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Den franske præsidentkandidat, Marine Le Pen, den 23. april 2017.
Indledning: Hver dag og på utænkelige måder opfinder prominente ledere fra venstre og højre, fra bankfolk til parisiske intellektuelle historier og promovere slogans, som kan nedgøre præsidentkandidaten Marine Le Pen.

De skævvrider hendes program ved at erstatte betegnelsen "ekstremist" i stedet for hende pro-arbejderklasse og anti-imperialistiske standpunkt. Frygt og misundelse over den kendsgerning, at en ny leder står i spidsen for en populær bevægelse, er sunket ind i Emmanuel "Manny" Macrons champagnevædede middagsselskaber. Han har god grund til at være bange: Le Pen taler til de fundamentale interesser i den store majoritet af franske arbejdere, landmænd, offentligt ansatte, arbejdsløse og underbeskæftigede unge samt ældre arbejdere, der nærmer sig pensionsalderen.

Massemedierne, den politiske klasse og retssystemet såvel som gadeprovokatøre gør vilde angreb mod Le Pen, forvrænger hendes indenrigs- og udenrigspolitikker. De er oprørte over, at Le Pen har lovet at føre Frankrig ud af NATOs integrerede kommando - og derved effektivt afslutte dets forpligtigelse i forhold til deltagelse i USAs ledelse af globale krige. Le Pen afviser den oligarkledede Europæiske Union og dens spareprogrammer, som har beriget bankerne og multinationale selskaber. Le Pen lover at afholde en national afstemning om EU - for at afgøre spørgsmålet om fransk underkastelse. Le Pen lover at afslutte sanktioner mod Rusland og i stedet øge handlen. Hun vil bringe Frankrigs intervention i Syrien til ophør og etablere forbindelser med Iran og Palæstina.

Kommentar: Delvist oversat af Sott.net fra Twenty truths about Marine Le Pen

Le Pen is committed to Keynesian demand-driven industrial revitalization as opposed to Emmanuel Macron's ultra-neoliberal supply-side agenda.

Le Pen's program will raise taxes on banks and financial transactions while fining capital flight in order to continue funding France's retirement age of 62 for women and 65 for men, keeping the 35 hour work-week, and providing tax free overtime pay. She promises direct state intervention to prevent factories from relocating to low wage EU economies and firing French workers.

Le Pen is committed to increasing public spending for childcare and for the poor and disabled. She has pledged to protect French farmers against subsidized, cheap imports.

Marine Le Pen supports abortion rights and gay rights. She opposes the death penalty. She promises to cut taxes by 10% for low-wage workers. Marine is committed to fighting against sexism and for equal pay for women.

Marine Le Pen will reduce migration to ten thousand people and crack down on immigrants with links to terrorists.

Emmanuel Macron: Macro Billionaire and Micro Worker Programs

Macron has been an investment banker serving the Rothschild and Cie Banque oligarchy, which profited from speculation and the pillage of the public treasury. Macron served in President Hollande's Economy Ministry, in charge of 'Industry and Digital Affairs' from 2014 through 2016. This was when the 'Socialist' Hollande imposed a pro-business agenda, which included a 40 billion-euro tax cut for the rich.

Macron is tied to the Republican Party and its allied banking and business Confederations, whose demands include: raising the retirement age, reducing social spending, firing tens of thousands of public employees and facilitating the outflow of capital and the inflow of cheap imports.

Macron is an unconditional supporter of NATO and the Pentagon. He fully supports the European Union. For their part, the EU oligarchs are thrilled with Macron's embrace of greater austerity for French workers, while the generals can expect total material support for the ongoing and future US-NATO wars on three continents.

Propaganda, Labels and Lies

Macron's pro-war, anti-working class and 'supply-side' economic policies leave us with only one conclusion: Marine Le Pen is the only candidate of the left. Her program and commitments are pro-labor, not 'hard' or 'far' right - and certainly not 'fascist'.

Macron, on the other hand is a committed rightwing extremist, certainly no 'centrist', as the media and the political elite claim! One has only to look at his background in banking, his current supporters among the oligarchs and his ministerial policies when he served Francois Holland.

The 'Macronistas' have accused Marine Le Pen of extreme 'nationalism', 'fascism', 'anti-Semitism' and 'anti-immigrant racism'. 'The French Left', or what remains of it, has blindly swallowed the oligarchs' campaign against Le Pen despite the malodorous source of these libels.

Le Pen is above all a 'sovereigntist': 'France First'. Her fight is against the Brussels oligarchs and for the restoration of sovereignty to the French people. There is an infinite irony in labeling the fight against imperial political power as 'hard right'. It is insulting to debase popular demands for domestic democratic power over basic economic policies, fiscal spending, incomes and prices policies, budgets and deficits as 'extremist and far right'.

Marine Le Pen has systematically transformed the leadership, social, economic program and direction of the National Front Party.

She expelled its anti-Semites, including her own father! She transformed its policy on women's rights, abortion, gays and race. She won the support of young unemployed and employed factory workers, public employees and farmers. Young workers are three times more likely to support her national industrial revitalization program over Macron's 'free market dogma'. Le Pen has drawn support from French farmers as well as the downwardly mobile provincial middle-class, shopkeepers, clerks and tourism-based workers and business owners.

Despite the trends among the French masses against the oligarchs, academics, intellectuals and political journalists have aped the elite's slander against Le Pen because they will not antagonize the prestigious media and their administrators in the universities. They will not acknowledge the profound changes that have occurred within the National Front under Marine Le Pen. They are masters of the 'double discourse' - speaking from the left while working with the right. They confuse the lesser evil with the greater evil.

If Macron wins this election (and nothing is guaranteed!), he will certainly implement his 'hard' and 'extreme' neo-liberal agenda. When the French workers go on strike and demonstrators erect barricades in the streets in response to Macron's austerity, the fake-left will bleat out their inconsequential 'critique' of 'impure reason'. They will claim that they were right all along.

If Le Pen loses this election, Macron will impose his program and ignite popular fury. Marine will make an even stronger candidate in the next election... if the French oligarchs' judiciary does not imprison her for the crime of defending sovereignty and social justice.