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Havde den franske Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini ret, da han opdagede at når rotter i over 90 dage bliver fodret med GMO mad i videnskabelige forsøg at dette kan forårsage alvorlige sundhedsmæssige problemer deriblandt kræft?

Svaret til dette spørgsmål har været debateret lige siden den første offenliggørelse af hans undersøgelse, kulminerende i en genudgivelse af undersøgelsen i et andet peer-reviewed journal som ikke var langt så veldækket som den første tilbagetrækning var i massemedierne.

Nu er professor Séralini igen i nyhederne - denne gang for at vinde en større sejr i retten i en injurier retssag som er den anden sejr i retten for Séralini og hans team i mindre end en måned.

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Paris scientist who discovered GMOs cause tumors in rats wins major court victory

On November 25, the High Court in Paris indicted Marc Fallous, the former chairman of France's Biomolecular Engineering Commission, for "forgery" and the "use of forgery." The details of the case have not been officially released.

But according to this article from the Séralini website, Fallous used or copied the signature of a scientist whose name was used, without his agreement, to argue that Séralini and his co-workers were wrong in their studies on Monsanto products, including GM corn.

A sentencing for Fallous is expected in June 2016.

Second Court Victory Reached

This was the second such court victory for the professor's team, following a November 6 victory in a defamation lawsuit over an article in the French Marianne magazine which categorized the Séralini team research as "scientific fraud."

What few people realize about the original Séralini study on GMOs is that it was only retracted after a serious PR offensive from Monsanto and the Biotech industry, one that included the creation of a whole new position on the original Food and Toxicology journal: Associate Editor for Biotechnology.

The new position was actually filled by a former Monsanto employee who helped convince the journal's author to retract the study.

Now more than 2 years later, these are the facts: Séralini and his team's original study has been republished in a different peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Sciences Europe; they have won two key lawsuits against those who have attempted to ruin their reputations; and a recent peer-reviewed letter even asserted that Séralini and his team may have been right after all on their discovery showing tumors in lab rats fed GMOs.

In other words, the jury is still out on GMO safety to say the very least, just as countless independent scientists have warned, and Séralini's study stands as yet another cause for concern with the ongoing GMO experiment. It also shows the lengths that the Biotech industry will go to in order to discredit any independent science that clashes with their own version of science.

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