SOTT Links study er en samling a søgeresultater på den Engelske udgave af SOTT, med mange begreber og henvisninger til artikler. Se også: SOTT links study part 2: M-Z

Eng: SOTT Links study is a collection of search results on the English version of SOTT, with many terms and references to articles. See also: SOTT links study part 2: M-Z

What does it take to wake up to realize that we are often being lied to by governements, medias, and authorities. I asked a couple of friends and one suggested it was a result of programming over a long time. In many cases we can use training and influencing. That is the way most of us learn to speak our native language and how to behave in the societies we live in. In due course we also adopt beliefs and opinions that reflects what is expected of us. Much is of course useful, but persisting in taking lies for truth does not help.

Using the SOTT search engine to find articles
Motivated by a question about waking up, I chose "awakening":and entered it into the SOTT articles search engine, like this:
This will give a number of results:
To refine the search, one can click the wheel to the right of "Search Results", to open SuperSearch:
One enters the same word as before, but can now select if the search is to take place within Titles, Author, Source, Summary, Text, Comment, or Location. In the field to the right one can select between Match any words, Match all words or Match exact phrase. Trying this approach and selecting "Titles" and "Match any word" gave:

In this result, there were 44 articles with 10 previews showing per page. To copy a link for the search one can press the copy symbol to the left of the the number of articles, With this link, one can access the search result anytime, but the number may increase, in case new articles fulfil the search criteria.

The format using the SuperSearch function was to begin with a word, and then refine using different field descriptions:
Title: # articles
Summary: # articles
Text: # articles
Comment: # articles
Title and summary: # articles
Title, summary and text: # articles
In this way looking for "Awakening" gave the following number of articles and search links at the time the study was carried out which was late 2022-early 2023.

Title: 44 articles
Search code: intitle: "awakening"
Summary: 199 articles
Search code:
insummary: "awakening"
Text: 845 articles
Search code:
intext: "awakening"
Comment: 92 articles
Search code:
incomment: "awakening"
Title and summary: 11 articles
Search code:
intitle: "awakening" AND insummary: "awakening"
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Searh code:
intitle: "awakening" AND insummary: "awakening" AND intext: "awakening"
How to correct faulty links
Above, I included the text to enter into the search field. With this knowledge, you will be able to correct a link that does not lead to the desired results. For instance, I have more than once found a link that did not show what I wanted it to show. The error happened, when a link was improperly copied, so I ended up pasting the same link twice. However most of the links should be working as intended.

When the text hides the search word, look in the source text for the article
The number of hits may for all field descriptions except "Title" include some where there are no visible mention of the word. This riddle can be resolved by displaying the source code and then make a search for the word. If this procedure is unfamiliar, to view the source code of a page, one can in Windows use the shortcut Ctrl+U. After that follow with Ctrl + F to open the search field for the page and enter the search word. The search function should then go to the place in the source code where the word is hiding. In case there are two words in the search, just enter one of them in the source text search, as the number of possible combinations usually is very limited.
An alternative to a search in the source text is to hold the mouse over the hyperlinks, as a pop-up will then show the underlying text of the link. This approach works well if the number of hyperlinks is small, or the text is short.

Examples of results that mention awakening in their title.
A search word and link does not show how a concept is used, To make a search result more meaningful, below a search word and links, there are one or more examples:
The Don Cherry-Jess Allen double standard is awakening Canada's silent majority
Society is made of narratives - Realizing this is one step to awakening from The Matrix
Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration: The awakening of self-awareness
Is Vladimir Putin an agent of the awakening?
VIDEO: The five stages of the awakening
Awakening Within a Network of Mutuality
2012 - Collective Awakening or End of the World?

Next are three examples, where there are two words. In such instances one has to choose between "Match exact phrase" , "Match any words" or "Match all words". The following example used "Match exact phrase" in Supersearch and returned these results:

"Political awakening"
Title: 1 articles
Summary: 8 articles
Text: 36 articles
Comment: 4 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Zbigniew Brzezinski: 'Global Political Awakening' Making Syrian War Difficult
When one opens up a search link for a two-word-search like the summary articles, notice that the preview in some instances only shows one of the words, as in Is Kanye a disaster for Democrats? Some Black voters are changing their allegiance where one encounters this preview: are tearing up their Democratic memberships, arguing the party no longer has their best interests at heart. Is this a new political trend or a mere flash in the pan for the GOP? At least since the 1960s, following a raft of civil rights legislation put fo...
To find the context, open up the article and do a text search Ctrl+F to find the If it does not, try the search in the source, as explained above.
Below are more two word examples related to awakening

"Spiritual awakening"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 7 articles
Text: 38 articles
Comment: 3 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Wake up call: Depression holds tremendous potential for personal growth and spiritual awakening

"Rude awakening"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 25 articles
Text: 75 articles
Comment: 18 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Peter Schiff: Americans are in for a rude awakening

Some writers will not use awakening, but "Wake up".
"Wake up"
Title: 89 articles
Summary: 572 articles
Text: 2533 articles
Comment: 237 articles
Title and summary: 24 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
MindMatters: Wake Up! Gurdjieff on Sleep, Knowledge and Politics

Another variation is:
"Waking up"
Title: 50 articles
Summary: 254 articles
Text: 781 articles
Comment: 113 articles
Title and summary:4 articles
Words can have different meanings some more literal, some more metaphorical. Waking up provides examples of both:
Trouble waking up? Camping could set your clock straight
Celebs waking up? Oscar winner Tim Robbins tells Russell Brand how he saw the light on media bias, 'Orwellian' COVID rules based on politics, not science
Montana hit by strongest earthquake in over 20 years, raising concerns that Yellowstone 'supervolcano' is slowly waking up

Free will, the choice is ours
The idea of waking up is alright, but all may not agree over "to what". if for instance someone expects me to wake up to a flat earth or to accecpt a no virus theory, then I choose to disagree. More generally, we can accept or resist an invitation from someone else for us to acknowledge or accept their particular point of view, the same goes for the people we interact with. Here are some articles that discuss the topic of free will:

"Free will"
Title: 30 articles
Summary: 97 articles
Text: 451 articles
Comment: 31 articles
Title and summary: 24 articles
Title, summary and text: 19 articles
More anti-free will idiocy from Darwinist Jerry Coyne
The Truth Perspective: Free Will Is Not An Illusion: Why Materialists Are Wrong To Deny Their Own Freedom
Free will experiment suggests: People who meditate are more aware of their unconscious brain
Free will and the point of no return
Fruit flies display rudimentary free will
Social Harmony in Times of Global Dischord ["Free will" in text.]

A comment on the choice of search items and the examples of articles where the words, concepts or expressions are used
Some may disagree with the selection of search words, the arguments promoted by the numerous authors behind the thousands of articles, and of course with the limited selection of examples of which some appear more than once because the contain more than one of the words or concept included in the search. On the other hand, even people with whom we would disagree with most of the time might find something they would agree with.

Search words A-M
Below are a number of words that like keyholes can give us insight into the world we live in. For a few, I have inserted quotes that include the key words in a context or short comments, for others there are just the examples. For many, I have chosen examples where a topic appears both in title, summary and text, but that is not always possible, especially when a search word is not much used. Note that the search items below for the most part only cover until the letter M for the remaining words see: SOTT links study part 2: M-Z

There are many types of agendas with some being restricted to how a person uses his or her time, but some agendas can have political, military or economic consequenses that influence the course of history and the development of society:
Title: 355 articles
Summary: 2655 articles
Text: 9487 articles
Comment: 1549 articles
Title and summary: 131 articles
Title, summary and text: 77 articles
Is there an Orwellian agenda behind "Climate Change"?
Climate Change dictates are self destructive - but also part of a bigger agenda
Mercola: Dismantling the transhumanist agenda
America's diabolical agenda: NATO Ministers are preparing for war on Russia [This was in 2017!]]
Fear porn or a serious depopulation agenda?: Bill Gates warns that bioterrorism could kill 30 million people
The Hidden Agenda Behind Transparency International
Paul Craig Roberts: Agenda prevails over truth

"Agents of chaos"
The meaning becmes more rich when one looks at the use in the results where the term appears in the text.
Title: 2 articles
Summary: 1 article
Text: 15 articles
Comment: 8 articles
5th-gen warfare terms and tactics where there is:
Controlled opposition, disruptors and chaos agents. Historically, these tactics involve a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. However, in 5th-Gen warfare, controlled opposition often may come in the form of disruptors and chaos agents. Either "real" people or bots that generate outrageous claims that delegitimize a movement (examples currently may (or may not be); "snake venom in the water" or "everyone is going to die who took the vaccine within two years". Another tactic is placing agents of chaos whose job is to basically disrupt organizations and events. This may also come in the form of "reporters" who assert fake or highly exaggerated news stories, and who most likely are funded by the opposition. "Undermine the order from the shadows " is the tactic here.
Agents of chaos: ISIL using Ukraine as a forward base into Caucasia and entry into Europe [2015]
Western media celebrates ISIS fighting in Ukraine [In comments]


That includes words like arrogance and arrogant, though the first is more common.
Title: 83 articles
Summary: 430 articles
Text: 2140 articles
Comment: 277 articles
Title and summary: 34 articles
Title, summary and text: 13 articles
It was well known that NATO expansion would lead to war, we are now paying for its arrogance - The Guardian
"Assad must go" is another dangerous expression of America's imperial arrogance
Washington's unprecedented arrogance

