoid implementing long-term containment measures among the general population.

In theory, shielding may serve its objective to protect high-risk populations from disease and death. However, implementation of the approach necessitates strict adherence1,6,7, to protocol. Inadvertent introduction of the virus into a green zone may result in rapid transmission among the most vulnerable populations the approach is trying to protect. (emphasis added)
In another, equally disquieting document, the CDC lay out their scheme for "Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health Surveillance During COVID-19", which includes the following graphic:

Child Health Surveillance During COVID-19
Is this portent of another "care" home "outbreak" in the making? Thus far, the human toll from "protective" measures has far exceeded that of the alleged virus. Even predictably so. Therefore, it is plausible to suggest that this further affront to our human rights won't be any different.

It is also valid to conclude that the government and its advisors have given up any pretence of democracy and are determined to doggedly enforce the Great Reset agenda, and the genocidal imperative it demands.

Medical experts and high profile scientists are increasingly coming forward and denouncing the corona fraud. The recent Portuguese court decision found PCR tests "are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test." But this is obsessively ignored, and they have, instead doubled down on the authoritarianism.

That US aligned governments are now waging open war on their citizens, on behalf of the WEF, and vested interests, is blatantly obvious. The hubris, the spite, the vindictiveness, is all out in the open. They have thrown down the gauntlet. Why, you ask? Peter Koenig offers some historical and contemporary insight.
And now, in these times of covid, it is relatively easy. Poor countries, particularly in the Global South, already indebted by the plandemic, are increasing their foreign debt in order to provide their populations with basic needs. Or so they make you believe. Much of the debt accumulated by developing countries is domestic or internal debt, like the debt of the Global North. It doesn't really need foreign lending institutions to wipe out local debt. Or have you seen one of the rich Global North countries borrowing from the IMF or the World Bank to master their debt? - Hardly.

So why would the Global South fall for it? Part corruption, part coercion, and partly direct blackmail. - Yes, blackmail, one of the international biggest crimes imaginable, being committed by the foremost international UN-chartered financial institutions, the WB and the IMF.

For example, the whole world is wondering how come that an invisible enemy, a corona virus hit all 193 UN member countries at once, so that Dr. Tedros, Director General of WHO, declares on 11 March a pandemic - no reason whatsoever since there were only 4,617 cases globally - but the planned result was a total worldwide lockdown on 16 March 2020. No exceptions. There were some countries who didn't take it so seriously, like Brazil, Sweden, Belarus, some African countries, like Madagascar and Tanzania - developed their own rules and realized that wearing masks did more harm than good, and social distancing would destroy the social fabric of their cultures and future generations.
So here we are. Sovereign human beings whose leaders have betrayed them in the most fundamental way. Sold out for "30 pieces of silver" to the misanthropic eugenicists in the World Economic Forum. It is a war. In their contemptuous and callous treatment of "we the people", they have left no option but resistance and civil disobedience.

James Corbett sums it up:
If you have managed to retain your sanity during this time of wide spread insanity, I applaud you and wish to assure you , you are not alone, many, many, many people around the world are defying orders, they are protesting against these lockdowns - they are standing up. They are disobeying.

But, of course, the corporate controlled press don't want you to know that disobedience is an option on the table and they will not report on this. But disobedience is an option. Open your business, leave your home, do not ask for permission.

We stand on the edge of an abyss of dystopian abnormality, and only we can turn this around. Their agents are on social media manufacturing consent by any means they deem necessary.

The fact they have to expend so many resources to try and convince us all is telling.

The most successful PR campaign they have run, is to portray opposition to the Great Reset, and Covid19 skepticism as being extreme right wing positions, usually using the most extreme examples. This is most apparent in the US, where positions on both have been divided along partisan lines.

Inexplicably, the real "Left" have been noticeably absent, if not in support of both narratives. Intelligent, rational people, usually familiar with the mechanisms of government propaganda and deceit have been blinkered. To what extent has Trump Derangement Syndrome assisted them? Why else, apart from corruption, would effect this departure from their usual perceptiveness?

Ironically, slavish adherence to this narrative, does not confer any special privileges, as some "lefties" are finally realizing. Will they wake up to the reality of the situation and join humanity in the fight to reassert our sovereignty and human rights?

Despite gargantuan efforts to turn reality inside out, #TheGreatAwakening is happening. Decades of Hollywood programing have conditioned us to look outwards for our heroes, and not accidentally, the dark overlords want us to feel helpless, and hopeless because then we hasten our demise through defeatism and apathy. They will resist, at all costs, the masses of the earth waking up to the truth of our indomitable power, if we unite and resist.

The choice is stark. Obey or disobey. Slavery or sovereignty. Commodities or communities.

Can we afford not to?