Syrian Democratic Forces
© Rodi Said / Reuters
USA støttet soldater fra Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
Med annonceringen af militæroperationer mod de tilbageværende bastioner kontrolleret af Islamisk Stat, inkluderede USA's undenrigsministerium nogle spidse bemærkninger, der indikerede en reel opdeling af Syrien, fortæller analytikere til RT.

"Dagene med IS kontrollerede områder og terrorisering af befolkningen i Syrien går mod sin afslutning," sagde undenrigsministeriets talskvinde. Heather Nauert tirsdag. Operationen vil blive gennemført af den amerikansk ledede koalition og dens lokale samarbejdspartnere, heriblandt den kurdisk dominerede Syrian Democratic Forces.

USA vil også samarbejde med Tyrkiet, Israel, Jordan, Irak, Libanon, for at "sikre deres grænser" fra Islamisk Stat (IS, tidligere ISIS/ISIL), sagde Nauert. Dette er besynderligt, fordi den eneste tilbageværende tilstedeværelse af IS er i nærheden af den Irakiske grænse, med en lomme syd for Damaskus, der i øjeblikket bliver ryddet af de Syriske regeringsstyrker.

Nauert sagde også, at USA vil sikre at der er et "stærkt og vedvarende fodaftryk" i Syrien, så IS ikke kan vende tilbage og befriede befolkninger "ikke kan udnyttes af Assad regimet eller dets iranske støttere."

Last week, the US House of Representatives passed the "No Assistance for Assad Act," or HR 4681. If approved by the Senate, it would mandate that any US funds for recovery, reconstruction or stabilization in Syria "should be used only in a democratic Syria or in areas of Syria not controlled by a government led by Bashar al-Assad or associated forces."

Comment: So US politicians are refusing to help Syrians in need because of the government they democratically elected. How cold-hearted can politicians be?

Between Nauert's statement and the House bill, a question arises on whether the US intends to allow the reintegration into the Syrian state of any areas liberated from IS.

US statements supporting the territorial integrity of Syria "are only words" that serve as cover for "plans to partition Syria," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday, after a meeting with Turkish and Iranian officials in Moscow. Lavrov had also warned earlier this year about Western plans to partition Syria.

The State Department's language is "subterfuge,"former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT. The US and its allies intend to occupy the eastern part of Syria and partition the country, in order to "use the Sunnis in East Syria and West Iraq to form a barricade to stop any Iranian influence and cut off supplies to Hezbollah."

Washington's objectives are aligned with the axis between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Maloof added, with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu hoping the US will fight Iran for Israel.

"They will go alone if they have to and drag the US into it," Maloof told RT. "We're getting sucked into another war."

Nauert's reference to a "future political settlement that honors the will of all Syrians, including Sunni Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Turkmen, and other minorities" could mean either regime change or some form of partition, former US diplomat Jim Jatras told RT. The State Department notably made no mention of Shia or Alawite Syrians.

"Even if the Syrian government headed by President Assad remains in power in the west,"Jatras said, "de facto or de jure areas will be created for Kurds and particularly Sunnis." The reference to Turkmen could signal the possibility of permanent Turkish presence in, or even annexation of, some parts of Syria, he added.

"ISIS is a sideshow. The real US targets are the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian backers," Jatras said. "The stage is being set for a confrontation with Iran, in which Syria is simply one theater."

"The reference to Christians is simply cynical. It is intended to make Americans think we give a damn about Syria's Christians, despite seven years of arming and funding jihadists for whom Christians are prime targets for murder and enslavement," Jatras explained.

The US has approximately 2,000 troops in Syria, who are there without legal authorization. The Russian military contingent that has aided Damascus against IS and other terrorist groups arrived in September 2015 at the government's invitation.