Maria Zakharova
© Valeriy Sharifulin/TASS
Maria Zakharova
Rusland har noteret at umærkede flyvninger af uidentificerede helikoptere afleverer våben til enheder fra Taliban (en bevægelse, der er forbudt i Rusland) og Islamisk Stat (en terrorgruppe, der er forbudt i Rusland), som er aktive i Afghanistan, sagde det russiske udenrigsministeriums talskvinde Maria Zakharova torsdag ved et pressemøde.

"Vi vil endnu engang påpege flyvningerne af uidentificerede helikoptere i det nordlige Afghanistan, som leverer våben og ammunition til lokale enheder fra IS samt til Taliban medlemmer, som samarbejder med gruppen. Specielt siger de afghanske medier og lokale beboere, at sådanne helikoptere er blevet set i Sar-e Pol Provincen," siger den russiske diplomat.

"Dette sker tæt på grænserne til de centralasiatiske stater, mens mange af de militante, der er aktive i IS kommer fra disse lande," understregede Zakharova.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman also said that the Afghan security agencies, as well as the Command of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan, did not react to those helicopter flights. "In this regard, question arise - who is behind these flights, who provides weapons to terrorists and secretly creates springboards for them near the southern borders of the CIS and why is it happening at all, given NATO's actual control of Afghanistan's airspace," Zakharova said.

Militants hiding in refugee camp

Zakharova said militants from Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra (terrorist groups outlawed in Russia) are hiding in Rukban refugee camp on the border with Jordan, using refugees as a human shield, with the knowledge of US military.

"The Syrian authorities and UN staff still have no access to Rukban, the biggest camp for internally displaced persons close to the Jordanian border," she said.

"Several hundred IS militants as well as al-Nusra militants, possessing heavy weaponry, are hiding among civilians who have found themselves hostages, and are using them as a human shield," she went on to say.

"Unfortunately, all this happens, and we have information confirming this, with the knowledge of the US military who control the 55-kilometer zone around their illegal base in Al-Tanf on the Syrian territory," she added.

The diplomat said Syria's northeast remains in practice under the control of US military, who "continue pandering to local military units, in particular, buying their loyalty with weapons supplies".

"Thus, the process of setting up pseudo-state structures that are not envisaged by the Syrian legislation is in full swing in the Trans-Euphrates region," she stated.

According to Zakharova, Washington has practically started plundering Syria's' national wealth. "The US, that last week said it would stop financing some programs on stabilization of Syria, within the framework of which the activity of anti-government structures was financed in practice, has shifted responsibility to its allies," she said.

"Now they engage in restoring and updating the oil producing infrastructure in the northeast of Syria and in practice have started plundering the Syrian national wealth, this time not with their own means, but with the money received from other participants in the so-called US-led coalition, namely Europeans and Arabs.