Title: 2 articles
Summary: 2 articles
Text: 39 articles
Comment: 8 articles
"The Lobby - USA": Watch the film the Israel lobby has tried to suppress - UPDATE: Parts 3 & 4 released
In the undercover footage, the fellows admit to Tony that what they are doing is "astroturfing" - a term for fake grassroots activism orchestrated or paid for by an interest group.
Al Jazeera's censored documentary on 'The Lobby': A lesson in pro-Israel fake activism
Which brings me to the one short segment in the entire document that made me smile, the comedic and failed astroturfing "protest" where the recruited students were clearly uncomfortable with the activity they had been paid to engage in, namely disrupt the SJP conference at George Mason University. ("Astroturfing" is "fake grassroots" activism, which relies on paid protesters or supporters). We are shown the astroturf students repeating after Yael Lerman Mazar, StandWithUs director of academic affairs: "SJP is a hate group, BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] is a hate movement," but the lack of conviction is painful, almost pathetic, when the fakes come face to face with the real grassroots, the student organizers with SJP.
Leaked Al Jazeera footage exposes US Israel lobby astroturfing pro-Palestinian student event
The Grayzone Project's Max Blumenthal released a new segment Tuesday, revealing that US think tanks arranged a fake protest to disrupt a Students for Palestine national conference in 2016. The practice is known as astroturfing and aims to create an illusion of dissent where there is none, in turn creating press coverage to further the agenda of the perpetrators.
The Wiki explains:
Authoritarianism is a political system characterized by the rejection of political plurality, the use of strong central power to preserve the political status quo, and reductions in the rule of law, separation of powers, and democratic voting.
Title: 48 articles
Summary: 159 articles
Text: 730 articles
Comment: 103 articles
Title and summary: 18 articles
Title, summary and text: 18 articles
MindMatters: Interview with Tom Costello: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Left-wing Authoritarianism!
Authoritarianism's unlikeliest ally: The vociferous rise of the violent left
The Age of Authoritarianism
Authoritarianism and Psychopathy

"Authoritarian personality"
Title: 4 articles
Summary: 8 articles
Text: 48 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
The 'F Scale': Theodore W. Adorno's 'authoritarian personality' revisited
John Dean Rips Cheney's Memoir: It Displays His 'Authoritarian Personality'
Pathologizing politics: The difference between pathocracy studies and the F-scale [In summary.]
Mainstream media's schizophrenic attitude towards 'conspiracy theories' [In summary.]

This item includes words like blacklist, blacklists, blacklisted, and blacklisting. The different articles explain the range of meanings. If someone or something is blacklisted, that person, group, organisation or viewpoint can be suppressed. A different form of blacklisting is shadow banning, which has its own entry.
Title:133 articles
Summary: 414 articles
Text: 1133 articles
Comment: 206 articles
Title and summary: 91 articles
Title, summary and text: 62 articles
Twitter 'kept a secret blacklist of accounts and topics to stop them trending'
If telling the truth puts me on Ukraine's 'Russian propagandist' blacklist, I'll wear that tag proudly
Ukraine witch-hunter Mirotvorets blacklists retired NATO generals, Munich Security Conference head as 'PRO-RUSSIA' propagandists [This was 2020.]
Google secretly blacklists conservative websites, favors big business
Brazen: Google VP denies 'blacklists' of search results after leaks show their existence
Financial blacklisting: Far left orgs and Soros-backed group press Mastercard to censor political right

Title: 93 articles
Summary: 330 articles
Text: 1239 articles
Comment: 237 articles
Title and summary: 45 articles
Title, summary and text: 22 articles
One Nation Under Blackmail: Interview With Whitney Webb
Alleged ex-Mossad handler claims Maxwell and Epstein were Israeli spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians
Understanding the subtleties of emotional blackmail
EU cuts off its nose to spite Russia: Yields to US blackmail on sanctions
UK secret service infiltrated paedophile group to 'blackmail establishment'

A bias can prevent us from understanding things, situations or people as they are. On the other hand, a claim that someone is biased may be used as a tool to undermine their position, but the claim itself may be grounded in a bias.
Title: 368 articles
Summary: 1571 articles
Text: 5987 articles
Comment: 861 articles
Title and summary: 202 articles
Title, summary and text: 147 articles
Top agent exits FBI amid charge of political bias undermining Hunter Biden probe, sources say
The ugly history of vitamin D3 and Fauci's pro-vaccine bias
14 common types of cognitive biases and how they affect you and your relationships
Mandatory unconscious bias training dropped by UK government: Experts say it makes people MORE prejudiced
The bias of bias-reducing methods - bias training, bias reporting, and bias warnings do more harm than good
Psychoanalysing NATO's confirmation bias problem
Emotional biases and avoiding the pitfalls of America's Dunning-Kruger epidemic
Indian antitrust watchdog fines Google $21mn for search bias and abusing its position
The seven cognitive biases that can ruin how you make decisions
Confirmation bias: People ignore facts that contradict their false beliefs

Blindsided means taken by surprise, as in Senator Rand Paul "blindsided" by attacker in his home
Title: 11 articles
Summary:66 articles
Text: 176 articles
Comment: 26 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Pristina stand-off: How Moscow blindsided NATO with 'secret Kosovo airport raid' 20 years ago
Russia: US plan to supply lethal arms to Ukraine will escalate violence, WH blindsided

Title: 46 articles
Summary: 291 articles
Text: 1364 articles
Comment: 248 articles
Title and summary: 37 articles
Title, summary and text: 14 articles
Mother of NYC heiress paid 'deprogrammer' big bucks after daughter 'brainwashed' by college's woke agenda
'Brainwashing': Scientists say brain has its own (seemingly designed) mechanism for taking out the garbage
Cults, brainwashing, and mind control in America
Guardian's 'brainwashing' tactics on Putin - the methodology illustrated

Bread circus* [Match all words]
Open the links below, go to the search field and press enter. otherwise one gets too many hits. I don't understand how the search engine seems to behave this way.
Title: 11 articles
Summary: 28 articles
Text: 116 articles
Comment: 21 articles
Bread & circuses: NFL hysteria a reminder of how the Elite have controlled men for thousands of years
Still getting bread and circuses: For decadent and immoral, look no further than current television shows
Modern slavery, bread and circuses: Official records show 185 Nepalese workers died last year alone on stadium construction sites for Qatar for 2022 Soccer World Cup
Bread and Circuses...American style
Bread and Circuses: Political Machinations of the IOC Ringmasters

"Cancel culture"
Title: 84 articles
Summary: 146 articles
Text: 365 articles
Comment: 118 articles
Title and summary: 51 articles
Title, summary and text: 39 articles
MindMatters: Truth-Killing Cancel Culture Has Always Existed to Bolster the Status Quo
Pepe Escobar on Big Tech's 'cancel culture' love affair
Rex Murphy: How the 'cancel culture' mob's attempt to silence Jordan Peterson backfired
Brave new cancel culture world
Archbishop of Canterbury decries cancel culture: 'We can't erase the past... we have to learn from it'
Democracy isn't working for young people because cancel culture has made them scared of freedom of speech
Ricky Gervais slams PC police, calling cancel culture a 'weird sort of fascism'
'Cancel culture' tactics and the Israel lobby
J.K. Rowling, Noam Chomsky among dozens to call for end to 'cancel culture'
Cancel culture comes to Polish science circles


This covers the verb and its derivatives as well as the nouns censor and censorship
Title: 886 articles
Summary: 1873 articles
Text: 5481 articles
Comment: 1560 articles
Title and summary: 512 articles
Title, summary and text: 398 articles
Dr Kerryn Phelps reveals 'devastating' Covid vaccine injury, says doctors have been 'censored'
Documents reveal how 'Russiagate' was used to justify forcing Twitter censorship
Texas billionaire quietly steered millions toward groups linked to 'disinformation' censorship operations
Disinformation, censorship, and information warfare in the 21st Century

Title: 1 article
Summary: 33 articles
Text: 170 articles
Comment: 8 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Bolivia President Morales: US is selfish and conceited over North Korea issues
"I don't understand how the governments of some countries, the US president, for example, have such a selfish and conceited mindset. Every administration should think of humanity in the first place and respect nation's identity, equality of states," Morales said.
IN GOD WE DISTRUST: Will America's embrace of atheism be the death of us all? [In summary.]:
Although America's purported devotion to God may be a tad overblown, the roots of religion in US politics date back to its very founding. In fact, the creation of the United States was considered to be such an extraordinary event that the Founding Fathers - fiercely devout Christians all of them - were often carried away with religious conceit.
Dostoevsky's thoughtful critique of the Left - still relevant! [In summary.]:
n his great if overlong book The Devils, the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky weaves a black comedy about a group of radicals who want to take over a small Russian town as a stepping stone to a general revolution. Most of them parrot various platitudes about how their coming utopia will be best for everyone, expressing universal compassion and sympathy for the poor and dispossessed. But in their personal behavior, none of these conceits bear out. In their meetings, the radicals are vain, overestimate their abilities, and constantly seek to one up one another. Far from really believing in equality, each radical tries to outdo the others with their affectations about how much they care or by developing ever more radical "systems" to prove their genius.

(a few are false positives due to air conditioning).
Title: 23 articles
Sen. Rand Paul tells Dan Bongino COVID restrictions are 'about conditioning the American individual to submit to government'
The elites are conditioning you to live in a 'smart city' - Resist it
Media Manipulation is Conditioning us With False Narratives
Hyperthermic conditioning's role in increasing endurance, muscle mass, and neurogenesis
Human powers: Environmental conditioning as a way of recovering the strength of our ancestors
Conditioning the masses - No unsupervised playing or hugging!
Censorship, manipulation, and conditioning in the USA
The Matrix: Pentagon wants ALL data to recreate 'parallel virtual Earth' for testing and conditioning human responses to psy-ops in real time
Conditioning people through state terrorism: Nationwide post-Sandy Hook terror drills
Circumcision - Conditioning the Adult by Torturing the Child
Video game conditioning spills over into real life
Summary: Conditioning + any of classical pavlovian operant social:
insummary: +conditioning AND insummary: classical pavlovian operant social
22 articles
Facebook: Managing public perception and socially engineering the masses for the elites
Addictive Nature of Gaming Probed
Text: Conditioning + any of classical pavlovian operant social : 365 articles
The Psychology of Children
Surprise, Surprise! Russians ahead of aliens, terrorists and Nazis as most frequently found enemy in first-person shooter video games
Comment: Conditioning + any of classical pavlovian operant social : 10 articles
The use of psychological operations, false narratives and deception by the American government is standard operating procedure
The Serpent and the Staff: Symbols of Safety and Security in the Propaganda of a Global Medical Tyranny

