© Brendan McDermid / Reuters
Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya.
Rusland advarede USA og dets allierede imod at "fiske i de grumsede vande" i Mellemøsten, og skabe yderligere kaos der. USA burde ikke tage det for givet at det har venner, kun lande som ikke er istand til at være uenige, sagde udsendingen til FN Vassily Nebenzia.

USA og dets allierede har ikke fattet advarslen fra Præsidents Putin ord ved FNs generalforsamling in 2015, fortalte ambassadør Nebenzia Sikkerhedsrådet i mandags.

"Forstår I nu, hvad I har gjort?" Nebenzia gentagende Putins spørgsmål om Vestens uansvarlige geopolitiske spil i Mellemøsten, "Nej, det gør I ikke."

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"Everywhere you go, everything you touch, you leave behind only chaos. You try to fish in those murky waters, but the only thing you catch is mutants," Nebenzia went on to say.

After challenging the narrative of a chemical attack in the suburban Damascus city of Douma as "fake news" - as no evidence was found of the alleged attack or the victims, after Syrian and Russian troops inspected the area liberated from Army of Islam militants - Nebenzia turned to the remarks made earlier by his US counterpart, Nikki Haley, who said that US and Russia "will never be friends."

"We're not particularly keen to be friends with you," the Russian envoy replied. "We're not begging you for friendship. We want normal, civilized relations - which you arrogantly refuse, disregarding basic courtesy."

"You are misguided to think you have friends," Nebenzia cautioned. "Your so-called friends are just those who can't say no to you. This is your only criteria for friendship."

The Russian envoy closed his address to the Security Council with a warning that an unauthorized military attack on Syria, where Russian troops are legally deployed, would have "grave consequences."

"What [the] military misadventures of the West bring about is well known, as shown by the examples of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. Nobody has vested you with the power to act like the world's policeman, or to act like the prosecutor, judge, and executioner either," he said.