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© AFP / Jack GuezFILFOTO: En folkemængde samles for at se en tv-tale af Ukraines præsident Volodymyr Zelensky til det israelske Knesset i Tel Aviv, Israel, den 20. marts 2022.
Præsident Volodymyr Zelensky har advaret om, at Ukraine vil se til Israel for at få inspiration vedrørende dets fremtidige sikkerhedsarrangementer, idet han argumenterer for, at et 'absolut liberalt' Kiev nu er 'umuligt' efter Moskvas angreb i slutningen af ​​februar.

I en tale til journalister tirsdag sagde præsidenten, at sikkerhed ville være 'nummer et'-problemet for ukrainere i det næste årti, og endda gå så langt som til at forudsige en varig væbnet militær tilstedeværelse i gaderne.

Comment: Zelensky is getting ahead of himself, although this delusional performance is likely intentional, as he probably doesn't want to admit the truth, which is that Ukraine is losing and he probably won't be in his position in 10 months, never mind 10 years.

Kommentar: Delvist oversat af Sott. net fra Ukraine will be a 'big Israel' - Zelensky

"Ukraine will definitely not be what we wanted it to be from the beginning. It is impossible. Absolutely liberal, European - it will not be like that," he said.

Comment: What with the war crimes Ukraine's neo-Nazi military has been shown to be responsible for, it's clear that it could never have been any kind of 'liberal' state, and it's actually quite telling that Zelensky would make the comment, as if he knew this all along.

"We will become a 'big Israel' with its own face. We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons."

Reached by Haaretz following Zelensky's comments, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk said that "no matter what happens next, [things] in Ukraine will be similar to the security situation in Israel," also adding that "you will see more armed people in the streets, even when things become more peaceful than they are now."

"Israelis have lived surrounded by enemies for all of their history and Ukraine will be doing the same," he continued.

Comment: Israel's 'history' goes back less than a century, and it is responsible for making itself an enemy of peace; with those points in mind, the two states really do share a number of similarities: The dubious paternity of Ukraine's modern borders

Despite a brief spat between Zelensky and Israeli lawmakers last month after the president compared Ukraine's situation to the Holocaust, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has made several offers to mediate negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, saying he feels obligated to help bring an end to the fighting. Turkey has played a similar role, holding multiple high-level talks on its soil in recent weeks.

Comment: It's typical of the pathological types in Israel that, despite arming the neo-Nazi's as far back as 2018, they still brazenly claim they could be mediators in the war.

Zelensky was openly critical of Tel Aviv in comments to the Knesset in March, accusing the government of "apathy" and "mediation without taking a side" while demanding military support for Ukraine. He later scaled back those comments, however, acknowledging that "Israel has its interests" and a "strategy to protect its citizens."

"The prime minister of Israel, Mr. Bennett, is trying to find a way of holding talks, and we are grateful for this," he said. "We are grateful for his efforts so that sooner or later we will begin to have talks with Russia, possibly in Jerusalem."