Title: 187 articles
Summary: 1840 articles
Text: 7119 articles
Comment: 558 articles
Title and summary: 60 articles
Title, summary and text: 24 articles
Fact-Checkers are used to confuse the public: Sharyl Attkisson
Biden confuses Ukraine with Iraq again
Major law firm confirms FDA deceived America with its confusing 'approval' of Pfizer vax; highlights religious belief rights
Comey admits FBI's Trump-Russia probe was a ball of 'bungled confusion', tries to weasel out of taking responsibility
Greta Thunberg wins TIME Person of the Year: It's a symptom of a sick & confused world when adults make children their leaders
The Vegan Confusion - How vegans and vegetarians kill animals after all...
I am confused, can anyone help me? Part II: West's double standards and hypocrisy
Productive confusion can be good for you
Confusion can be beneficial for learning

"Cognitive bias"
Title: 6 articles
Summary: 16 articles
Text: 46 articles
Comment: 17 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Cognitive bias and the links between intelligence and prejudice
Identifying hidden flaws in our thinking: A cognitive bias crib sheet
Cognitive Bias: How it shapes our reality
The Truth Perspective: Propaganda & cognitive bias - The battle for your mind

"Cognitive dissonance"
Title: 29 articles
Summary: 79 articles
Text: 422 articles
Comment: 76 articles
Title and summary: 10 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
Washington and much of the Western world live in state of cognitive dissonance
The massive deaths, destruction of towns, cities, infrastructure, the maiming, physical and mental, the dislocation that has sent millions of refugees fleeing Washington's wars to overrun Europe, where governments consist of a collection of idiot stooges who supported Washington's massive war crimes in the Middle East and North Africa, produced no outcry comparable to Trump's immigration policy.

How can it be that Americans can see inhumanity in the separation of families in immigration enforcement but not in the massive war crimes committed against peoples in eight countries? Are we experiencing a mass psychosis form of cognitive dissonance?
Television news and mind control through cognitive dissonance
The top chiefs of news — and top propaganda operatives — anticipate cognitive dissonance. In a real sense, they want it to happen. They make it happen. Over and over.


Because it throws the viewer into a tailspin. And in that mental state, in his effort to resolve the contradiction, he will normally choose to...give in. Surrender. Believe in the anchor. It's the easier path.

The viewer will even doubt his own perception. "I see no good reason for Building 7 to collapse, but the news doesn't bring that up, must be me."
America's painful self-delusion: Resolving our cognitive dissonance
Psychological manipulation using cognitive dissonance
Conspiracy theories: Confronting cognitive dissonance - The Eyeopener

Title: 41 articles
Summary: 62 articles
Text: 273 articles
Comment: 67 articles
Title and summary: 15 articles
Title, summary and text: 11 articles
Why we should teach the youth about COINTELPRO & the FBI's war on the Civil Rights Movement
Glenn Greenwald: 4 points about the 1971 FBI COINTELPRO files break-in
COINTELPRO, Provacateurs and Disinfo Agents: The U.S. Government's war on the American People

Title: 320 articles
Summary: 1255 articles
Text: 3219 articles
Comment: 775 articles
Title and summary: 189 articles
Title, summary and text: 142 articles
WSJ editors eviscerate Hillary in blistering op-ed about Russia collusion lies
SpyGate 101: A primer on the 'Russia Collusion' hoax meant to bring down Trump
Ratcliffe says 'all kinds of intelligence' showed 'fake Russia collusion'
The road to fascism: Paved with vaccine mandates and corporate collusion That Senate 'collusion' report? It's got no smoking gun, but it does have a fog machine
Brookings Institute: Deep state hub connects to fake Russian collusion/Ukraine scandals and now China spying in US

Title: 579 articles
Summary: 2806 articles
Text: 8113 articles
Comment: 1040 articles
Title and summary: 370 articles
Title, summary and text: 268 articles
Disinformation agents & the CIA: Weaponizing the term 'Conspiracy Theory'
New studies: 'Conspiracy theorists' sane; government dupes crazy, hostile
Turns Out the 'Government Sachs' Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along
The Stargate Conspiracy - A Review, analysis, and commentary
8 Conspiracy Theories About Health That The Mainstream Media Has Been Forced To Admit Are Actually True

"Controlled opposition"; "paid opposition"
Mostly, I have put the words in alphabetic order; in this instance it was meaningful to include the concept of paid opposition.
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 10 articles; 3 articles
Text: 84 articles; 7 articles
Comment: 20 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Title, summary and text: 1 article
How to tell if someone is controlled opposition The anti-Russia roots of the 'cultural left': CIA-backed controlled opposition
Controlled opposition - from Goldstein to Soros and beyond

Title: 2 articles
Summary: 35 articles
Text: 213 articles
Comment: 12 articles
Leaked papers allege massive UK govt effort to co-opt Russian-language anti-Kremlin media & influencers to 'weaken Russian state'
Maduro slams Abrams' 'vulgar maneuver' of trying to co-opt the legacy of Hugo Chavez

Correct and its variation, is one of many concepts that gives us insigt into the period of history we live in. In the public, discourse, what is considered correct is not seldom motivated by social, ideological or financial pressures rather than search for truth. Some of the search results shows this tendency, though we should leave space for honest corrections, as people, even societies, that grow in knowledge and understanding, are bound to modify some of their views as they grow.
Title: 241 articles
Summary: 3211 articles
Text: 13269 articles
Comment: 953 articles
Title and summary: 131 articles
Title, summary and text: 76 articles
Reporter leaves iPolitics after outlet 'corrects' her story about Trudeau's deputy PM posing with banner linked to neo-Nazis
WaPo backpedling furiously on phony Steele Dossier: Issues 'massive' correction, 'can't stand by accuracy' of two stories
New York Times issues massive correction after overstating COVID hospitalizations among children
Corporate news outlets again 'confirm' the same false story, while many refuse to correct it
Candace Owens celebrates win against 'communist' censors as Facebook fact-checkers forced to remove 'correction' to Biden post
Western 'political correctness' cannot make all people 'equal'
The historical origin of 'political correctness'
New York Times quietly publishes 'stunning correction' after attacking electoral college
British Foreign Office took weeks to correct false claims about Saudi war in Yemen, emails show
NYT and Reporter Revkin Issue 'Correction' - Admit 'Error' in Front Page Global Warming Article Touted By Gore!

Corrupt science
Title: 13 articles
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 15 articles
Comment: 24 articles
Corrupt science: Chinese government finds hundreds of researchers guilty of engaging in peer-review fraud scam
Corrupt science: How BigPharma stacks the deck to show their products work
Corrupt science doubletalk: Melt may explain Antarctica's sea ice expansion
Incompetent Research or Corrupt Science?
Corrupt Science: Cancer Research of 10 Years Useless: Fraudulent Studies, Says Mayo Clinic

Summary: 132 articles
Text: 898 articles
Comment: 3407 articles
Title and summary: 59 articles
Title, summary and text: 33 articles
State of Fear: How UK Govt. 'Used Covert Tactics' to Unnecessarily Terrify Public
New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling in American Politics
MI5's temple of covert propaganda: Integrity Initiative and the scandal of the UK's information war
From Pakistan to Somalia: Britain's Seven Illegal Covert Wars
7 things covert psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths do differently
It's "Covert Aggressive" Not "Passive Aggressive"
The 7 signs that you may be dealing with a 'covert narcissist'
Are you an introvert or just a covert narcissist?
How covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations
Fabricating WMD 'evidence': Israeli covert operation inside Syria to "track chemical arsenal"
Dirty wars: Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley's new film exposes hidden truths of covert U.S. warfare
American CIA arms dealer: 'Obama admin threw me under the bus to protect Hillary over illegal Libya arms deals' - story could expose other covert ops

Title:59 articles
Summary: 86 articles
Text: 350 articles
Comment: 144 articles
Title and summary: 11 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
Obama's SEAL Team 6 top secret mission coverup 14 years later: The Columbine School Massacre coverup laid bare
Medusa File II: No end to coverups
The Todd Sees case: Alien abduction, murder and coverup

Criminal Mind
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 7 articles
Text: 37 articles
Comment: 80 articles
MindMatters: The Allure and Contagion of the Criminal Mind
The Truth Perspective: Journey Into Darkness: Inside the Criminal Mind

"Critical thinking"
Title: 20 articles
Summary: 107 articles
Text: 565 articles
Comment: 63 articles
Title and summary: 12 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
NYTimes warns readers against critical thinking lest they realize the 'paper of record' is feeding them lies
Thought-enders: 3 terms currently being used to trigger a stop in critical thinking
Thinking about your thinking: 7 ways to improve critical thinking skills
Critical Thinking
What critical thinking? Wayback Machine is now complicit in Big Tech censorship
Is technology producing a decline in critical thinking and analysis?

