Uforklarede brag og rystelse er i vækst i denne Januars begyndelse.

Her er en kompilation af rapporter og kommentarer postet på denne blog, fra d. 9 til d. 16 Januar, 2016.

D. 14. Januar 2016, USA - Brag og rystelser rapporteret i Cape Coral, Florida. Link også rapporteret af beboer Clearwater: De rumlende lyde bliver mere hyppige her i Clearwater, FL. Igår 12/01/16 og idag 13/01/16 var der flere rumlende rystelser. Pænt underligt. Og i Tallahassee: har højlydte brag kunne mærkes i Tallahassee, Florida i flere uger. Rumlende lyde, der ryster vinduerne i mit hus. Er der andre i Tallahassee der har bemærket dette?

Kommentar: De mystiske lyde og rystende forstyrrelser der er noteret verden rundt, er siden deres fremkomst som et bredt observeret fænomæn i 2011, har været forsøgt forklaret som frostskælv, eller overlyds overflyvninger, men uden held. Disse soniske hændelser beskrives oftest som at stamme fra himlen, altså atmosfæren.

Resten af artiklen er ikke oversat til dansk.

January 13 2016, UK - Police responsible for mysterious loud booms heard over the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire border. Link

January 12 2016, Greece - E-mail to Strange Sounds:

Hey guys, I arrived home early the other day (around 2am) because a friend was at my place and as i exit my car door i hear the boom that personally i am well acquainted with from the internet. So i ask "have you heard more of those"? -"every 5 minutes, what is it?"I said, i'll explain after i set the DSLR to record. I get in the house, i ask my mom if she heard them too, she said yes, and then two other neighbors confirmed as well. But, the day was slightly windy and although i was 100% certain i must had recorded two booms, i keep searching the files and have no luck in locating them. I see the event is not being reported anywhere! this is so strange... it's because people don't care... they are too busy to report something for others to know. time: 12:00 to 14:00 around 5-8 loud booms from an infinite distance (sounded like behind the mountain Parnitha) but was coming from the sky. No eerie trumpets, just booms that were too subtle to be explosions. Thought i should report hereKeep up the great work ! Achilleas

January 12 2016, UK - Mysterious boom rattle Bootle near Liverpool. Link

January 12 2016 - USA - Frost quakes as possible cause of loud booms in Dodge County, around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Link and link. Most probably a sonic boom.

January 11 2016, USA - Unexplained explosion injures one in Gorst, Washington. Link

January 10 2016, USA - Brook-Iroquois Township rattled by mystery booms in Indiana. Link

January 10, 2016, USA - from follower: There was a VERY loud boom this evening around 5. My dogs were on the couch next to me sound asleep and just about jumped out of their skin, my son was in his room and heard it too. We live in Albuquerque NM. I thought there was an explosion near by, but found nothing.

January 10 2016, USA from a follower: We live in Sumter, South Carolina and about 10 minutes ago heard an extremely loud noise (it sounded like a bomb) somewhere outside. The BOOM was so loud and strong that our house vibrated. The front door and windows shook. We were scared. I've never heard (and felt) a noise that loud before. I called the police and told them about it. What the hell is going on? I want to know what caused that noise.

anuary 9 2016, USA - Unexplained booms in Glen White, West Virginia. Link

January 9 2016, USA - I don't think those were ice quakes in Tennessee... But. Link

Here a list from January 1 to January 9, 2016.

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