Syrian troops
© Mikhail Alaeddin/Sputnik
Fremrykkende syriske tropper hejser det national flag.
Syriske tropper forbereder sig på at indtage det sidste af terroristernes positioner, USA styrker sin militære tilstedeværelse, og Rusland advarer om et falsk flag kemisk angreb. RT ser på de optrukne styrker før kampen om Idlib.

Amerikanske krigsskibe, affyringssystemer for krydsermissiler, stratgiske bombefly og andet materiel er ankommet til Middelhavet og den Persiske Golf tidligere på ugen. Washington nægter, at en militær opbygning finder sted, men Moskva siger, at aktiver er samlet som forberedelse på et massivt angreb på den Syriske regering.

A provocation with chemical weapons, staged by the jihadists, will be used as a pretext for the attack, and Damascus will again be groundlessly accused of poisoning its own people, Russia said. In April, a massive bombardment of Syria by the US, UK and France was triggered by what Russia says was a similarly staged false-flag operation.

Jabhat al-Nusra and other militants in Idlib stand no chance against the Syrian military, backed by Russia and Iran, but Western interference may give them a fighting chance. The US and its allies are making every effort to preserve jihadist forces and use them to remove Syrian president Bashar Assad from power, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently said.

And if the violence escalates in Idlib, the two million strong population of the northern province will be put in grave danger as the terrorists basically hold the people hostage and use them as a human shield.

The Russian Reconciliation Center continues talks to achieve a peaceful resolution of the Idlib standoff. However, the militants seem reluctant to lay down their arms, which makes the coming days crucial for the fate of Idlib and the whole of Syria.