"Crowd control"
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 58 articles
Text: 228 articles
Comment: 33 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Nonlethal weapons touted for use on citizens: Air Force secretary says they should be used for domestic crowd control
5G network uses same EMF waves as crowd control system developed by Pentagon
US marines reveal plans for plasma 'crowd control' weapon that screams, burns, blinds and kills from 3,000 feet away

"Cultural programming"
Text: 21 articles
Comment: 1 article
American society would collapse if it weren't for these 8 myths
Life in the police state: Four historical freedoms that now require permission

"Damage control"
Title: 64 articles
Summary: 97 articles
Text: 372 articles
Comment: 138 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
NYT does damage control for IDF killing of Gaza family
Damage control? Facebook kicks out Canadian political consulting firm entangled in Cambridge Analytica scandal
Damage control: Gillette backflips after $12 billion 'toxic masculinity' backlash
Twitter goes into damage control, says overzealous shadowbanning was a mistake

"Data fraud"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 3 articles
Text: 16 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Corruption of science and data fraud: Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists falsify research
Kobe Steel admits data fraud went on nearly five decades, CEO to quit
Drug data fraud may spark marketing crackdown
Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud
More Global Warming Data Fraud

Title: 184 articles
Summary: 574 articles
Text: 2119 articles
Comment: 391 articles
Title and summary: 35 articles
Title, summary and text: 11 articles
ACLU 'debunks' transgender myths, claims biological men don't have advantage over women in sports
No, the Georgia vote-counting video was not 'debunked' - not even close
Wikipedia scribes working overtime to claim Hunter Biden Ukraine-crack-corruption scandal 'DEBUNKED'
Biden campaign warns media: Don't spread 'debunked' claims of his activities in Ukraine... or else!
Mercury in vaccines is safe? New Center for Disease Control research debunks agency's assertion

Title: 56 articles
Summary: 427 articles
Text: 1724 articles
Comment: 108 articles
Title and summary: 12 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
Der Spiegel confirms that NATO deceived Russia when it promised not to expand its border east
West 'deceived and crucified' Ukraine: Key takeaways from interview with Russian FM spokesperson
Rendlesham Forest UFO expert now says co-author deceived him with untrue account
Former Secret Service agent who worked for Hillary: "She's a liar and a fraud who deceives with ease and skill"
Pathology of the overconfident: Self-deceived individuals more likely to be promoted over the more accomplished

Title: 191 articles
Summary: 838 articles
Text: 3485 articles
Comment: 574 articles
Title and summary: 71 articles
Title, summary and text: 35 articles
How Israel deployed an intelligence deception to justify killing scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh
Mueller report wrong on Trump Tower meeting, deceptively promotes Browder hoax
Alex Krainer: Why I Wrote Grand Deception - The Truth About Bill Browder
Grand Deception: The 1990s Russian Catastrophe Could Have Been Avoided
Grand Deception: From USSR to Russia - The Transition That Took Five Million Lives
Grand Deception: The American Deep State's Role in 1990s Raid on Russia
Grand Deception: The Strangulation of the Russian Economy in the 1990s Was a Deliberate IMF Policy
Grand Deception: Russian Lawmakers' Revolt And The 1993 Constitutional Crisis
Douma 'chemical' incident analysis: Deception in plain sight
Using language as a weapon of mass deception
Smart and Diligent Consumerism | Knowing Deceptive Advertising and Marketing Tactics
The use of psychological operations, false narratives and deception by the American government is standard operating procedure
Oratory as a weapon of mass deception
Big Lies Launch Wars. "All Wars are based on Deception"

What is declassified years later can sometimes give an idea of what might be classified now.
Title: 194 articles
Summary: 604 articles
Text: 1488 articles
Comment: 195 articles
Title and summary: 154 articles
Title, summary and text: 90 articles
Mystery solved: DOJ secretly thwarted release of Russia documents declassified by Trump
Secret British 'black propaganda' unit targeted cold war enemies revealed in declassified papers
Ex-CIA boss Brennan says Pentagon's declassified UFO videos are 'eyebrow-raising,' advises 'to keep an open mind'
The Ministry of Defence blacklisted Declassified - but won't admit it
Hillary Clinton cooked up Russiagate to smear Trump & distract from her own scandals, declassified docs suggest
Declassified UK blacklisted by GCHQ
Dirty tricks: Newly-declassified Trump-Russia documents show anti-Trump leaks planted in NYT were shockingly wrong - 9 times
FBI spread claim Trump worked with Russia, declassified document shows
Declassified: President Jimmy Carter knew of Israeli nuclear test, but turned a blind eye
Declassified document shows how the US helped ISIS
Declassified US documents prove Gorbachev WAS promised 'no eastward NATO expansion'

Deep State
Title: 436 articles
Summary: 846 articles
Text: 2425 articles
Comment: 1131 articles
Title and summary: 203 articles
Title, summary and text: 152 articles
Steve Bannon and China's deep state
9/11: A US Deep State insider speaks
The deep state's stealthy, subversive, silent coup to ensure nothing changes
John Lennon at 80: One man against the Deep State 'monster'
Twitter to suspend 150,000 accounts tweeting QAnon 'conspiracy theory' that Trump is 'under attack from Deep State'
Deep State bounty hunters' real target is Trump
'Thank God for the deep state': Once rejected as conspiracy theory, MSM and CIA are now embracing reality of secret govt
The "Deep State" has been redefined as career bureaucrats doing their patriotic duty
The Deep State vs Public Govt: The battle between Austria's intelligence agencies and the Freedom Party
The Origins of the Deep State in North America
The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part II
The Origins of the Deep State in North America Part III
How the Deep State came to America: A history
Anglo-American Deep State Operatives in Canada Caught Steering Venezuelan Coup
The US Deep State vs Julian Assange
'Zuckerspy & Jack the Ripper' - Kim Dotcom declares 'Deep State social media meddles in US elections', not Russia

Delete, deletes, deleted, deleting, deletion
Title: 223 articles
Summary: 974 articles
Text: 3040 articles
Comment: 456 articles
Title and summary: 150 articles
Title, summary and text: 94 articles
UN deletes weird 'satirical' article celebrating benefits of world hunger after backlash
Top 'fact checker' USA Today forced to delete articles over fabricated sources
Top Western media outlet Der Spiegel deletes video critical of Ukraine
National Endowment for Democracy deletes records of funding projects in Ukraine
Alberta Canada inadvertently published (and quickly deleted) health data revealing that MORE THAN HALF of vaccinated deaths have been counted as UNVACCINATED
Danish PM faces impeachment for deleting ALL her messages over illegal & unnecessary slaughter of 15 million mink after claims they may spread Covid
Maricopa County elections officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE DIRECTORY from voting machines - including "All Election Information" from main database
Bild roasts YouTube for stifling free speech in Germany after court rules it was wrong to delete Covid-19 interviews
US-funded Ukrainian radio promotes local neo-Nazis, deletes article when called out
BBC journalist tweets stunning evidence of staging of chemical attack in Syria - later deletes tweet
Retrieved from the memory hole: Deleted Daily Mail online article - "US backed plan for chemical weapon attack in Syria to be blamed on Assad"
RT, Sputnik editor-in-chief: 'Fearing court proceedings, Newsweek deleted the lies about us'
The devil looks after his own! UK government accidentally deletes pedophile ring testimonies
Computers inside UK Parliament used to delete sex scandal and expense claims from dozens of MPs Wikipedia pages
Deleted BBC Report: Eyewitness reports contradict the official MH17 story
Surprise! Google didn't delete personal Street View data after all
FBI Deleting UFO Files and Fortean Material

Title: 187 articles
Summary: 2071 articles
Text: 7564 articles
Comment: 657 articles
Title and summary: 81 articles
Title, summary and text: 31 articles
Climate change? Nearly 200 people arrested across Australia for deliberately starting bushfires
Busted: Propaganda outfit Bellingcat fabricated evidence, deliberately hid documents to push new 'Russian spy plot'
UN Expert: Assange deliberately subjected to prolonged cruel and inhuman psychological torture
Notre Dame Cathedral worker claims Paris' largest church was DELIBERATELY set on fire
Blood on their hands: 68 Gazans have died while Israel's High Court deliberates if it's legal to kill them
The CIA deliberately trying to start WWIII
US deliberately killed Syria ceasefire to prevent exposure of its systematic arming of terrorists
Father of slain Tsarnaev associate pens letter to Obama, alleges FBI deliberately killed son
Israeli government documents show deliberate policy to keep Gazans at near-starvation levels

Delude*, delusion*
Title: 273 articles
Summary: 552 articles
Text: 2514 articles
Comment: 526 articles
Title and summary: 43 articles
Title, summary and text: 29 articles
Evolution: A Strong Delusion 1.0
The Truth Perspective - Darwinian Delusions: Why Darwin Is More Dangerous Than You Think
Reviews and interviews: The Diversity Delusion - How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture
The Rand Corporation's delusional and dangerous sense of US military superiority
'Delusional moochers': Forbes' misguided rant against self-reliant homesteaders
United States of psy-ops: Just call the victims paranoid and delusional
Hallucinations and delusions more common than thought
The American Delusion: Distracted, diverted and insulated from the grim reality of the police state
The Neurobiology of Mass Delusion

Deny, denies, denied, denying, denial
Title: 951 articles
Summary: 5614 articles
Text: 21884 articles
Comment: 1720 articles
Title and summary: 406 articles
Title, summary and text: 202 articles
US denies 'preposterous' claim they 'sabotaged' Nord Stream 2 - as Trump shares video of Biden promising to 'bring an end' to pipeline
UK court denies Venezuela access to its $2bn gold reserves because it only recognizes US puppet Guaido
Poland intervenes after Ukrainian ambassador denies wartime massacre of Poles and Jews
Canadian father, jailed for fighting to block gender transition of his child denied bail
PA poll watchers denied access, illegal campaigning observed at polling stations: 'The steal is on'
Joe Biden denies then admits to knowledge of FBI's Flynn set up
Harvard hoisted by own petard as 'diversity' students protest decision to deny tenure to 'grievance studies' professor
Ukraine's missing $7 billion: US denies Ukrainian authorities opportunity to present evidence of Democrat meddling in 2016 elections
Monopoly? Too big to comply? Big Tech defends against antitrust allegations in 3D: Deflection, denial, doublespeak

Title: 9 article
Summary: 20 articles
Text: 78 articles
Comment: 13 articles
Title and summary: 7 articles
Title,text and summary: 6 articles
Mother of NYC heiress paid 'deprogrammer' big bucks after daughter 'brainwashed' by college's woke agenda
Liberal fascism: Katie Couric says Trump supporters need to be 'deprogrammed'

