Zelensky Morawiecki
Zelensky tv, Morawiecki th.
Enten lyver Morawiecki, eller også er Zelensky lige blevet udsolgt til den person, der formodes at være den næstmest onde mand i historien ifølge den officielle amerikansk-ledede vestlige MSM-fortælling ved at forsvare sin beslutning om at fortsætte med at forhandle med Putin. Hvis det første er sandt, så afslører dette Polen som politisk manipulerende, mens det andet antyder, at Zelensky faktisk er lige så fascistisk, som han er anklaget af sine modstandere for at være.

Den nye vestlige darling Volodymyr Zelensky har netop afvist den polske premierminister Mateusz Morawieckis seneste sammenligning af den russiske præsident Vladimir Putin med Adolf Hitler. Den polske leder engagerede sig i historisk revisionisme i mandags ved retorisk at spørge den franske præsident Emmanuel Macron: 'Ingen forhandlede med Hitler. Ville du forhandle med Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot?' Det er dog faktuelt forkert, eftersom Polen forhandlede en ikke-angrebspagt med Nazityskland i 1934 og derefter delingen af Tjekkoslovakiet et par år senere efter München. Morawieckis bevidst vildledende påstand var sandsynligvis beregnet til blot at bidrage til de amerikansk-ledede Western Mainstream Medias (MSM) informationskrigskampagne mod den russiske leder og presse andre til ikke at forhandle med ham.

Lo and behold, Ukrainian President Zelensky of all people contradicted his Polish patron less than 24 hours later. He told some of his country's journalists on Tuesday that "It's impossible to just say: 'Let's not talk anymore.' It's the easiest position, it's the easiest thing to say, 'I won't talk with you'. The hardest thing is to talk. Given [Ukraine's] position aimed at finding opportunities to hold meetings and search for a way out of the situation, making sure that we don't lose territories, I believe that this is the goal we need to try to achieve in talks." To his credit, that's a very pragmatic stance to take even if he's suspected by some of not negotiating sincerely. In any case, this new Western darling's statement should provoke cognitive dissonance among some of those who've been indoctrinated by the MSM.

Morawiecki attempted to manipulate public perceptions by comparing President Putin to Hitler, hoping to mislead his intended audience into extending credence to this false comparison by virtue of the fact that the Nazis' attack against Poland officially sparked World War II. Just like it's "politically incorrect" in Western society to ever question any Jews' comparison of anything to the Holocaust, so too is it similarly "politically incorrect" to question any Polish leader's comparison of anyone to Hitler. Never mind that these "politically correct" standards are simply tools for managing public discourse in support of the West's liberal-globalist interests, they're still largely enforced by this civilization's powerful gatekeepers, especially the Putin-Hitler comparison after last weekend's questionable Bucha incident.

The Polish leader is shockingly proud of the fact that his country set the global standard for Russophobia like he boasted about last week so objective observers should immediately take anything that he says about Russia or its president with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, most members of the Western public who only casually consume news aren't actually objective at all. That's why they adore Zelensky as their newest hero and believe that this fascist-supporting leader can do no wrong. The Western masses have been indoctrinated to love him after the onset of Russia's ongoing special military operation in Ukraine. For this reason, those who are familiar with both the Polish and Ukrainian leaders' latest statements should wonder why there's a very clear narrative disconnect between those two.

It's impossible for both of them to be correct: Putin cannot be the "new Hitler" like Morawiecki implied after exploiting his country's World War II reputation to extend credence to this false comparison meant to pressure his peers into refusing negotiations with the Russian leader, while Zelensky remains the West's new darling who decided on his own to continue negotiating with the same man who his Polish counterpart just condemned as the "new Hitler". Either Morawiecki is lying or Zelensky sold out to the person who's supposed to be the second most evil man in history according to the official US-led Western MSM narrative. If the first is true, then this exposes Poland as politically manipulative, while the second would suggest that Zelensky is actually just as fascist as he's accused by his opponents of being.

Comment: Or Zelensky is trying to buy time, and possibly create a scenario whereby when the talks fail, because US-Ukraine reject Russia's reasonable demands, they can blame Russia and claim that Ukraine 'tried'.

The Western public cannot accept either of these interpretations of events, yet those who are still capable of even the most limited level of critical thinking must be asking themselves which of those two is true. It's impossible for the Polish and Ukrainian leaders to both be right, yet they can't acknowledge that one of them is wrong and all that entails. This will likely provoke severe cognitive dissonance among those with low levels of critical thinking (those who lack such are unlikely to pay even a second thought to this narrative disconnect), and only those with globally average levels of such capabilities if not above will decide upon one or the other interpretation depending on whichever makes them feel most comfortable (or rather, the least uncomfortable).

This example of sloppy information warfare clearly represents a lack of coordination at the highest level by both leaders' American puppet masters.

Comment: It might be sloppy, but great swathes of people are so programmed they'll accept them both as true and regurgitate the MSM narrative.

It perfectly demonstrates the existence of the US-led West's information warfare campaign against their own people, which have always been their intended audience when it comes to the propagation of anti-Russian narratives such as comparing President Putin to Hitler and portraying Zelensky as an angel who can do no wrong. Everyone's entitled to their own views about whatever it might be, but those who realized that they've just been manipulated should consider sharing this analysis with their family and close friends who might still be having the wool pulled over their eyes in an attempt to hopefully wake them up as well.