Putin Kelly
Kære NBC News Team,

Tillykke! I har bestået prøven i kurset fra fake news til falsificerede nyheder og har nået et journalistisk niveau, der er identisk med Sovjetunionenes i dets velmagtsdages.

For et par dage siden, viste det politiske talk show modereret af Vladimir Soloviev på statsfjernsynet Rossiya 1 to versioner af et afsnit fra Megan Kelly's interview med Vladimir Putin sidste fredag i forbindelse med International Economic Forum i Sankt Petersborg. Den ene var den fuldstændige version, der blev vist på RT og den anden den, der blev vist for amerikanske seere. (Se den her, som den begynder 4 minutter inde i programmet. )

The segment was Megyn Kelly's aggressive question to Putin, asking his response to what she said was Americans' understanding of his government, namely one that murders journalists, suppresses political opposition, is rife with corruption, etc., etc. In the NBC version, Putin's answer has been cut to one empty introductory statement that "Russia is on its way to becoming a democracy" bracketed by an equally empty closing sentence. In the full, uncut version , Putin responds to Kelly's allegations point by point and then turns the question around asking what right the USA and the West have to question Russia's record when they have been actively doing much worse than what was in Kelly's charges. He asks where is Occupy Wall Street today, why US and European police use billy clubs and tear gas to break up demonstrations, when Russian police do nothing of the sort, and so on.

In a word, you intentionally made Putin sound like an empty authoritarian, when he is in fact a very sophisticated debater who outranked your Megyn at every turn during the open panel discussion in the Forum, to the point she was the laughing stock of the day.

Who wins from these games? You are only preconditioning the American public for the war that is coming, whether by intention or by accident. And there will be no one left to have the last laugh after the first day of that war. So you can forget about your stock options and retirement schemes, ladies and gentlemen of the News Team.

have a nice day

Gilbert Doctorow