Below is a more detailed list, that gives year and aithor. In some years the topic was more discussed than in others.
2003: Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Ross Institute: COINTELPRO or Agent of Mossad?
2005: Joe Quin: Cult-ivating Terror
2006: Laura Knight-Jadczyk: How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents
2007: Harrison Koehli: Programmed to Kill
Religious Freedom Watch: Rick Ross: Religious Expert? False Expert? Psychopath?
2011: Laura Knight-Jadczyk: Martial Law and the Authoritarian Follower
Suzanne Humphries: Smoke, Mirrors, and the 'Disappearance' Of Polio
2012: Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley: Big Agri-Business, Big Pharma, Arms Trafficking, Suicide Cults and MIVILUDES - The Truth Behind France's Cult-Hunting Policies Exposed
Eliza Shapiro: Katie Might Be Able to Leave Tom - but Divorcing Scientology Won't Be Easy
2013: Behind the Headlines: Paleo food - Staying Healthy in a GMO world
Vida Norris: The commodification and corporate takeover of the human quest for a spiritual life
John F Schumaker: Cultural insanity: Ponerized Western consumer culture is creating a demoralized man in psycho-spiritual crisis
2019: Gary Boyle: EnvironMENTALism: Origins, Symptoms And Treatment of a Global Pandemic
Spiked: 'The left is taking us backward': Dave Rubin talks to Brendan O'Neill about the 'mind virus' of wokeness
Helen Buyniski: Duck-and-Cover And Burn The Heretics: The Modern-Day Cult of Corona
RT: CNN airs guide to DEPROGRAM MAGA SUPPORTERS as cult expert claims ENTIRE country needs post-Trump help
Joshua Klein: The Atlantic calls for Americans to use Thanksgiving to 'report conservatives to the FBI'
Kevin Roose: NYT calls on the Biden Administration to appoint a 'Reality Czar' to help solve our 'Reality Crisis'
Victor Davis Hanson: The river of forgetfulness: The great reprogramming of America
Matthew Ehret: Confessions of a deprogrammed Trump supporter
James Lindsay:The Cult Dynamics of Wokeness
Rod Dreher: The CRT commissars in public education
Gordon M. Hahn: Ebony, Ivory, Postmodernism, and the New American Communo-Fascists
Dr. Igor Shepherd: Covid-19: A psychological military operation
In the above article there is a SOTT comment with link to Ben Norton: Behind NATO's 'cognitive warfare': 'Battle for your brain' waged by Western militaries
Matt McGregor: Deprogramming from the 'woke' cult: Former social justice warrior overcomes fear to speak up

Title: 14 articles
Summary: 86 articles
Text: 559 articles
Comment: 108 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
Ponerization: The U.S. power structure has normalized a culture of deviance
Canada: Psychopath's 'deviant' ways likely to last his lifetime
'Deviancy training' among friends may lead to more trouble

"Devil in the details"
Title: 2 articles
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 9 articles
Comment: 5 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
Devil in the details: Media jumps to blame Trump for death of man who self-medicated with FISH TANK CLEANER containing chloroquine

Title: 179 articles
Summary: 2550 articles
Text: 7711 articles
Comment: 406 articles
Title and summary: 98 articles
Title, summary and text: 61 articles
"I've delivered": New disclosures demolish President Biden's denials on Hunter dealings
US cybersecurity firm FireEye discloses breach, theft of hacking tools
Partial Disclosure: What Do Drug Companies Pay Doctors For?
Congressman Wolf: Benghazi survivors forced to sign non-disclosure agreements
The CIA's global torture operations: Disclosure under Barack Obama, the most secretive president in U.S. history
Study: Laughter among friends leads to self-disclosure which helps deepen relationships and create trust
Full Disclosure: NSA's Criminal Activity
Disclosure and Comets
Churchill and Eisenhower buried UFO incident during WW2, Churchill realised disclosure would destroy religion
Another view of UFO disclosure: Look within
EU space official supports UFO disclosure - says NASA can't be trusted

Title: 54 articles
Summary: 350 articles
Text: 1473 articles
Comment: 97 articles
Title and summary: 25 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
CBC ordered to pay $1.7 million in damages over dishonest coverage
Russia's human rights chief slams 'dishonest' mandatory Covid-19 vaccine programs, warning people shouldn't be FORCED to take jab
'The New York Times' runs a comprehensive and maliciously dishonest hit piece on Jordan Peterson
No crisis goes to waste: U.S. officials using Paris attacks to justify racist & dishonest agendas
New poll sadly shows only 60% of Americans think Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy and dishonest

Title: 192 articles
Summary: 902 articles
Text: 2839 articles
Comment: 421 articles
Title and summary: 117 articles
Title, summary and text: 86 articles
Texas billionaire quietly steered millions toward groups linked to 'disinformation' censorship operations
Disinformation, censorship, and information warfare in the 21st Century
Busted: Disinformation operative who attacked Elon Musk's push for "free speech" caught red-handed in secret influence operation
Disinfo board redux: Former Google 'disinformation expert' given top White House cyber role
Busted: Biden's 'Minster of Truth' Nina Jankowicz participated in secret NATO-funded cabal to subvert Western democracies using disinformation as cover
SURPRISE! Leadership at Joe Biden's 'Disinformation Governance Board' has ties to George Soros
Leftists hate free speech because they fear dissent, not "disinformation"
Is the West waging war on disinformation or dissent?
More hypocrisy and censorship disguised as advice for 'combating disinformation'
Johnson ally's firm discreetly runs a Facebook propaganda network scam of 'professionalized' disinformation
The disinformationists are plentiful - and working overtime to shape your thoughts about Russia
'Stupid Spooks': Soros-backed DisinfoLab lists former French presidential candidate as 'Russian Bot'
EU DisinfoLab risks probe over abusing French Twitter users' data - NGO profiled and tagged users according to 'political orientation'
Disinformation dissemination: CIA funded opinion magazines in Europe for 70 years, relevant today
Mainstream media uses disinformation to accuse Russia of spreading disinformation
The Washington Post's war of disinformation on Russia
US Senate releases junk 'report' claiming Sputnik is 'disinformation'
New batch of CIA memos on JFK assassination a classic case of disinformation meant to reinforce official narrative
The Atlantic Council: Gurus of hogwash on the front line of disinformation
The art of disinformation and distraction: How trolls control an internet forum
CIA admits to Congress the agency uses mainstream media to distribute disinformation: 1975 video
Scientific American disinformation on GMOs
Pay for Comments: Confessions of a paid disinformation internet shillDisinformation: The "Magic" of the Lie, Propaganda, Governments, Elites and How It Works

Title: 23 articles
Summary: 203 articles
Text: 916 articles
Comment: 34 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Debunked: 'Out of Africa thing completely disproved by genetics'
New evidence disproves a 25-year-old belief about the brain's Information Centre

Title: 94 articles
Summary: 791 articles
Text: 3257 articles
Comment: 260 articles
Title and summary: 41 articles
Title, summary and text: 21 articles
Big Pharma has been busy distorting science during the pandemic
Distortion of history: College snowflakes force change in curricula towards minority writers due to too many "old white male" authors
Distorting reality via fake news isn't new: Dissecting two decades of war propaganda
Distorted thinking increases stress & anxiety
Mainstream media distorting the facts, turning realities upside down
Distorting the facts to defend GMOs
How the mainstream media distorts the news about Ukraine
Obama's West Point commencement speech: Refuting the lies, omissions and distortions
Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals because they distort the scientific process
Psycho-Babel: A Ponerological Approach to Modern Doublespeak and the Distortion of Language

Title: 128 articles
Summary: 907 articles
Text: 3573 articles
Comment: 455 articles
Title and summary: 55 articles
Title, summary and text: 26 articles
Humilitainment: How to control the citizenry through reality TV distractions
How the corporate media continues to use Russia as a scapegoat to distract from systemic status quo failure
The crisis of the now: Distracted and diverted from the ever-encroaching police state
The American Delusion: Distracted, diverted and insulated from the grim reality of the police state
Connecting the Dots: People Power vs Weapons of Mass Distraction
Over-entertained, under-educated, and distracted: Today's children suffer from a lack of mental nutrition
Neuronal circuits filter out distractions in the brain
The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world
Memory Decline Linked to an Inability to Ignore Distractions
Brains More Distracted, Not Slower with Age
Study Reveals Why We Get Distracted So Easily
University of Michigan researchers find even the smartest students are distracted by social networks
Sixth-sense that helps us cope with distractions while driving is disabled when texting
Half of car crashes involve driver distracted by mobile phones - study
ER visits on the rise due to distracted walking
Texting and walking: 1 in 3 people distracted by mobile devices while crossing the street

Title: 27 articles
Summary: 311 articles
Text: 1584 articles
Comment: 82 articles
Title and summary: 12 articles
Title, summary and text: 5 articles
'Distrust of government' is bad for you, claims study funded by government
Expert warns US descending into 'anarchy' amid heightened distrust of DOJ, law enforcement
Distrust of vaccinations on the rise across EU
As French big pharma firm gets away with a FINE for 2,000 deaths, who can blame vaccine refuseniks for their distrust?
Smokers don't vote and mistrust politics

Divert, diverting, diversion
Title: 32 articles
Summary: 472 articles
Text: 1955 articles
Comment: 148 articles
Title and summary: 17 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Obama's proposed police reforms an empty diversion tactic
British PM May Using Skripal Poisoning to Divert Attention from Child Sex Abuse
Moscow: Venezuelan blackouts are a 'diversion' orchestrated from overseas

"Divide and conquer"
Title: 23 articles
Summary: 64 articles
Text: 371 articles
Comment: 75 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Ferguson: This isn't a revolution, it's the same old divide and conquer technique used throughout history
The government's divide-and-conquer strategy is working at Standing Rock
Tyranny Without a Tyrant: The Deep State's Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working
Western 'divide-and-conquer' tactics against Russia and China are failing miserably
Western Imperialism - Crushing Syrian Secularism Through Divide-And-Conquer Sectarian Tactics For Decades
Combatting the elite rulers divide and conquer tactics
A primer for understanding the 'divide and conquer' in Turkey-Kurdish relations
Divide and conquer: Merkel can no longer steer Germany's course as her own 'allies' stab her in the back
Assange: U.S. responsible for ISIS, Israel supported Hamas to divide and conquer
SOTT Exclusive: Kalashnikovs in India - U.S.-backed insurgents playing divide and conquer near China's borders

"Donning-Kruger effect"
Title: 7 articles
Summary: 9 articles
Text: 29 articles
Comment: 12 articles
Dunning-Kruger Effect: New study shows overconfidence in news judgment
Dunning-Kruger Effect: New study says ignorance and overconfidence affect intuitive thinking
Dunning-Kruger effect - The illusion of competence
Dunning-Kruger Effect: Why some people think they're great when their work is terrible
Dunning-Kruger Effect: Why some people think they're great when their work is terrible

"Double standard"
Title: 38 articles
Summary: 104 articles
Text: 526 articles
Comment: 59 articles
Title and summary: 17 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
Double standard: Reporters who interrupt Obama are racist, reporters who interrupt Trump are heroes
'Double standard & hypocrisy': Serbian president slams EU denouncement of Catalan referendum
The MSM double standard: 80 minutes for alleged GOP dirt, barely 2 for Democrat's actual bribery trial
Hypocritical double standard: NYT suddenly embraces international law to condemn Russia
Playing number games with war deaths: Mainstream media's double standard in reporting civilian casualties
The nuclear double standard: Does Europe have five "undeclared nuclear weapons states"?
Iranian Speaker talks US Double-Standard Policies

"Double standards"
Title: 69 articles
Summary: 174 articles
Text: 682 articles
Comment: 149 articles
Title and summary: 21 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
Orwellian 'memory hole' in action? Stealth removal of CNN clip supporting Biden sex assault claim proves MSM's double standards
Kurds slam US 'double standards' for not fighting Turkey in Afrin, as Erdogan vows to 'cleanse' city of 'terrorists'
Double standards: EU hypocrisy spins out of control over Catalonia
Syrian people fall victim to Western double standards, claims head of Russia's Security Council
Double standards: If France has a state of emergency, why can't Turkey have one?

Title: 66 article
Summary: 406 articles
Text: 1806 articles
Comment: 187 articles
Title and summary: 26 articles
Title, summary and text: 9 articles
Here's a list of media and politicians who downplayed violence and looting
DOJ under Sessions nabbed downplaying evidence linking Obama, Hillary to Uranium One scandal
New Documents Detail How Feds Downplayed Ground Zero Health Risks
Role of Alleged CIA Asset in Mumbai Attacks Being Downplayed

Title: 44 articles
Summary: 494 articles
Text: 2073 articles
Comment: 144 articles
Title and summary: 5 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
The dubious COVID models, tests and consequences
A Dubious Official Story Masks The True Motives Behind The Soleimani Assassination
Monsanto's 5 Most Dubious Contributions to the Planet

"Dumbing down"
Title: 14 articles
Summary: 34 articles
Text: 153 articles
Comment: 41 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
It's called programming for a reason: TV commercials and the dumbing down of the population
The dumbing down of America - By design
Mobile phones 'dumbing down brain power'
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
Dumbing down America: Teacher dismissed from job for not giving her students 'partial credit' for no work done

"Edit out"; "edited out"
Title: 1 article; 1 article
Summary: 5 articles 24 articles
Text: 17 articles; 69 articles
Comment: 0 articles, 3 articles
Politics delay Guy Ritchie movie 'to edit out nationality of Ukrainian gangsters'

Elite, elites
Title: 623 articles
Summary: 3001 articles
Text: 9234 articles
Comment: 1674 articles
Title and summary: 277 articles
Title, summary and text: 185 articles
The ongoing Covid deceptions: How ruling elites lied about masks and mask mandates
Wokeism is costume elites wear to 'signal virtue' and 'hide greed, corruption': Former Levi's executive
Tulsi Gabbard warns democracy is dead so long as Dems, elites work 'hand in hand' with big tech
Deceiving West and 'detached' elites: Highlights of Putin's speech at Eastern Economic Forum
Transhumanism & biofascism are tools of the 'technological elite,' RFK Jr. interviews T.J Coles
Your top priority is the emotional comfort of the most powerful elites, which you fulfill by never criticizing them
Western elites are exploiting the Ukraine conflict to lower the standard of living
Putin blames western ruling elite for global economic problems

Title: 1722 articles
Summary: 14453 articles
Text: 40554 articles
Comment: 4463 articles
Title and summary: 1114 articles
Title, summary and text: 770 articles
Evidence of US-Backed Coup in Kiev
Bombshell speech: British MP says leading figure in British Heart Foundation is suppressing evidence of vaccine heart damage
Will the 'virus sceptics' ever accept the evidence that proves them wrong?
Follow the science or follow the evidence?
Top climate scientists slam global warming "so-called evidence" as "misrepresentation, exaggeration and outright lying"
Emails surface more evidence Hillary Clinton paid for anti-Trump disinformation operation
Top Secret! Clear Evidence that Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon on 9-11 - a Parody

Title: 8 articles
Summary: 152 articles
Text: 712 articles
Comment: 44 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
James Clapper dodges charges for 'clearly erroneous' surveillance testimony
Erroneous climate change study reported far and wide, corrections few and far between
Why the benefits of circumcision are based on false assumptions, erroneous conclusions and misleading medical information

Title: 1519 articles
Summary: 7758 articles
Text: 22927 articles
Comment: 3388 articles
Title and summary: 596 articles
Title, summary and text: 357 articles
How the 'Twitter Files' have exposed a senior FBI official's role in manipulating the outcome of the 2020 US election
US Psy-Ops exposed: Washington isn't concerned about morals, it's worried about getting caught
Celebrity Ukraine 'volunteer' soldier exposed as fraud by internet sleuths
Operation Surprise: leaked emails expose secret intelligence coup to install Boris Johnson
Exposure to flame retardants is causing US kids to lose millions of IQ points. They're more damaging than lead or mercury.
CNN in the hotseat: Project Veritas begins drop of massive exposé claiming to uncover 'anti-Trump CRUSADE'

Fact, facts, factual
Title: 630 articles
Summary: 16707 articles
Text: 53465 articles
Comment: 4508 articles
Title and summary: 354 articles
Title, summary and text: 242 articles
15 facts which prove that a massive economic meltdown is already happening right now
Bizarre 'fact check' says it is "misleading" to report the fact that arctic summer sea ice has increased since 2012
Most of the "fact-checking" organizations Facebook uses in Ukraine are directly funded by Washington
Top 'fact checker' USA Today forced to delete articles over fabricated sources
Daily Sceptic 'fact checked' over claim that CO2 increase lags behind global warming so cannot cause it - but that is what the data show
NASA's failed 'fact check' of Daily Sceptic climate article
D'Souza responds to fact-check of '2000 Mules': Paying to deliver Ballots Illegal in Every State
Invasion of the Fact-Checkers

Title: 36 articles
Summary: 130 articles
Text: 460 articles
Comment: 75 articles
Title and summary: 18 articles
Title, summary and text: 16 articles
Most of the "fact-checking" organizations Facebook uses in Ukraine are directly funded by Washington
Busted: Co-founder of 'fact-checking' site Snopes was writing plagiarized articles under fake name
What's Up With Our Very Big Fact-checking Blindspots?
'Fact-checking' organization furious that Twitter's fact-checking tool said Tim Pool was correct
USA Today is COVID damage control, not 'fact-checking'
Fact-Checking a 'Fact-Checker' on Covid-19: A Response to
Concerning survey finds too many people believe Snopes is a legitimate fact-checking website
The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers
Snopes to debut a 'factually inaccurate but morally right' fact checking system
George Soros is funding Facebook's 'third-party fact checking' organization targeting 'fake news'

Fake democracy
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 14 articles
Comment: 4 articles
Fake democracy: 28 million mail-in ballots went missing in last four elections
EU election results show people are 'fed up with fake democracy'
US military intelligence and its use of "creative destruction" worldwide
Dumbocracy's Demise: How "fake democracy" destroys "real democracy"

"Fake news"
Title: 698 articles
Summary: 1202 articles
Text: 2894 articles
Comment: 888 articles
Title and summary: 365 articles
Title, summary and text: 245 articles

Title: 26 articles
Summary: 102 articles
Text: 652 articles
Comment: 65 articles
Title and summary: 7 articles
Title, summary and text: 3 articles
Gambler's fallacy: Bias at the neuronal level
The gambler's fallacy explained?
Four fallacies of the Second Great Depression
'Russia Started the War' and Other Fallacies
'Trans Mission' exposes the fallacy of the gender transition narrative
A classic fallacious argument: "If masks don't work, then why do surgeons wear them?"
The law of unintended consequences: Logical fallacies and mental models
Common thinking errors: How to recognize logical fallacies so that they can be prevented

"False flag"
Title: 273 articles
Summary: 575 articles
Text: 1882 articles
Comment: 645 articles
Title and summary: 129 articles
Title, summary and text: 90 articles
Analyzing each side's accusations about the other's dirty bomb false flag plot
Analyzing each side's accusations about the other's dirty bomb false flag plot
Beware of nuclear false flag blaming Russia
Rallying round the false flags
That's rich! False-flag experts US and Britain accuse Russia
'Nazis' bearing tiki-torches, allegedly supporting Republican candidate in Virginia election, exposed as false-flag stunt by Democratic establishment

Title: 800 articles
Summary: 6110 articles
Text: 16808 articles
Comment: 2027 articles
Title and summary: 402 articles
Title, summary and text: 273 articles
UN Secretary-General António Guterres falsely claims weather disasters have increased 500% in 50 years
Pfizer vaccine whistleblower responds to motion to dismiss false claims suit
Western media mum as top Zelensky aide exposes its false presentation of Ukraine as LGBTQ-friendly

Title: 52 articles
Summary: 332 articles
Text: 1249 articles
Comment: 126 articles
Title and summary: 23 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
CO2 claim of global warming empirically falsified
Massachusetts may dismiss largest number of drug-related convictions in US history after state chemist falsified evidence
Prison industrial complex: Falsified or tainted evidence leads to thousands of wrongful convictions
UK hospital caught falsifying records to meet government cancer treatment targets
FDA approved new drug despite ongoing investigation of lab misconduct and falsification of test data
Alain Juppé accused by his own Administration of having falsified reports on Syria
Scandalous: Scientists and Doctors Falsifying Data

Title: 24 articles
Summary: 63 articles
Text: 277 articles
Comment: 68 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
Open letter to the Covid-corrupted media: Non-stop reporting, alarming and fearmongering
'Remember why you need us': Guardian launches fearmongering exclusive for MI5
We're all being played for chumps: How the media profits from ceaseless fearmongering

Title: 57 articles
Summary: 514 articles
Text: 1987 articles
Comment: 174 articles
Title and summary: 25 articles
Title, summary and text: 13 articles
Trust 'the science', but how much scientific research is actually fraudulent?
Massive 78% of mail-in ballots in local Mississippi election proved fraudulent, Judge calls for do-over
The US charge against Assange is fraudulent and that's a fact
Big Pharma's fraudulent ads
Wells Fargo hit with multiple lawsuits over fake accounts, fraudulent sales
Employees, customers warned of Wells Fargo fraudulent bank accounts years ago - Feds blew it off

"Freedom of expression"
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 165 articles
Text: 743 articles
Comment: 47 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
The West renounces freedom of expression
Trudeau government's move to protect Canadians against hate speech & hate crimes is the road to hell for freedom of expression
Trudeau says 'freedom of expression has limits' after French terror attacks
Charlie Hebdo attack has nothing to do with freedom of expression - It was about war

Title: 21 articles
Summary: 55 articles
Text: 354 articles
Comment: 57 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
The destruction caused by gaslighting
Origins and definition

Gaslighting is a term used in psychology and common speech that refers to manipulation whose purpose is to create doubt in a person or a group of people. It includes but is not limited to denial, lying, deflection, and contradiction to make the target question their perception of reality.

The term gaslighting originates from a 1938 stage play and its later film adaptations (1940 and 1944). It has been used colloquially since the 1960s. In the story, the husband tries to convince his wife and other people that she is insane. He is doing so by manipulating certain elements of their environment and by continuously insisting that she doesn't remember things correctly and that she's delusional when she notices the changes he made.

The title comes from the husband dimming the gas lights in the house and then denying that there was a change in illumination when his wife notices a difference.
The Gaslighting of the Masses
Gaslighting: The psychology of shaping another's reality

Title: 2 articles
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 18 articles
Comment: 6 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
The Cs Hit List 05: Dr. Greenbaum and the Manchurian Candidates
Project Paperclip, MKULTRA, Dr. Greenbaum and Seung Hui Cho: Was the VA Tech Gunman Mind Programmed?

Title: 1 article
Summary: 11 articles
Text: 42 articles
Comment: 1 article
Greenwashing the Amazon Rainforest with GMOs? Monsanto & World Wildlife Fund team up

Groupthink; group think
Title: 19 articles; 4 articles
Summary: 56 articles; 33 articles
Text: 287 articles; 164 articles
Comment: 30 articles; 13 articles
Title and summary: 7 article; 1 article
Title, summary and text: 4 articles
The Groupthink Pandemic
Groupthink and Safe Spaces hinder the growth of consciousness.
Groupthink drives global warming zealotry
Trump versus US Establishment groupthink on Russia - some observationsGroupthink and Safe Spaces hinder the growth of consciousness.

Title: 101 articles
Summary: 1374 articles
Text: 6588 articles
Comment: 334 articles
Title and summary: 46 articles
Title, summary and text: 19 articles
Psychologist Dan Ariely retracts honesty study based on fake data
Leak of UK ambassador's views on Trump shows why honesty has no place in international relations
Research suggests people are more honest than economic theory would have us believe
'Utter honesty' needed from climate scientists
5 brutally honest truths to help overcome anxiety
An honest conversation about genetic engineering? Bill Gates' GMO propaganda
Truthfulness Requires No Act Of Will For Honest People, Neuroimaging Suggests

Title: 41 articles
Summary: 174 articles
Text: 728 articles
Comment: 162 articles
Title and summary: 11 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Adrastia: The Goddess and cosmic law that punishes arrogance and hubris
The idea of Fortune or Fate as the arbiter of human destiny persisted for many centuries; we could even argue that the Catholic Church, through the writings of early Church fathers like Augustine, Jerome, Tertullian, simply substituted or imposed a new model on what had already existed before. In the Renaissance, the humanists (especially Petrarch, Machiavelli, and Guicciardini) enthusiastically endorsed the idea of Fortune.

Yet for some reason modern man is uncomfortable with this idea. He likes to believe that he is in total control of his fate. He wants to believe his destiny is in his hands. More importantly, he recoils from any attempt to impose limits on his arrogance, greed, and desires. Anyone writing about the dangers of hubris today is not likely to find himself wildly popular. We live in an age of braggarts, big mouths, preening fools, and arrogant idiots; it is an age where ignorance is lauded and celebrated as wisdom, and the gutter is displayed to the public as something to be emulated. The price for all of this will inevitably be paid.

And this will be the cause of our undoing, if it has not already happened. One cannot just do whatever one wants in life. You do not make your own rules. You are not an emperor unto yourself; you are not an island of your own, isolated from the mainland of humanity. The Greeks of late antiquity had a goddess they called Nemesis, and her function was to deliver punishment to those who were guilty of hubris. She was the punisher of undeserved good fortune, and the chastiser of those who overreached themselves. Her name in Latin was Adrastia. You have probably never heard of her, and this very fact goes a long way to proving my point about the narcissistic streak of our modern culture.
The astonishing hubris of a global experimental vaccine
Peak Hubris
German reporter: 'Old habit of imagining Russia as morally inferior is hubris'
Hubris in climate change
Hopeless blend of hot air and hubris

"Humanitarian intervention"
Title: 15 articles
Summary: 69 articles
Text: 310 articles
Comment: 41 articles
Title and summary: 1 article
A humanitarian intervention? Situation in Libya created by Western regime change is 'catastrophic', says ex-foreign minister
Washington's 'humanitarian intervention' ploy is transparent - and is now playing a very weak hand in Syria
Money, power and oil: A closer look at Hillary's emails and the 'humanitarian intervention' in Libya
NATO's "humanitarian intervention" in Libya has unleashed unprecedented suffering
After bombing Libya to ruins, who will be the next victim of US 'humanitarian' intervention?
'Humanitarian Intervention' by the US, EU and Israel in Syria: Towards a Regional War?
Syria: Who is Behind The Protest Movement? Fabricating the Pretext for a US-NATO 'Humanitarian Intervention'

Hypno*, hypnos*, hypnot*
Title: 55 articles
Summary: 174 articles
Text: 711 articles
Comment: 13 articles
Title and summary: 24 articles
Title, summary and text: 21 articles
Danish newspaper apologizes for "hypnotically" following government narrative on COVID
How the masses were hypnotized into the Covid cult
The Idiot Box: How TV Hypnotizes You
The Politically Driven Cult of Mass Hypnosis Has Just Accelerated
The scientific basis for hypnosis is starting to be uncovered
Scientists identify brain regions affected by hypnosis
Hypnosis May Be Altered State Of Consciousness
Hypnosis has "Real" Brain Effect
Replacing pain killers with hypnosis

Title: 338 articles
Summary: 564 articles
Text: 2263 articles
Comment: 623 articles
Title and summary: 74 articles
Title, summary and text: 30 articles
Hypocrisy on display: Demonizing Freedom Convoy and praising BLM protests
Coordinated NATO Propaganda Blitz Against Russia & China Takes Hypocrisy Into Twilight Zone
'Double standard & hypocrisy': Serbian president slams EU denouncement of Catalan referendum
Russian and Syrian UN ambassadors dispense with pleasantries, blast hypocrisy and dishonesty of US/UK/France resolution against Syria
Damascus slams West's hypocrisy amid massive bombings of Aleppo
Lavrov calls out US 'hypocrisy and duplicity' amid Kiev embassy attacks
Lavrov: Lack of response by West to attacks on Russian embassy in Kiev shows their duplicity and hypocrisy
WikiLeaks documents expose Israeli racism, hypocrisy and double standards
SOTT Exclusive: The Stench of American Hypocrisy, Part 2
Hypocrisy of the Authoritarians

Hysteria, hysterical, hysterics
Title: 568 articles
Summary: 1169 articles
Text: 3458 articles
Comment: 1261 articles
Title and summary: 118 articles
Title, summary and text: 46 articles
Cool observation of mass hysteria
Weimar America, here we come! Virus hysteria adds $10 Trillion to the national debt
Hysteria over Sinn Féin entering Irish government is about power, not the past
Germany's literati try to abolish term 'climate hysteria' - which will only create more climate change skeptics
Manufacturing Mass Fascism Hysteria
Most of us are not participating in the hysterical rage shown on the news
Antifa And The United States of Fascism Hysteria
Russia 'novichok' hysteria shows politicians and media haven't learned the lessons of Iraq
How to know you're in a mass hysteria bubble

Hystericize, hystericized hystericizing, hysterization
Title: 13 articles
Summary: 15 articles
Text: 72 articles
Comment: 79 articles
Public education and hystericized society: For children in the U.S., school is the first indoctrination into the American police state
Hysterization anyone? Guns and grade-school panic
Hysterization continues: 9-year-old gets in trouble for bringing cupcakes with Army figures on them to school
Hystericized society: Miami airport shuts down due to lighter mistaken for grenade

Title: 745 articles
Summary: 4378 articles
Text: 17079 articles
Comment: 1862 articles
Title and summary: 205 articles
Title, summary and text: 87 articles
Manufacturing Ignorance: Keeping the public away from power
Real election meddling: Israel's UN ambassador calls Bernie Sanders an 'ignorant fool': 'We don't want him in Israel'
Here are all the riots that Democrats and the media are choosing to ignore
Ignoring the Elephant at Gitmo: Yet Another 9/11 Crime
Atrocities by terrorists against Syrian children ignored by Western media covering conflict from comfort of offices elsewhere
Tyranny of the minority: Сatalonia litmus test proves European elites ignore referendums
ICE releases report of illegal immigrants who allegedly committed crimes after local cops ignored detention requests
Amnesty International ignores Al-Qaeda war crimes to criminalize Syrian government
Closed-door Congressional testimonies hint that FBI ignored major lead on Clinton email case
UK Study Misleads Public by Ignoring Documented Health and Environmental Benefits of Organic Food
"UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"

Title: 134 articles
Summary: 601 articles
Text: 2878 articles
Comment: 298 articles
Title and summary: 61 articles
Title, summary and text: 37 articles
Power is an illusion, control is a facade
The illusion of truth: Believing something is true when it's not
The Truth Perspective: Free Will Is Not An Illusion: Why Materialists Are Wrong To Deny Their Own Freedom
The American dream is an illusion with rates of social mobility that are no better than medieval England
The illusion of time: Carlo Rovelli's book 'The Order of Time' posits that reality is simply a complex network of events

Incompetence, incompetent
Title: 77 articles
Summary: 486 articles
Text: 2022 articles
Comment: 298 articles
CIA man's 'tell-all' book reveals more about internal agency incompetence than Russian malfeasance
Medical journal slams Facebook's 'inaccurate & incompetent' fact check
We are witnessing incompetence on a colossal scale
Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke
Incompetent Sociopaths? We get the leaders we deserve
Incompetent Research or Corrupt Science?
Why The Incompetent Don't Know They're Incompetent
Incompetent People Really Have No Clue, Studies Find

The verb, incriminate, means according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, "to charge with or show evidence or proof of involvement in a crime or fault". Some words are not common, but if one is interested in a topic, using the synonyms and words that express nuances of more common words can enrich the understanding of an issue.
Title: 18 articles
Summary: 194 articles
Text: 936 articles
Comment: 75 articles
Title and summary: 3 articles
Title, summary and text: 1 article
US satellite photos finally revealed: They incriminate the Dutch police, prosecutors and judges in the MH17 show trial
Did Anthony Weiner's emails reveal a trove of incriminating information about political elites?
Refugees or ISIS fighters? Cyprus authorities fear the worst after finding incriminating photos

Title: 79 articles
Summary: 279 articles
Text: 1323 articles
Comment: 261 articles
Title and summary: 24 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
Florida's Education Department rejects dozens of math textbooks containing CRT, other 'indoctrinating concepts'
The mission to erase British cultural values intensifies: Indoctrination is replacing education in UK schools
Trans footballer's 'CIS folks challenge' is a hackneyed step-by-step guide to woke indoctrination, policing pronouns & SJW propaganda
School's purpose is indoctrination
Buy your indoctrination for the low, low price of $10k! Harvard now offering 'social justice' certificates, with no requirements
Leftist indoctrination: High school history book suggests Trump is mentally ill and his supporters are racists
Oh, the irony! Thousands of UK children at risk of 'indoctrination' in illegal schools:

Infiltrate, infiltrated, infiltrating
Title: 88 articles
Summary: 604 articles
Text: 2041 articles
Comment: 314 articles
Title and summary: 4 articles,
Google whistleblower claims tech giant's Developer Studio division has been infiltrated by 'pedophilic religious doomsday cult' Fellowship of Friends
German intel chief states the obvious: Daesh recruiting refugees, infiltrating mosques
Federal agents and police are infiltrating anti-fracking protest movements
Al-Qaeda theorist calls for infiltrating political systems, some believe the strategy is already being used in Syria

"Information manipulation"
Title: 1 article
Summary: 6 articles
Text: articles 11 articles
China tells G7 to mind its own business
The lengthy statement went on to warn Beijing:
"Not to assist Russia in its war of aggression against Ukraine," "Not to undermine sanctions imposed on Russia" and Not to justify Russia's actions in Ukraine through the use of "information manipulation, disinformation and other means.
"During a press conference on Monday, Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian slammed the demands and urged the G7 countries to stop imposing illegal sanctions and provoking other countries and instead focus on other important global and internal issues. Zhao told reporters during a press conference on Monday:
"We call on the G7 countries to truly focus on peace and development throughout the world, to stop applying double or even multiple standards, to stop sending military aircraft and ships to the borders of other countries with or without reason to demonstrate their strength."
Zhao also insisted that the seven nations
"Stop going to other countries to organize 'color revolutions' at every opportunity" and stop imposing sanctions on sovereign countries using "extraterritorial jurisdiction."
In this age of information manipulation in overdrive, not even the quick brown fox and lazy dog are safe
Facebook, Twitter ban Iran-linked 'disinfo' accounts, MSM blames Russia
Peer reviewed paper says it's OK to manipulate data, exaggerate climate claims!
Too much information? Study shows how ignorance can be influential

"Influence operation"
Title: 5 articles
Summary: 11 articles
Text: 75 articles
Comment: 9 articles
Title and summary: 2 articles
Title, summary and text: 2 articles
Busted: Disinformation operative who attacked Elon Musk's push for "free speech" caught red-handed in secret influence operation
Leaked emails expose UK Home Secretary Priti Patel's connection to MI6-style 'research and influence operation'
Russian aid to Italy, dubbed an 'influence operation' by EU-partnered media outfit, is indeed shameful — for Europe
Austria crisis: Will Sebastian Kurz survive foreign influence operation against his government?
Anonymous exposes NATO influence operation targeting Russia-friendly candidates for leadership positions across EU

"Information operation"; "Information ops"
Title: 1 article; 2 articles
Summary: 17 articles
Text: 58 articles; 3 articles
Comment: 2 articles
South Front: NATO's information ops, Russia bombs U.S. base in Syria, wave of terror shapes EU political landscape (VIDEOS)Information
The beginning of interest in post-Cold War information operations can be traced to the UN intervention in Somalia and the Rwanda Genocide. Relatively honest and direct reporting from these war zones meant that the public opinion of Western countries was a factor that had to be considered by the political classes. Hence the complaining at the time about the so-called "CNN Effect" which forced the politicians to send and/or withdraw troops irrespective of what the elites actually wanted to happen at the time. The early methods of influencing the public opinion by manipulating the media, though reasonably effective, were not enough. We have seen their strengths and limitations during both wars against Iraq, in which the bulk of the media was effectively co-opted through the process of frequent press briefings (featuring no shortage of videos showing NATO bombs unerringly falling toward their obviously evil targets) and later by "embedding" the mostly male reporters in military units, which naturally had the dual effect of stroking their egos and adopting the military's point of view.

Still, in spite of all that, it proved impossible to control the narrative, and the public support for the various US and NATO wars collapsed under the pressure of inconvenient news coming even from mainstream media which clearly maintained a degree of independence. But if you fast-forward a decade, to the current wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, and others, it is clear that something has changed. There is one dominant narrative that is being pushed by literally every mainstream media source, irrespective of their ostensible ideological bent. No matter where you turn, you read or hear about Assad's "barrel bombs", Gaddafi's "massacres", or "Russian aggression." These reports invariably represent a point of view that is not only completely one-sided, but also factually wrong, even on the most basic of issues. How did US and NATO manage to achieve such an amazing discipline within the supposedly free and independent Western media?
Operation Roadmap Part 3: "We must fight the Net"
Twitter removes thousands of accounts claiming 'state-linked information ops'... gets help from proven US disinfo firm

"Information overload"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 9 articles
Text: articles 42 articles
Information overload: Attention is not a resource but a way of being alive to the world
Information overload: Bombardment of electronic alerts could be contributing to deaths by medical error
UCLA researcher invents new tools to manage 'information overload' threatening neuroscience

"Information war"
Title: 56 articles
Summary: 155 articles
Text: 473 articles
Comment: 131 articles
Title and summary: 15 articles
Title, summary and text: 10 articles
The majority of Western 'journalists' have prioritised winning the 'information war' over covering Russia objectively & it's destroying the media
Information war between Russia and the West intensifies
Insult to our intelligence: New information war against Russia

"Information warfare"
Title: 20 articles
Summary: 96 articles
Text: 381 articles
Comment: 50 articles
Title and summary: 9 articles
Title, summary and text: 7 articles
Disinformation, censorship, and information warfare in the 21st Century
"We begin with the definitions and history of a few key terms: Censorship, free speech, misinformation, disinformation, and bots."
RFK Jr. interviews Dr Robert Malone: Americans are subjected to 'military-grade information warfare':
Meet the Biden-supporting general deploying military grade information warfare tools against Trump supporters
The MH17 show trial isn't about justice or closure, but information warfare
US National Security Strategy spells out information warfare
Investing in information warfare to counter Western influence is no longer "optional"

Title: 1379 articles
Summary: 6649 articles
Text: 20943 articles
Comment: 3462 articles
Title and summary: 642 articles
Title, summary and text: 425 articles
The empire of lies strikes back... Extraordinary cover-up of Nord stream terrorism
What can we learn from the biggest lies people believed about Covid?
The lies spread by all pro-US government media
Most ludicrous US Department of Justice lies - Cui Bono?
Lies exposed: Center for Science in the Public Interest's (CSPI) organized attack against Mercola

"Limited hangout"
Title: 8 articles
Summary: 18 articles
Text: 64 articles
Comment: 26 articles
The most devious form of mainstream fake news: the limited hangout
When necessary, news outlets will do a PARTIAL EXPOSURE of a hidden crime. The assumption is, once the story is published and broadcast, everyone will shake their heads and say, "That's terrible," and move on. The whole thing will be forgotten in a matter of days, as if the whole truth has been revealed. Limited hangout.

From media's point of view, a limited hangout means: "We won't do any further digging. We'll shut down further investigation." Vital questions won't be asked:
60 Minutes, 28 pages and the limited hangout: The truth about the Saudi connection to 9/11
Limited hangout operation: Panama leaks part of West's hybrid war against Russia
Pepe Escobar: Panama leaks a 'limited hangout' psy-op set up by US intelligence

"Logical fallacies"
Title: 3 articles
Summary: 4 articles
Text: 43 articles
Comment: 2 articles
The death of critical thought by 1,000 cuts
Comment: While the above provides some needed common sense and good reasoning to current issues, it also points to the plethora of rhetorical fallacies that individuals - in every sphere of life - often resort to in order to convince others of their position or "truth".

As the article suggests, seeing how such fallacies are employed (especially towards social and political ends) can help empower us to see through the lies and, hopefully, make better decisions for ourselves and those in our care and sphere of influence.

If knowledge is truly power, and if the strength of our being and of our very souls is dependent upon our alignment with Truth and Objective Reality, then we'd do well to re-familiarize ourselves with the ways in which we are lied to on a more or less daily basis.

The list of known rhetorical fallacies below may be used as just such a tool in the effort to think more critically and strengthen ourselves for the Big Lies coming down the road. And by all means do think critically on the examples given to demonstrate each fallacy. They may not all be correct!
Book review: Exposing the logical fallacies of Critical Race Theory
The law of unintended consequences: Logical fallacies and mental models
Common thinking errors: How to recognize logical fallacies so that they can be prevented